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13 Best Organisation Products To Buy From MUJI To Spruce Up Your Home

22 August 2023 | BY

For those looking to be more organised and keep their homes neat and tidy – here are 13 of the best organisational products you can get from MUJI.

Whether trying to achieve a minimalist, Japandi, or even an eclectic interior design, it’s always best if your home remains neat and tidy. Only by using organisation products will you be able to best showcase your decor and maybe even declutter your home. 

If you’re at a loss as to which organisation products would work excellently for your home, check out 13 of the best organisational products you can get from MUJI.

1. Acrylic shelf dividers

muji acrylic shelf dividers

Image credit: MUJI 

If you’ve been hoping to maximise the available space at home, this useful $13.90 acrylic partition shelf is the perfect item. Functioning as both a stand and a divider, it creates more surface area to keep your items vertically, be it extra shelf space in a wardrobe or as a display in your rooms. 

2. Propylene storage cases

muji propylene storage cases

Image credit: MUJI

Many homeowners have sworn by MUJI’s propylene storage cases. Although it seems like an unassuming, inelaborate storage box, its simplicity is its main selling point. Wonderful as extra storage space, it’ll ensure that your wardrobe remains neatly organised at any time. 

These come in a few different sizes and shapes and cost between a few dollars up to $30 per piece, but are an especially worthy investment to make in the long run, given MUJI’s quality products. 

With a variety of dimensions and designs available, these boxes can be easily stacked atop each other to ensure that your wardrobe stays well-ordered despite keeping a large number of items. 

MUJI also has its height-adjustable non-woven fabric separation case to help you organise your items within these storage boxes. Available in different sizes that’ll set you back between $10.90 to $14.90, these are a godsend for people hoping to maximise their wardrobe space while keeping their compressed clothes in good shape. 

3. Desk storage boxes

muji desk storage boxes

Image credit: Challe Cafe

If you suffer from messy, disorganised drawers, you may want to consider using desk storage boxes. 

These desk storage boxes and dividers from MUJI are perfect for allocating and separating the space needed for your respective drawer items – making everything seem neat and tidy even if there are still many items in the drawer.

Ranging from $1.60 to $3.60 apiece, it’ll hardly make a dent in your wallet compared to other organisation products. 

Meanwhile, MUJI’s acrylic boxes, which cost between $3-$12.90, do the trick as well as their various sizes allow you to customise how you’d like your drawers to look according to the heights, lengths and widths of your choice. 

4. Polypropylene makeup box

muji polypropylene makeup box

Polypropylene makeup box (left), storage box (right)

Image credit: Challe Cafe

If you’re a makeup hoarder, MUJI’s storage boxes or makeup boxes are the perfect tool for you, and at $29 and $5.30, they’re quite a steal.

Do take note, however, that the extra unit on top of the makeup box and the cover for the polypropylene box are sold separately from the makeup box itself. However, since the makeup box is stackable, you can mix and match it with other units. 

5. Wooden storage drawers

muji wooden storage drawers

Image credit: MUJI 

Decorate your desk with these Japandi-style wooden storage drawers. With different variations comprising 1 drawer, 3 drawers, or 6 drawers, you can pick the one which better suits your needs. They cost $39, $49, and $59, respectively, and are made of oak veneer. 

These handy little storage spaces won’t take up too much of your desk area and safely store your small items inside, ensuring you won’t lose them again. 

6. Toolboxes

muji wooden and PP toolbox

Image credit: MUJI 

Another type of useful desk organiser is the toolboxes sold at MUJI. Specifically, its wooden toolbox made of oak veneer and its PP carry box made of polypropylene, priced at $23 and $13.90, respectively.

Helpful in organising various items you may normally have strewn around the table, such as pens, calculators, scissors and so on, these handy boxes help keep your working surface uncluttered. 

Additionally, there’s no need to struggle to move all your items whenever you change your working location anymore, as its nifty handle allows you to pick the entire setup up and move. 

7. Rattan baskets

muji rattan baskets

Image credit: MUJI 

MUJI’s rattan baskets are not cheap, with the least pricey option being $33 and the most expensive $79. The lids are also sold separately, costing $16 or $19. However, rattan baskets are more expensive storage solutions even outside of MUJI, owing to their arduous manufacturing process.

