9 Next-Level Homes Owned By Famous Influencers In Singapore That You’ve Seen On IG/TikTok

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If you’ve been keeping up with homes of famous people on Instagram or Tiktok, you might want to keep one of these influencers on your radar.

9 Next-Level Homes Owned By Famous Influencers In Singapore That You’ve Seen On IG/TikTok

From millionaires like Jamie Chua to lifestyle bloggers and influencers like Mongchin Yeoh and Willabelle Ong, us Singaporeans are often very invested in the lives of the local famous and rich. Other than their luxury purchases and exciting travels around the globe, home tours are usually the next best thing that piques our interests. 

So, if you’re curious about the homes we have in store for you, come and get to know the ones owned by these 9 famous Singapore influencers, as seen on Instagram or TikTok. Even if these influencers don’t ring a bell, the aesthetics of their home might convince you to do a double take. 

1. Mongchin Yeoh – An Industrial-Japandi themed smart home

influencerImage credit: @v.ii.n.s

Stepping into what influencer Mongchin Yeoh affectionately calls the “mnmhome”, one will be greeted by tawny-brown fluted panels, as well as soft curves and wooden furniture. As she wanted to achieve a seamless look for her living room, these fluted panels also run from floor to ceiling, and across the entire ceiling there. 

From wooden textures to the cream and brown tones, her home exudes an airy and clean feel. Coupled with the curved surfaces, Mongchin chose to go with large format tiles (900cmx900cm), to give her home a softer and more spacious look.

influencerThe bar (left), kitchen (centre), and dining area (right).
Image credit: @v.ii.n.s

The colour scheme and Japandi style extends throughout the house, including wooden textures and neutral-tones. Small details like Mongchin’s kitchen ceiling’s concrete-like texture also serve to contribute to the industrial concept that she was also going for.



♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

Another interesting style choice would be the fluted glass door that Mongchin opted for her bathrooms and kitchen service yard – compared to a typical opaque door, this made her home all the more classy and stylish.

instagram The Eubiq Power E-Tracks (left), smart switches (centre), and Samsung Family Hub, 549L fridge (right).
Image adapted from: @mongabong

However, there’s more than meets the eye with this seemingly simple and tranquil home – it’s a smart home equipped with a Home Control System. With the help of Home-A-Genius, all of Mongchin’s Google and Samsung smart devices are linked via a single smart ecosystem. Her smart switches even monitor the electricity usage at home. 

On top of controlling her air conditioners, fans, and even curtains with a smart panel and mobile application, she can even remotely control her Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier TP09 and Google Home Mini device. The lighting in the house can also be set and adjusted to create different moods. 

Some other cool and smart appliances in the ecosystem include Mongchin’s trusty Samsung Jet Bot+ with Clean Station, Eubiq Power E-Tracks that make plugging in an appliance more convenient, and the Samsung Family Hub, 549L fridge that makes managing her groceries easier.

influencerThe master bedroom.
Image credit: @v.ii.n.s

If you think that’s the last of the Samsung Smart devices in the mnmhome – Mongchin opted for the Samsung QuickDrive Front Load Washer and Heatpump Dryer in her service yard, as well as a Samsung Smart Air Purifier for her master bedroom. All these can be remotely controlled via the Home-A-Genius system as well.

influencerBefore (left) and after (right) of the master bedroom ensuite.
Image credit: @mongabong

Lastly, she tops off her Japandi home with a truly-Japanese experience – installing a Toto bidet in the master bedroom ensuite. Ever think about the fancy, smart toilet bowls you used in Japan? This one’s not only able to self-clean, dry, but also warm up your seat for you.

2. Nicole Wong – Industrial-chic and minimalist walkup


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♬ original sound – Hanna | UK Content Creator

Content creator, fashion influencer, and the Creative Director of the creative agency, nplusc. These are all the labels that Nicole Wong has under her belt. In fact, she’s also the owner of a sleek, dark, minimalist walk-up in the East. 


