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7 Best Things To Buy At Joo Chiat’s Crane Living From Soya-Sauce Reed Diffusers To Kim K Curvy Vases

1 June 2023 | BY

Quaint, quirky, and charming, Joo Chiat’s Crane Living is a store you’ll definitely want to keep on your radar for your next homeware shopping spree.

Crane Living Joo Chiat

Nestled along rows of iconic Peranakan shophouses in one of Singapore’s most picturesque heritage areas, Joo Chiat’s Crane Living is the epitome of quaint and charming. While the homeware shop only occupies a small space on the ground level of a 3-storied historic heritage building, it’s packed with gorgeous finds and quirky items.

From artistic nesting bowls to an Ultrafragola dupe mirror, here are the 7 best things to bring home from Crane Living at Joo Chiat – get ready for some seriously good homeware retail therapy.

1. Soya-sauce-inspired reed diffusers

Crane Living - Soya sauce reed diffusers

Rather than appearing as normal reed diffusers, these soya sauce reed diffusers take on a different form by masquerading as condiment dispensers. Sold in bottles of 60ml for $45, or 120ml for $72, they’re a quirky and unconventional find that’ll definitely serve as a source of surprise, fun, and amusement for home guests.

Despite appearing as soya sauce bottles, the reed diffusers come in a variety of scents, none of which vaguely resemble the salty umami smell of actual soya sauce. Instead, the selection ranges from lighter floral fragrances such as Blooming Mountain, Michelia Alba and Osmanthus & Oolong, to cosier scents such as Winter Cabin and Amber Moonlight.

2. Artistic nesting bowls

Rosalie Nesting Bowl set

5 ceramic bowls of different colours and sizes come together in an artistic stack to create the Rosalie Nesting Bowl Set ($84). A charming addition to any tableware collection, the set of bowls can function as a decorative table centrepiece, which can be converted into a practical dining set when need be.

The beauty of the nesting bowls lies not only in the unique curvature of their rims, but also in the gentle colour gradient of the entire set – each smaller bowl is one shade darker than the bowl preceding it, which comes together to create an abstract floral effect with petal-like layers.

3. Quirky ceramics

Chubby Mug

Puffy, rounded, and adorably oversized, Crane Living’s Chubby Mug ($49) is perfect for those times when you’re looking to wrap your hands around a huge cup of hot milo and settle in for the night. The whimsical design is further elevated by the mug’s trendy black speckle pattern, which adds a stylish touch to the cosy aesthetic.

Another undeniably chic tableware addition is the blue-speckled Andre Raised Dessert Bowl ($25). With its identical base colour and matching speckled design, the raised bowl pairs nicely with the Chubby Mug to form a fun and eye-catching set.

Celeste soap dispenser, soap dish, and toothbrush holder,

If you’re looking for speckle-patterned items that extend beyond tableware, checking out Crane Living’s Celeste collection is a must.

Featuring a set of hand-crafted speckle-patterned ceramic pieces, the bathroomware in the Celeste collection is sure to delight. From the Celeste Soap Dispenser ($56), to the Celeste Soap Dish ($56) and the Celeste Toothbrush Holder ($63), the exact speckle design on each item is unique to each hand-painted piece, so you’ll never find an identical item anywhere else.

Checkered Cup and Saucer

Another black and white ceramic find is the Checkered Cup and Saucer ($39) from Crane Living’s Summer Daze collection. With its asymmetrical checkered design and uneven, imperfect surface, the cup and saucer set is a charming and whimsical tea-time addition with a distinctly hand-crafted look that’s sure to stand out from the rest of your tableware. 

Hadi Y Shaped Vase, Tall Hadi Vase, Iridescent DecanterHadi Y Shaped Vase ($65), Tall Hadi Vase ($65), Iridescent Decanter ($95).

Crane Living also has several textured ceramic display pieces for sale. The Hadi Y Shaped Vase ($65) and Tall Hadi Vase ($65) will undoubtedly excite speckle-pattern enthusiasts – both vases are hand-painted with small black flecks that add another layer of dimension to their textured surfaces.

For wine connoisseurs, the Iridescent Decanter ($95) is a worthy investment. In addition to enhancing the aromas and flavours in a wine, the captivating shimmer of the decanter’s iridescent surface under direct light exudes beauty and elegance.

4. Kim K vases

Garbo Vase, Kim K Curvy Vase, Audrey Raised BowlGarbo Vase Short ($40), grey Kim K Curvy Vase ($75), Audrey Raised Bowl ($54), green Kim K Curvy Vase ($75).

Crane your neck upward to take a look at Crane Living’s robust collection of glass and ceramic vases. Ranging from bulbous to bowl-shaped, each vase boasts an unconventional and eye-catching design – they can be used for floral arrangements or simply as abstract display pieces.

The Kim K Curvy Vase ($75) is arguably one of the more notable designs. It’s no mystery where the hourglass-shaped vase gets its name from: its pinched middle and bottom-heavy bulbous design are unmistakably reminiscent of Kim Kardashian.

5. European tableware

Crane Living - European tableware

Decked out in iconic shades of royal blue and white, Crane Living’s selection of European tableware is the picture of timeless charm.

