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15 Best Homeware Things To Buy From Daiso For $2.16

10 May 2023 | BY

Don’t underestimate the value of $2.16 – especially when you’re shopping at Daiso.

Best $2.16 Daiso Home Buys

It’s old news that Daiso’s “Always $2” slogan doesn’t apply any more. In May 2022, the brand bid farewell to their storewide price tag of $2. After the initial mini price hike due to Daiso’s decision to implement GST charges, they followed up by ushering in a new 15-tiered pricing concept that now allows items to retail for as much as $25.47. 

Thankfully, not everything has been marked up. Daiso remains one of the top places in Singapore to shop for nearly everything you need, including affordable homeware. To help you along your Daiso shopping journey, here’s our list of 15 best homeware things to buy from Daiso, for just $2.16.

1. Mould remover spray

Daiso homeware - Mould remover sprayImage credit: TheSmartLocal 

Daiso’s Mould Remover Spray is a force to be reckoned with. With glowing reviews from buyers, the spray is a cheap and fast fix that rids your home of mould, and it’s even able to target stubborn patches that insist on growing in hard-to-reach crevices and corners. 

Removing mould is effortless with the help of Daiso’s 300ml spray. Douse mouldy areas with a quick spritz of the remover and leave it for a couple of minutes to do its job. Wash the area with water, and say hello to sparkling clean, good-as-new surfaces.

A little scrubbing may be required for really stubborn mould, but by and large, the spray makes getting rid of mould so much easier. And for just $2.16, it’s definitely worth it.

2. Toilet stamp cleaner

Floral Toilet Stamp Cleaner and Aqua Toilet Stamp Cleaner.

Floral and Aqua toilet stamp cleanersImage credit: Shopee, Shopee  

While every toilet bowl could use a good scrub now and then, Daiso’s toilet stamp cleaners – which come in both Floral and Aqua scents – are an easy way to keep your toilet bowl clean and smelling fresh on a daily basis. 

To use the toilet stamp cleaners, insert the plunger into the main gel syringe and stamp a gel disc into the inner surface of the toilet bowl, anywhere between the rim of the bowl and the surface of the water. The gel cleaning properties are activated with every flush – no soaps, sponges or gloves needed. 

Each toilet stamp cleaner retails for $2.16, and you can get 6 uses out of them. They’re a fuss-free way to keep the inside of your toilet fresh and clean, and it’s also admittedly quite fun to dispense the gel rings.

3. Melamine sponges

Daiso homeware - Melamine spongesImage credit: TheSmartLocal 

Melamine sponges are one step up from your typical cleaning sponge. Their dense and smooth-looking surface is deceptively unassuming; melamine sponges actually act as micro sandpaper scrubbers that loosen and detach unwanted particles. They’re incredibly effective at cleaning stains and removing dirt from surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals and vigorous scrubbing.

Daiso stocks melamine sponges in a variety of different dimensions, from Big Cut sponges to 36.8cm Jumbo sponges and Cube sponges, all for $2.16. If you can’t find a size that suits your cleaning needs, there’s always the option to purchase the Block Type melamine sponge, which can be cut to your desired shape.

4. Fridge charcoal odour absorber

Daiso homeware - Fridge charcoal odour absorberDaiso’s Refrigerator Charcoal Deodorizer
Image credit: Lazada 

There’s an annoying tendency for moisture to accumulate in the vegetable drawer in your fridge. Aside from making your vegetables spoil faster, it can also result in an unpleasant odour.

Daiso’s $2.16 charcoal Vegetable Drawer Odour Absorbers combats this issue by effectively sucking excess moisture from your vegetable drawer, ensuring that no nasty smells greet you when you open your fridge. Rest assured that they were made to be used in close proximity to food – there’s no need to worry about food safety or toxic contamination.

Charcoal Deodorizers for your entire fridge can be found at Daiso as well. They work the exact same way to prevent your fridge from stinking up due to excess moisture, and are likewise safe and non-toxic.

5. Bamboo charcoal drawer dehumidifier

Bamboo charcoal drawer dehumidifierImages are for illustration purposes only.
Image credit: 小红书

Another charcoal deodorising product stocked by Daiso is the Bamboo Charcoal Drawer Dehumidifier, which comes in a set of 2 x 80g bags for $2.16. Being naturally porous, bamboo charcoal is a cheap and effective way of absorbing moisture and eliminating odours from the dark and damp corners of cupboards and drawers.

In addition to keeping clothing and other items fresh, the charcoal dehumidifier also discourages mould from growing, you won’t need to run down to Daiso for the mould remover spray we previously mentioned.

6. Reusable dehumidifiers

Daiso reusable dehumidifierImage credit: Daiso

Alternatively, these Reusable Dehumidifier Sheets are another way to keep your clothes fresh and dry. Made to be used again and again, these dehumidifier sheets absorb moisture and only require a quick sun-dry in between uses before they’re ready to be popped back into your drawer or cupboard. 

Each packet contains only a single 36cm x 12cm dehumidifier sheet, but since the dehumidifier sheets were made to be reused, we’d still classify this $2.16 product as a good deal.

7. Shoe deodorising and drying agent

Daiso homeware - Shoe deodorising and drying agentImage credit: Daiso, Daiso

Eliminate nasty foot odour by slipping these bad boys into your footwear before putting them away. Daiso stocks 2 designs, Leaf design and City aesthetic, which are sold in bundles of 4 for $2.16.

The shoe deodorising and drying agents prevent foul-smelling shoes and discourages mould growth by absorbing moisture from the inside of your shoes. If that’s not enough to convince you, they also guard against foot fungus by eliminating the damp and humid conditions that encourage fungus growth.