Pre-renovation house tour #sghome #sgrenovation #housetour #renovation #singaporediaries #walkup

♬ Everybody Wants To Rule The World – The Moving Stills

While the walk-up apartment had been small with just one toilet and a separate bathroom, the living area was spacious, and the apartment itself was situated in a spot that ushered in natural sunlight. 


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♬ Carol Carolina Bela – madyxxy

Sticking with the minimalistic theme of her home, Nicole cleverly hides her clutter and belongings with compact and built-in storage.

instagram Image credit: @kelinton

Working with what she had, Nicole transformed the airy apartment into a cool, industrial home. Filled with mostly black and dark grey accents, the old tiles were removed to make way for concrete flooring – this texture was extended to other surfaces and furniture like the kitchen counter. 

tiktokImage credit: @kelinton

Adding to this the aesthetic of this stylish home are transparent “ghost” chairs that give the living area more dimension. Fun fact: they are known for their design, which pays homage to Louis XV’s Ghost Chair – you can get modern replicas like Nicole’s for just $84.

3. Willabelle Ong – Artistic home with a luxurious walk-in wardrobe


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♬ فع العم – Ali Spagnola

As a travel blogger and online influencer, it’s not surprising that Willabelle Ong’s home is both elegant and tasteful. On top of a white, cream theme to make the house look pristine, the house is also dressed in textures like furs, plush carpets, and dripping chandeliers – making the home appear stylish and luxurious.

influencerImage credit: @willabelleart, @willabelleart

Each area in her home is adorned with a painting or two, many of which are her very own masterpieces. They’re often bold and vibrant, drawing a fun contrast between the rest of the house and the art. Her living area is also decorated with small vases and volumes from influential fashion houses like Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton.


Wardrobe sneak peek because I’ve been loving the flower garden in my room 💐🥺 #wardrobetour #closettour

♬ super rich kids – shaun

Willabelle regularly films outfit TikToks in her walk-in wardrobe.

Of course, we can’t forget about her expansive walk-in wardrobe. The fashionista owns a beautiful wardrobe that stores and displays her collection of designer bags, shoes, accessories, and clothing – many of which come from high-end brands. 

4. Fumi Lee – Spacious family bungalow with a mix of styles

influencersFumi Lee’s bungalow seems as if it’s nestled among nature.
Image credit: @fumilee, @fumilee

If you don’t know who she is, Fumi Lee is a Japanese personal stylist and fashion consultant. She and her family are currently based in Singapore, where she runs her business Style&Me for both local and international clients. While she typically styles her clients and offers fashion advice, it seems that she also had a hand in dressing her own home. 

The lush landscaping of the property makes it seem as if the bungalow is surrounded by nature. In fact, she often spends her time relaxing with her two dogs on her outdoor patio, which overlooks her lap pool and is elevated to a height that’s settled among the canopy of the estate’s trees.

influencersImage credit: @fumilee

Much of her personal touch lies in the communal spaces of her Caldecott Hill bungalow, such as her dining area. It has a corner designed to have a pop-art theme, which is brought out by vibrant reds and pinks in the decor and painting placed there. Next to this spot is a family wall filled with mementos and pictures of Fumi and her family’s past travels.

influencersA gorgeous spiral staircase at the centre of the house (left) and the concrete steps that lead to the lap pool.
Image credit: @fumilee, @fumilee

Another highlight of her home is the beautiful lap pool that’s nestled among various trees and shrubberies; the natural foliage acts as a buffer against street noise and the city ambience, making the pool seem like an undisturbed, hidden oasis. 

influencersImage credit: @fumilee

Finally, a fashion stylist’s treasure trove – a walk-in wardrobe. On top of ceiling-high shelves filled with designer shoes, Fumi has taken to displaying her favourite Chanel dresses on mannequins. As for her jewellery and accessories, she has them displayed in an elegant, velvet-lined counter, with a glass surface to view the pieces from. 

