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6 Cutest Home Decor Items To Buy At Turtle’s Marina Square Flagship Store From Under $20

14 June 2023 | BY

Why settle for Turtle’s smaller outlets when you can visit their giant 2-storeyed flagship store at Marina Square?

Best Turtle Buys Under $20

While Turtle stores all over Singapore are stocked with a wide range of accessories, toys, and trinkets, their bigger outlets – such as the aesthetic Jewel Changi branch and the 2-storeyed flagship store at Marina Square – also carry a huge selection of homeware and home decor.

From pumpkin-shaped ceramic pots to soap dispensers resembling mini bathtubs, here’s our take on the 6 cutest home decor finds at Turtle’s flagship store from under $20 – we nearly left with a few purchases for ourselves.

1. Minimalist ceramic & clay vases

Turtle Home Decor - Minimalist ceramic & clay vases

If you’re not ready to fork out money for a pottery class to DIY your own vase, head down to Turtle to pick up one of their artistic minimalist vases instead. Their extensive selection spans across an entire row of shelves, and comprises a range of ceramic and clay vases of various sizes and designs, starting from just $7.

Koala clay vaseClay koala vase ($10).

From sleek and modern vases to cute and whimsical ones such as the adorable clay koala vase ($10), Turtle’s collection of vases offers both affordability and style – perfect for homeowners looking for an effortless and wallet-friendly way to spruce up their living areas.

The collection of vases is also located right next to Turtle’s extensive selection of artificial plants and decorative dried flowers, so there’s no shortage of options or ideas when it comes to finding things to display in your new vase.

2. Eiffel tower & mini bathtub soap dispensers 

Eiffel tower soap dispenser, mini bathtub soap dispenserEiffel tower soap dispenser ($10), mini bathtub soap dispenser ($16).

While the space constraints of most HDB bathrooms prevent us from indulging in the luxury of an actual life-sized bathtub, this white and gold “marble” bathtub soap dispenser ($16) is a mini version that you’ll definitely be able to find space for.

Alternatively, the Eiffel tower soap dispenser ($10) – which can be found in white or in stunning gold – is a functional bathroom addition that brings city-of-love charm to any home, Parisian-themed or otherwise.

Turtle Home Decor - Soap dispensers

Turtle’s selection of reusable soap dispensers doesn’t stop there. Homeowners looking for simpler designs can take a look at the range of porcelain soap dispensers ($10), which come in a variety of colours and patterns, ranging from colourful flecks to sleek grey-on-white streaks, or even consider the modest MUJI-esque square-shaped white soap dispenser ($4).

3. Cute cookware & tableware

Turtle Home Decor - Princess pots

Step up your culinary game and turn cooking into a fun endeavour with Turtle’s Cinderella-themed ceramic pots (from $15). With gold accents and sleek ceramic finishes, the white princess pot and bright orange pumpkin pot are the perfect pair for whipping up all kinds of stews and baked dishes – they’re also close dupes of Staub pots, so you won’t have to fork out hundreds to get that atas cookware look.

Turtle Home Decor - glass figurine cupsDuck glass figurine cup, Sunflower glass figurine cup. 

With a little glass figure nestled at the base of each cup, these glass figurine cups (from $10) add a delightful surprise to your sips as you savour your morning milo.

From cute ducks, to sunflowers, mini Christmas trees, and pink or purple glass bears, you’ll have a hard time picking just one to bring home – but regardless of your final purchase, remember to stir your drink carefully to avoid decapitating the little glass figures.

Turtle Home Decor - Cute platesSunflower plate, Cherry plate.

Another tableware selection worth taking a look at is Turtle’s collection of simple yet cute ceramic plates (from $5). If you’re one for bright colours and cute designs, you’ll definitely be drawn to items such as the cheery yellow sunflower patterned plate or the adorable minimalist cherry plate.

4. Plush rugs

Crayon shin-chan plush rugCrayon Shin-chan rug. 