The Leicester Oval Serving Dish ($80) is the epitome of sophistication – a sprawling, intricate floral design covers its entire surface, making the serving dish a statement piece on any table. Meanwhile, the rectangular Leicester Ceramic Tray ($80) featuring a stunning Victorian nobility scene framed by a blue floral-patterned design is the perfect table centrepiece. 

Plates and bowls are tableware essentials in any household. With delicate floral details painted around their rims, the Leicester Dinner Plate ($35) and Deep Plate ($35) ensure that every meal is served with an air of grace and refinement. Alternatively, the Leicester 3 Tier Afternoon Tea Tray ($89) is perfect for having friends over for an atas high tea at home.

Crane Living - European mirrors

Nestled behind the tableware collection, Crane Living’s antique-inspired mirrors are designed with distinct European craftsmanship, and effortlessly complement the blue and white porcelain tableware.

Whether in a dining room, living area, or hallway, the ornate borders and intricate patterns are captivating focal points that are sure to imbue a home interior with sophistication and grandeur.

6. Ultrafragola dupe mirror

Cordelia Wavy Mirror, Cassatt Abstract Art Mirror Cordelia Wavy Mirror ($650), Cassatt Abstract Art Mirror ($110).

If the Cordelia Wavy Mirror ($650) looks familiar, it’s probably because you recognise it as an Ultrafragola dupe. With its rippling wavy border, the famed Ultrafragola mirror has made an appearance in countless celebrity homes, from Emma Chamberlain and Bella Hadid to Blackpink’s Jisoo. 

While it isn’t an exact replica of the Ultrafragola mirror, the Cordelia mirror certainly has a similar 70’s-inspired vibe. The chunky 3D wavy frame gives off a distinct retro-hippie energy, and the full-length design of the mirror makes it perfect for snapping a daily OOTD pic. 

Smaller mirrors such as the Cassatt Abstract Art Mirror ($110) contain just as much personality as the Ultrafragola dupe. With a smattering of colours and a variety of abstract painted shapes, the Cassatt Mirror is simultaneously decorative and functional, and adds an interesting layer of dimension to any room.

7. Cutesy cutlery

Crane Living - Cutesy cutlery

With vibrant colours, unique flat surface, and a wavy handle which gives the spoon its name, the Wiggly Spoon ($18) is a whimsical decor piece as well as a functional spoon. Letting a young kid use the spoon to dig into ice cream may not be the smartest move, but using it gently and handling it with care will ensure that this ceramic beauty lasts a lifetime.

Beside the Wiggly Spoon, a black-speckled baby pink ceramic measuring spoon is also for sale. Unlike most measuring spoons, this cute spoon serves dual purpose – not only can it accurately measure 1 tsp, but it also doubles up as an actual teaspoon you can use to stir your morning kopi.

Crane Living - Porcelain chopstick holdersImage credit: Crane Living, Crane Living

These Animal Character Chopstick Rests ($5) will have you scrambling to get your chopsticks out. From pandas and polar bears to Chinese fortune cats, each mini porcelain figure is perfectly poised to hold up your pair of chopsticks.

Alternatively, the Dumpling Chopstick Rests ($5) are adorable porcelain replicas of authentic dumplings, and they’re ideal for conveniently resting your chopsticks when you need a pause from devouring the real thing.

Bonus: Candles


It’d be a crime not to slip in a mention of Crane Living’s extensive candle selection. In particular, Highgardencandle’s gorgeous 100g scented candles ($39) and 100ml reed diffusers ($49, promo price) capture the essence of luxury and relaxation. 

Dainty gemstones and dried flower petals delicately adorn the surface of the candles, making them elegant home additions and enchanting housewarming gifts. Additionally, both the candles and the reed diffusers come with the promise of a lasting aromatic experience; each candle has a 25-hour burn time, while each reed diffuser lasts for 3 months.

Crane Living - Scented goods cabinetScented goods cabinet. 

For even more options, explore Crane Living’s scented goods cabinet – a modest wooden shelf stocked to the brim with scented goods. 

The candles on the first shelf from Maya Candle Co (5.2oz for $38) are crafted with environmentally-conscious ingredients. Alongside classic scents like Lavender and Sandalwood, indulge in more unique fragrances such as Dragon’s Blood – the latter has a rich, sweet, and earthy aroma with a hint of amber. 

The second shelf carries all-natural, vegan, and cruelty free products from Slow Rituals. In addition to candles, you can also sample and purchase Slow Ritual’s shower salts, which are perfect for creating an aromatherapeutic shower experience. 

Lastly, the third shelf is stocked with 100% soy wax candles from Nine Wicker Ave. Vegan, cruelty-free, and petroleum-free, the soy wax candles come in a variety of unique scents, from Alice In Wonderland, to Seaside Cottage and To The Moon & Back.

Visit Crane Living at Joo Chiat

Crane Living Joo Chiat

In our humble opinion, even though Crane Living has several other branches, their Joo Chiat branch remains superior. On top of being the biggest and most well-stocked branch, Joo Chiat’s Crane Living shop is directly connected to the quaint next-door Japanese cafe, Cafe Natsu – the perfect place to grab a bite after your homeware shopping spree.

Crane Living Joo Chiat

Address: 281 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427535
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 10am-7pm
Contact: | Crane Living website 

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Photography by Nicole Ang.

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