5. Evon Chng – Cosy and elegant penthouse apartment

influencersImage credit: @evonchng

On top of being a well-known influencer, Evon Chng has several other achievements under her belt. These are just some of them: Editor-in-chief at Esquire, the founder and brains behind think tank Zazoozoo, and the founder of digital creative agency Beastcorp.

And it seems that her keen eye for fashion and style have bled through her work and into her home’s design – the 33-year-old owns an elegant and cosy penthouse home that’s a blend between mid-century modern and contemporary.

influencersImage credit: @evonchng, @evonchng

Throughout the house, Evon swapped regular paint for limewash, which has a more matte and raw texture to it. Coupled with pastel tones like grey, beige, and cream; the apartment embodies a very soft and laid back mood. This is also further enhanced by the use of puffy furniture and rugs.

Evon even created a small, cosy nook for her 5 cats – a cat tower that touches the ceiling, tucked in between two curved walls.

influencersHer walk-in wardrobe (left) and marble-covered kitchen (right).
Image credit:

Married to the co-founder of lighting company Sol Luminaire, Evon Chng easily has her lights game down. She opted for soft backlights for most of the house, subtly giving her furniture greater dimension and a more mellow feel.

As a creative with a foot in the fashion industry, Evon is another influencer on this list with a walk-in wardrobe. Although some might say it’s less impressive than the likes of Jamie Chua and Willabelle Ong, it holds its own with an enviable Chanel handbag collection among other designer items.

A luxe concept is also injected into this home with marble elements, such as the kitchen counter and backsplash, as well as the crystal-marble slab in the place of a traditional coffee table. 

6. Jade Seah – Vintage farmhouse shophouse

SIngapore influencer homes - Jade Seah shophouseJade Seah in her shophouse.
Image adapted from: Jade Seah

Uchify’s no stranger to Jade Seah, local host and actress with one of the most aesthetic and well-decorated shophouses. Nearly a decade into shophouse life, her home is still as unique and as charming as ever.

High ceilings are a distinctive feature of any shophouse, adding a sense of architectural beauty and elevating the entire space. Initially a single-floored home, she converted part of the space into a loft, which now serves as her bedroom. 

Jade Seah's collection of vintage trinketsJade’s collection of vintage trinkets.
Image adapted from: Jade Seah

Vintage decor and furniture adorn the space, showcasing her personal style while also making every nook a charming Zoom background for video calls. Nostalgic accessories and trinkets such as an old typewriter or a retro radio are carefully displayed around the house, adding layers of character. 

Jade Seah kitchen areaThe kitchen area.
Image credit: @jadeseah

The colour palette of muted tones such as beige and green add to the inviting and soothing atmosphere. And even though it’s a heritage shophouse, the space is now equipped with modern comforts such as an electric stove and kitchen hood to create a homely living experience.

7. Melissa Celestine Koh – White modern luxe

Melissa Celestine Koh - White modern luxeThe living room.
Image credit: @melissackoh

Lifestyle influencer Melissa Koh boasts not only over 260,000 followers on Instagram and 2.2 million YouTube views, but also an elegant, modern, farm-house-inspired family home.

Natural lighting fills almost every inch of the space, illuminating the house with a radiant glow. The indoor lighting also reflects thoughtful attention to detail – customised with specific placements and intensities to complement the hme’s architecture, furniture, and decor. Combined with the light colour palette of marble and cream, the space evokes an angelic and tranquil quality.

Melissa Celestine Koh dry kitchenThe dry kitchen.
Image adapted from: Melissa Celestine Koh

On top of the luxurious feel, the space has a strong focus on functionality as well, with one example being a separate dry and wet kitchen. The former is highlighted with a generously-sized kitchen island with plenty of space for food storage, ideal for preparing breakfast or for baking. 