Turtle’s plush mini rugs (from $8) add a cosy and personalised touch to any space, be it a bedroom, living room, or even office workspace.

Amongst the massive selection, we even managed to spot a Crayon Shin-chan rug ($8), featuring the well-known cheeky Japanese manga character lounging on a beanbag – a playful design that would be a great home decor addition to a cartoon or character-themed home

Turtle Home Decor - Mini plush rugs

Other designs include minimalist B&W cats, dogs, and pandas, as well as multicoloured vibrantly patterned rugs. The plush mini rugs can be found on a huge rack located near the staircase to the second level – it’s impossible to resist browsing the entire selection.

Turtle Home Decor - Carpets

If you’re looking for something larger than a mini rug, head up to the second floor to check out the variety of larger carpets. The different sizes, designs and materials will leave you spoilt for choice – it’s likely you’ll spend the better part of an hour looking through all the options.

5. MUJI-esque clear plastic room accessories

Turtle Home Decor - MUJI clear plastic room accessories

MUJI lovers will delight in Turtle’s wide range of clear plastic room accessories. Spanning across several rows of shelves on the second floor, the clear plastic storage containers and display cases retail from just $4, so you can indulge in your MUJI room dreams without breaking the bank. 

From stackable storage boxes for trinkets or makeup, to compartmentalised organisers, large storage bins, and plastic dustbins, the selection of MUJI-esque clear plastic room accessories leaves nothing to be desired.

6. Rustic wooden kitchenware and tableware

Turtle Home Decor - Wooden kitchenware and tableware

Turtle’s wooden kitchenware and tableware collection is perfect for homeowners looking for rustic designs and a natural feel. Whether you’re looking at bowls, serving platters, or cheese boards (from $8), each piece bears unique natural wood markings that add a touch of organic elegance to your home.

Acacia wooden egg tray, wooden checkered cutting boardAcacia wooden egg tray ($15), Wooden checkered cutting board ($28).

Among the interesting finds is the Acacia wooden egg tray ($15), a simple yet unique way to store your eggs instead of keeping them in an unsightly plastic carton. Alternatively, if you’re willing to spend a little more, consider the wooden checkered cutting board ($28), with its smooth surface and eye-catching wooden gradients. 

Turtle Home Decor - Woodne cutlery

Finally, don’t miss out on Turtle’s assortment of wooden cutlery. Though modest and minimally adorned, each serving spoon, spatula, and measuring spoon has an understated charm and subtle allure arising from its inherent simplicity.

Bonus: Robot bedside cabinet

Robot bedside cabinet

While you’ll definitely need to fork out more than $20 for it, this robot bedside cabinet makes a lovely addition to a kid’s room. Made of wood with a delightful rattan touch and gold accents, this cabinet combines functionality with playful design.

The robot head top drawer can be rotated or turned to either side, mimicking the mobility of an actual head – a fun and interactive touch to this cute bedside companion.

Robot bedside cabinet information leaflet

Offered at a discounted price of $389, the cabinet is crafted with a combination of rubberwood and tung wood, and is available in 3 different colours – black, cherry, and wood – to suit any room interior. Its spacious drawers offer ample storage space for toys, books, or even clothes, making the robot bedside cabinet a functional and practical home decor addition.

Visit the Turtle flagship store at Marina Square

To some extent, Turtle may seem like a physical TaoBao store – but there are benefits to shopping for items in person rather than ordering them online.

In addition to checking for defects and getting an actual feel of what you’re buying, it’s also less risky to buy fragile items such as ceramics or porcelain products in person, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that nothing breaks during the delivery process.

Turtle flagship store at Marine Square

A short walk from both Promenade and Esplanade MRT station, the huge 2-storeyed Turtle flagship store at Marina Square is definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re looking for cute home decor that won’t burst your bank.

Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, #02-109,#03-100, Singapore 039594
Opening hours: Mon-Thu, 10.30am-10pm | Fri-Sun, 10.30am-10.30pm
Contact: | Turtle Instagram 

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Photography by Nicole Ang. 

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