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9 Best Real-Life HDB Service Yards That Will Make You Actually Enjoy Laundry Day

26 April 2024 | BY

These HDB service yards will inspire a newfound appreciation for the art of doing laundry.

9 Best Real-Life HDB Service Yards That Will Make You Actually Enjoy Laundry Day

Service yards are a part of every HDB that is oft-forgotten. Considering that they tend to be “out of sight, out of mind”, it’s easy to forget how crucial having a good service yard is to overall productivity. 

Seeing a nice, well-designed service yard will spur you to finish your laundry, and maybe even convince you to enjoy the process. To provide some much-needed inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of the 9 best HDB service yards that will help to hide dirty clothes and have you looking forward to laundry day.

Airy & open cottagecore laundry room

cottagecore service yardImage credit: Meraki interior 

With an abundance of plants and wood accents, this cottagecore-inspired service yard is perfect for plant parents who want to be in touch with nature. With no shortage of space to hang potted plants, the space also doubles as a mini garden.

This mini oasis distinguishes itself from other regular service yards with its homely accents – from wooden roller blinds, a foldable lattice for vertical gardening, and the vines smartly arranged to drape over the bathroom window.

The rustic styling heightens the laundry experience by channelling the European countryside feels typical of the aesthetic. It’s a pleasant place to bask in nature, or even enjoy a cup of tea alfresco-style in true cottagecore fashion.

Bright & sunny laundry room that has coastal colours

coastal service yardImage credit: iDesign Direct Pte Ltd

This service yard bathed in hues of muted blue and beige is one that really inspires the vibe of a beachside abode. The sandy colours are accented by rays of sun that stream through the window, keeping the space well-lit so you don’t get depressed about doing huge loads of laundry.

The glass door and arched windows elevate the space by preventing it from feeling closed off and widening the space that might otherwise feel small and cramped. This is a design that aims to make you find peace as if you were lounging on a sunny beach.

Monochromatic laundry section

monochrome service yardImage credit: Free Space Intent

The serene palette of this compact laundry area ensures it integrates effortlessly into the surrounding space, distinguished from the kitchen only by a chest-high half-wall. The design embraces a fluid, cohesive concept, where its sophisticated monochromatic scheme complements the rich, dark wood tones of the kitchen, enhancing the overall aesthetic with a sleek, modern edge.

Image credit: Free Space Intent

The laundry section itself is simple but tastefully designed, with just enough space for 2 washing machines, alongside cupboards to store cleaning supplies. The most notable aspect of this service yard is the hanging rack tactfully placed to be visible from the kitchen, with the washing machines concealed by the half-wall.

Modern farmhouse service yard

modern farmhouse service yardImage credit: The Interior Lab

With a design inspired by the modern farmhouse aesthetic, this service yard features a design that radiates the cosiness of the rustic countryside. It features a refined selection of furniture that layers different textures like vinyl wood and plush wool together.

Image credit: The Interior Lab

Homely details like the patterned wool rug elevate the space and add an intimate touch that you won’t find in other laundry areas – it should be a given that a laundry area feels as soft as the clothes it washes. This culminates in a laundry corner that looks quiet and inviting, so you can enjoy the peace of the countryside that you won’t get anywhere else in a bustling city like Singapore.

Hidden laundry nook

Image credit: Authors • Interior & Styling

This next service yard also utilises the concept of concealment but to another level. This laundry nook is completely hidden out of sight thanks to its strategic placement past a corner of the kitchen, ensuring visitors won’t be able to see piles of linen unless they deliberately go out of their way to do so.

hidden laundry nookImage credit: Authors • Interior & Styling

With 2 large, wooden cupboards, a ceiling drying rack, as well as a huge window to let light in, the space has an understated design that is effective and functional. This focus on utility will make your laundry sessions more productive and less painful.

Vertical service yard

vertical service yardImage credit: Omni Design

In contrast to other homeowners who choose to conceal their laundry areas, this homeowner chose to incorporate it into their open-concept floor plan. Placed in plain sight alongside other common fixtures like the refrigerator, it blends seamlessly into the modern minimalist decor of the home.

While other service yards remain out of reach in hidden nooks, this service yard cuts the fat and focuses on accessibility. The focal point of this design is its utility, with everything you need being an arm’s length away. This streamlines the entire laundry experience, making the job hassle-free.

Glass-partitioned laundry corner

glass partitioned laundry cornerImage credit: Ethan Interiors

Most service yards are connected to the kitchen, this one included. However, what sets this service yard’s  design apart is its sliding glass door partition, allowing it to conveniently keep cooking fumes at bay. This is a crucial detail for those who tend to find their washed clothes smelling like food.

Image credit: Ethan Interiors

In addition to this, Sliding doors are crucially different from hinged doors since they don’t swing out, allowing for easy access as well as unique allocations of space. As space has become somewhat of a luxury in HDBs, maximising every centimetre becomes important. After all, doing laundry is infinitely harder if you have minimal space to do so.

Modern contemporary laundry corner

modern contemporary laundry cornerImage credit: Ovon Design

This laundry corner features a design that’s neatly organised and ergonomic. With a raised washing machine, doing the laundry will be considerably easier since you won’t have to bend down to operate it, saving you from lots of back ache.

The muted colour scheme, reminiscent of modern contemporary designs, ensures that the design of this laundry corner stays clean and uncomplicated, accented only by the blue kit-kat tiles used on the wall. The shelves placed beside the window are an exciting addition for those who are interested in growing small potted plants at home.

Compact laundry & dry pantry bar 

compact laundry barImage credit: The Local INN.terior 新家室

With its liberal use of dark wood and chic accent lighting, this service yard exudes a dark and moody atmosphere. This, alongside its layering of wood and cement screed textures creates an aesthetic that looks and feels sophisticated.

Image credit: The Local INN.terior 新家室

Alongside the essential washing machine, this service yard also has a dry pantry bar as well as a minifridge since it’s incorporated into the house’s kitchen. The creative usage of space allows for the streamlining of multiple chores at once, so that laundry won’t be difficult to incorporate into your routine.

9 best HDB service yards to draw inspiration from

Regardless of whether your ideal service yard will prioritise aesthetics, functionality, or privacy, its importance will remain constant even as HDB flats continue to evolve. Its ability to accommodate diverse lifestyle demands allows every homeowner to make the space expressive of their personality.

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Cover image adapted from: The Interior Lab, The Local INN.terior 新家室, iDesign Direct Pte Ltd

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