8. Air freshener beads

Daiso homeware - Air freshener beadsSoap scented Air Freshener Beads and lavender scented Air Freshener Beads.
Image credit: Lazada

Bid farewell to post-poo bathroom odour with Daiso’s lavender-scented Air Freshener Beads. The purple and clear coloured beads trap odours and emit a pleasant lavender fragrance to freshen your bathroom up, and can be used along with Daiso’s living room and entryway air freshener beads.

If lavender isn’t your cup of tea, opt for a soap fragrance or even an unscented version – the latter absorbs odours without emitting any sort of fragrance, which is great for those with sensitive noses.

9. Ironing Mat

Daiso homeware - Ironing matImage credit: AliExpress 

This 50cm x 40cm Daiso Ironing Mat is a great ironing board replacement if you don’t iron much or simply don’t have the space to store a bulky item in your room. The ironing mat is a safe and storage-friendly alternative that’s slim and easy to keep. It can be rolled up neatly when it’s not in use. 

Albeit an unconventional surface to iron clothes on, the ironing mat functions exactly like a normal ironing board – just unroll the mat, place it onto any table with the non-slip side facing down, put your clothes on top, and iron away.

10. Heat resistant glass lunch box

Heat resistant glass lunch boxImage credit: TheSmartLocal 

Daiso’s Heat Resistant Square Glass Lunch Box costs $2.16 and is a great food storage option. Unlike plastic lunch boxes, which can absorb oil and tend to be harder to clean, this 310ml glass lunch box will give you less of a headache while you’re undertaking the dreaded task of washing your dishes

The heat-resistant property is a great added bonus. You don’t have to worry about packing hot food into these glass lunch boxes. and there’s no risk of your food absorbing toxic chemicals or BPAs.

11. Freezer ziplock bags

Japanese brand freezer ziplock bagsImages are for illustration purposes only.
Image credit: TaoBao

Specially made to be used in freezers, Daiso’s Slider Freezer Bags are great for households that regularly store frozen food. The small freezer bags come in packs of 20 for $2.16, but Daiso also stocks medium and large sizes if you’re looking to freeze bigger batches of food.

The difference between normal zip-top bags and freezer bags lies in their thickness. Because they are intended to be used for long-term frozen storage, freezer bags are made of thicker plastic. This increases their durability and decreases the likelihood of tears. The material also takes longer to break down, so food can be stored and safely preserved for longer.

12. Stone ice cubes

Daiso homeware - Stone ice cubesImage credit: Shopee reviews, Shopee reviews 

You’ve probably heard of metal ice cubes for wines and liquors, but they aren’t the cheapest. It’s a good thing that Daiso’s Stone Ice Cubes can get the job done just as well. These ice cubes are packaged in sets of 4 for $2.16, and are useful for cooling down a drink without diluting it. And of course, their use isn’t limited to just wine and liquors. 

Similar to metal ice cubes, just give these stone ice cubes a wash and pop them into your freezer until they’re cold before tossing them into any drink to cool it down. When you’re done, give them another quick rinse and they’ll be good as new and ready to be reused after a couple more hours in your freezer.

13. Egg timer

Daiso egg timerImage credit: TheSmartLocal 

This $2.16 quirky find is incredibly popular, and for good reason. Cute, cheap, and practical, Daiso’s Egg Timer is the secret to perfectly cooked eggs – whether you’re going for soft boiled Ya Kun style eggs, medium boiled ramen eggs, or good old-fashioned hard boiled eggs.

Using the egg timer is as simple as placing it into a pot of boiling water along with some eggs. The timer lets you know when to scoop your eggs out based on the arc indicators on the egg timer – they’ll change colour from pink to white to reflect how cooked the eggs are.

In addition to saving you from the hassle of Googling how long it takes to cook your eggs and timing the duration, the egg timer also accounts for varying fire strengths. Daiso’s egg timer is a foolproof way to help you cook your eggs exactly how you like them, so it’s no surprise that they’re highly sought after and often sold out.

14. Transparent collection case

Daiso transparent collection caseImages are for illustration purposes only.
Image credit: Pinkoi, Pinkoi

Daiso’s square 2×2 Collection Cases cost $2.16, and are a cheaper alternative to Muji’s much pricier acrylic display cases. Simple and practical, they are a great way to display things in your home, such as collectibles and memorabilia.

The versatility of the collection cases allows them to be used in a myriad of other ways as well. For example, they can be used as a living room display case, on a bedside table to store or display jewellery, or even as a storage container to keep trinkets and other small knick-knacks.

15. Rolling lint remover 

Daiso homeware - Rolling lint removerImage credit: AliExpress 

Get old clothes looking good as new with Daiso’s Rolling Lint Remover. This portable handheld lint remover comes in pink, blue and grey, and is an effective and convenient way to rid yourself of the lint balls that form on clothes that you’ve owned for some time.

Granted, a razor and a pair of steady hands can get the job done as well, but the possibility of accidentally cutting a hole in your clothes isn’t a risk most people would want to take. All things considered, $2.16 for this rolling lint remover is a great deal – after all, no one wants to walk around in clothes littered with lint balls. 

$2.16 homeware from Daiso

It’s easy to get lost in Daiso’s seemingly endless item catalogue, especially when it comes to shopping in the homeware section. Our $2.16 Daiso homeware shopping guide unveils the 15 best homeware things to kickstart your Daiso homeware journey with, from home cleaning materials to unique kitchenware finds. 

If our list has inspired you to dig even deeper into Daiso’s home and living collection, visit the Daiso Singapore website to view their full range of products. Just note that there’s a minimum checkout of 5 items for online purchases. 

Continue your homeware search by visiting these shops: 

Cover image adapted from: TheSmartLocal, Shopee reviews, TheSmartLocal 

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