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This Whimsical 4-Room Disney & Peanuts-Inspired BTO Is A Tribute To Most Of Our Childhoods

7 May 2023 | BY

This 93 sqm Scandi-Boho BTO was inspired by DisneySea, Toy Story, and Peanuts – and it’s completely self-designed. 

Instead of leaving cartoons in the past, this couple decided to embrace their inner child with their Disney and Peanuts-inspired BTO.

With a Peanuts-themed kitchen, a DisneySea-inspired master bedroom, and a Toy Story-themed office, the home of Nat and her partner manages to marry cartoons with a chic Scando-Boho aesthetic.

Unleashing their inner child

Disney Peanuts BTO - scandi-boho aestheticImage credit: Nat, @itsmae.n

Impressively, the entire BTO interior design was done by the couple themselves, without any help from a professional. Nat’s home decorating philosophy was inspired by Disneyland’s slogan, “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Fittingly, she wanted to create a living space that would constantly be a source of joy and happiness for them. 

While the idea of a cartoon-themed home often conjures the image of a colourful and maximalist interior, Nat and her husband designed their home in a way that complements a more mature aesthetic. Through careful planning and thoughtful design choices, the couple proved that cartoon themes could go hand in hand with softer colours and neutral tones.

Peanuts-themed kitchen & coffee nook

Disney Peanuts BTO - kitchenImage credit: Nat

Although Nat fell in love with Disney at a young age, that wasn’t the case for the Peanuts franchise. That happened much later, when a visit to a Peanuts exhibition in Japan unlocked her appreciation of the Peanuts comics, and kickstarted Nat’s ever-growing collection of Peanuts-themed mugs, cups, and homeware.

Some of their Peanuts-themed kitchenware and homeware were acquired from Korean shopping sites such as 10×10, but the bulk of the couple’s collection was actually sourced from Japan. They found that Japanese shopping sites and Peanuts stores in Japan were their best bet when it came to finding home elements – such as their adorable Peanuts chair cushions and mini rug – that would fit the vibe of a chill cafe. 

Disney Peanuts BTO - coffee nookImage credit: @itsmae.n, Nat

While having a Peanuts-themed kitchen was a semi-impulsive decision, Nat hasn’t looked back once. Chancing upon Peanuts-themed kitchenware in Japan fuelled the entire decorating adventure, and the theme eventually extended to the couple’s coffee nook as well. 

In addition to collectibles and official merchandise, the coffee nook is also elevated by DIY Peanuts decor. 

Drawing inspiration from themed hotels and cafes in Japan, Nat printed a food-related Peanuts comic strip on a canvas for wall decor. This was complemented with framed pictures of Peanuts graphics, which she specially edited and redesigned to complement the aesthetic of her kitchen. 

Disney Peanuts BTO - dining areaImage credit: @itsmae.n

Serendipitously, the Peanuts theme aligned with the couple’s Scandi-Boho home vision. Snoopy’s monochromatic colours paired well with the couple’s white and woody home aesthetic.

To keep within their reno budget, no carpentry was done in the kitchen. Nat and her husband acquired most of their furnishing from Taobao, where they found almost everything they needed to create a white cafe-esque kitchen with gold accents. 

Scandi-boho living room

chip and dale Scandi-Boho living roomImage credit: Nat

The couple’s living room brings together different textures, materials, and designs to create the epitome of a Scandi-Boho abode. Subtle elements such as Chip and Dale stuffed toys and black-and-white Mickey Mouse sofa pillows ensure that the Disney theme is not forgotten, and a white balloon dog sculpture in the corner marries playful, childhood nostalgia with mature minimalism – just like the overall feel of their house. 

Nat scandi-boho living room TVImage credit: Nat

The Scandi-Boho aesthetic is accentuated by a brown leather sofa, a whimsical coffee table, wooden and rattan furniture, and potted plants scattered across the living room. The couple balances aesthetics and functionality by choosing furniture with ample storage space, such as their rattan TV console, which makes up for the lack of built-in storage. 

Arched shelf with Disney and Peanuts collectiblesImage credit: @itsmae.n

Another noteworthy feature of Nat and her husband’s living room is their trendy arched niche shelf. In order to maximise functionality, they chose not to add wooden features or other decorative elements to the niche, and instead prioritised dimensions and depth. 