These weaved baskets are extremely resistant, as spills or stains are easily wiped off. They are also relatively long-lasting and sturdy. If that isn’t enough, they complement numerous interior design styles, such as traditional, contemporary, chic, or nature-themed. 

8. Wire baskets

muji wire baskets

Image credit: MUJI 

MUJI’s stainless steel wire baskets are perfect for brutalist or industrial homes, which cost between $20.90-$29.90. Like any other basket, these wire baskets are used to store items away, with the added advantage of being more durable yet lighter than many of its substitutes. 

It also helps in your day-to-day life, giving you a clear view of what’s inside and easy access to the items. It truly shines in the bathroom and kitchen as it doesn’t stain easily and ensures that no heat or moisture gets trapped inside, which would otherwise cause its contents to become mouldy or spoil.

9. Polyester handbag organiser

muji handbag organiser

Image credit: MUJI 

Without a front and back partition, MUJI’s polyester linen handbag organiser lets you get a clear view of your bags and show them off to visitors. Given how durable the material is, it’s well worth its price at $19.90. 

Impervious to wear and tear, water-resistant, and able to keep its shape well, it’ll ensure that both itself and your bags will remain usable for a long time.

10. Paper organisers

muji file boxes

Image credit: MUJI 

MUJI has plenty of organisation products for stray papers and notebooks. With their file boxes, you won’t need to fret over losing sheets of paper ever again. By sorting your loose notes and packing them into these file boxes, you can ensure that everything remains neatly categorised and organised. 

While most of these products cost around $10, you can also choose to part with up to $23 for their wooden stand file box, which is more long-lasting than its cardboard variant.

11. Cable organisers

muji cable cases

Image credit: jol, MUJI

If you’ve ever despaired over the errant messy cables in your home, MUJI’s $3.90 polypropylene cable case and $3 perforated fastening tape offer the perfect solution.

While the cable case may be limited in handling smaller phone wires, they come with a handy drawer that can be pulled out to act as a phone stand – allowing you to charge your phone while watching a video, all without messy cables. 

Meanwhile, the fastening tape helps you tidy up all the errant wires around your home. Perforated at 50mm, or 5cm, intervals, this fastening tape spans a whole 3m. This equates to having 60 strips, sufficient to secure all the wires you have lying around. 

12. Display cases

muji necklace and earring box

Image credit: MUJI 

At times, we find ourselves with a collection of small trinkets and memorabilia, yet with no place to show them off. However, Muji’s display cases help rectify this problem. 

If you’re looking for a case meant to keep these precious items from being exposed to the elements, with completely clear views of its contents, MUJI’s $9.90 stackable acrylic collection box might be for you. 

Another alternative is this wooden display case with sliding doors made of oak veneer and sporting acrylic resin doors priced at $49. There’s even a completely see-through alternative to this – an acrylic display case with sliding doors which costs $33.  

13. Acrylic cases

muji acrylic cases

Image credit: Challe Cafe, MUJI

Acrylic necklace and earring case (left), acrylic case with a lid (right)

Made of acrylic resin, this acrylic necklace and earring case, as well as this acrylic case with a lid, ensure that you never have to search for your matching earring from a pile of other accessories again. Costing $29 and $23, respectively, they offer you help in organising various accessories, from earrings to necklaces to hairbands. 

muji eye glasses stand

Image credit: Challe Cafe

And for those with too many glasses and sunglasses lying around, MUJI’s $39 acrylic stand for eyeglasses provides 4 drawers. If you’ve ever misplaced your glasses, these drawers offer perfect protection.  

Made entirely out of acrylic resin, you won’t be left to wonder which pairs are placed in each drawer, as a glance is all you need.

MUJI organisation items

MUJI carries such a wide range of aesthetic and valuable items that it should come as no surprise that it’s a staple for Singaporeans’ home decor. Their organisation items, in particular, are pretty popular among Singaporeans.

One of the easiest ways to instantly elevate your home decor is to keep your home neat and tidy and such items will surely help you make the most out of your home’s space. 

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