While the shelf itself is simple and unembellished, it houses an assortment of Disney-related memorabilia. Framed pictures taken at Tokyo Disney Resort remind Nat of her favourite place, as well as other adorable knick-knacks, such as a wooden Disney Resort sign and Disney-themed decorations, populate the shelves.

DisneySea-inspired master bedroom & bathroom

Disney Peanuts BTO - bedroomImage credit: Nat

Initially, Nat considered a Lilo and Stitch-themed master bedroom. However, in order to stick to their Scandi-Boho home interior, the couple decided on a DisneySea-inspired bedroom with a touch of Duffy and Friends instead. 

Dreamcatchers, whimsical bedside lights, a rattan bed tray, and a wooden bed frame with a matching bedside table all contribute to the Scandi-Boho aesthetic of the master bedroom. These woody elements go perfectly with the soft designs and muted colour palette of the Duffy and Friends stuffed toys displayed in their room.

Disney Peanuts BTO - seafoam green dresserImage credit: Nat

The DisneySea theme is brought to life with pastel blues and greens alongside the sandy and woody textures in the room. A sage green arch painted on the wall behind the couple’s bed headboard is paired with matching sage green curtains and a soft, green throw. 

A greenish-blue chest occupies the other side of the bedroom. The top of the chest is decorated with sea-themed candles, pictures taken by Nat and her husband at DisneySea, and other breezy elements such as perfumes and scent diffusers. The light-coloured decor atop the chest brings to mind beachy seafoam, which is perfect for the DisneySea theme.  

Disney Peanuts BTO - toiletImage credit: @itsmae.n, Nat, Nat

A white-framed door with a ribbed, translucent panel leads from the DisneySea-themed master bedroom to an adjacent bathroom, where the coastal aesthetic is continued. 

The star of the couple’s bathroom is the blue-and-green accent wall next to their bathtub, which was put together using tiles from Hafary. Gold fittings, as well as a gold arch bathroom mirror, were installed to mimic the luxe vibe of Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta. 

The DisneySea-themed master bedroom and bathroom are some of Nat’s favourite parts of her house as it makes every day feel like a staycay. She especially loves the framed pictures of her and her husband at DisneySea, which evoke happy memories and adds a personal element to her living space. 

Toy Story-themed home office 

Disney Peanuts BTO - toy storyImage credit: Nat, @itsmae.n, Nat

While their kitchen, living room, and master bedroom were all designed with a Scandi-Boho aesthetic in mind, Nat and her husband fully unleashed their inner child by using bright colours and no restrictions to bring their Toy Story-themed home office to life. 

The upper half of the walls in the room were painted blue to replicate Andy’s bedroom in Toy Story, and the desk chair is a matching shade. The theme is further brought out by the life-sized Buzz Lightyear and Woody figurines displayed on an IKEA bookshelf, alongside many other Toy Story collectibles, themed stationery, cute wall decorations, and a colourful circle rug. 

Disney Peanuts BTO - toy story nurseryImage credit: @itsmae.n

Since Toy Story 3 is their favourite movie, the couple always knew that they wanted a Toy Story-themed office. They also have plans to convert the room into a Toy Story-themed nursery if they have kids in the future.

However, if given the chance to redo their home office, Nat would consider using a dusty shade of blue rather than a bright light blue for the walls. She would also look into swapping out the IKEA display bookshelf for wall shelves to save on precious floor space. 

Disney & Peanuts inspired BTO

Nat acknowledges that there aren’t a lot of homes that manage to reconcile cartoon themes with a mature aesthetic, so it can be difficult to find home inspiration if you’re looking to recreate this style. Her top tip for integrating thematic elements into a home is to first pick a style – Scandi-Boho in her case – and then use subtle motifs to build up your theme from there. 

A little creativity goes a long way. This gorgeous Disney and Peanuts-inspired BTO is the product of careful planning, lots of ideation, and a ton of determination. It’s not easy to amalgamate so many themes into one home, but Nat and her husband have proven that it’s definitely possible.

For more peeks into Nat’s home, check out @mentaikopeanuts. 

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Cover image adapted from: Nat

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