Melissa Celestine Koh wet kitchenThe wet kitchen.
Image adapted from: Melissa Celestine Koh

Behind a nearby sliding door lies the wet kitchen, equipped with a gas stovetop, oven, and even a sink with a built-in drying rack. The separated spaces also prevent any smoke and oil from heavy cooking from spilling over. 

Melissa Celestine Koh home officeThe home office.
Image credit: Melissa Celestine Koh

With work from home becoming more of a norm, having a dedicated home office is more important than ever. The influencer’s home office is well-lit with large windows, perfect for an inspiring workday. Again, functionality shines with ample cabinet and drawer space right opposite the desk space for maximum organisation.

8. Xin Lin Khaw – Rustic wooden farmhouse

Xin Lin Khaw living areaThe living area.
Image credit: @xinlinnn

Like a warm and cosy Airbnb you would book on a vacation, Xin Lin Khaw’s Punggol home has a timeless and charming feel. The influencer spent a couple of years completely overhauling the 5-room HDB flat into the rustic farmhouse it is today.

The open living area is spacious, giving ample room for relaxation to unwind after a long day. Furnishings like the raw caramel sofa, rattan baskets, and Venetian blinds perfectly complement the wooden theme. Behind the sofa lies a coffee corner which is enhanced with a bar table, ideal for morning pick-me-ups.

XinLin Khaw OOTD cornerXin Lin’s OOTD corner.
Image adapted from: XinLin Khaw

Leaving no space unutilised, the homeowners converted a corner wall into an “OOTD corner” for Xin Lin’s fit checks. The full-length mirror and brightly lit surroundings are bound to make any mirror pic IG-worthy. 

XinLin Khaw kitchen and dining areaThe kitchen and dining area.
Image credit: @xinlinnn

The living room effortlessly blends into the dining area and kitchen, Xin Lin’s most frequented space in the house. The influencer also made the unique decision of adding white cabinets to the kitchen to contrast with the wooden aesthetic, creating a bold and visually captivating space.

9. Nadiah M Din – Resort-themed HDB flat

Nadiah M Din and familyNadiah M Din and her family.
Image credit: @nadiahmdin

With an impressive career in both local and international media, the Singaporean actress and TV host Nadiah M Din is well-known in the entertainment scene. It’s not surprising that her Morrocan-influenced, bohemian-style home is just as expressive and inspiring as she is.

The design goal was to make the space feel like the family was on holiday every time they came home, something that was especially needed during the pandemic when travel was limited. The actress also designed the space to highlight her personality and artistic interests growing up. For example, a display of African baskets on the living room wall gives the entire space a splash of colour and reflects her love for African decor.

Nadiah M Din bedroomThe bedroom.
Image credit: @nadiahmdin

The themes of geometric prints, tribal patterns, and floral designs carry over to all parts of the home. Even the bedrooms have textured and colourful pillows and blankets which adds to the cosy bohemian vibe. Almost every corner of the space makes you feel relaxed, contributing to the overall laid-back aesthetic. 

Nadiah M Din children's bedroomThe children’s bedroom.
Image credit: @nadiahmdin

Being a large family, the children need a space for themselves too. The kids’ rooms also evoke a sense of wanderlust and adventure, with pink flamingos dotted over the grassy green wallpaper reminiscent of a safari. 

The bathrooms combine different natural elements together in a vibrant mix. The wooden sink is a focal point, enhancing the natural beauty of the space. Marble accents in the shower and arched shelves for toiletries make you feel a sense of unwinding relaxation every time you step in.

BONUS: Jamie Chua – Rental home of a Millionaire 

influencersThe Sentosa Cove home has a massive lap pool (left) and what Jamie Chua calls the “sexy staircase” (right).
Image credit: @ec24m, @ec24m

Known for her massive Merryn Road bungalow, Jamie Chua is currently staying in a temporary home while a new one is being built – although it’s a stand-in, it’s not just any ordinary home. It’s located at Sentosa Cove, a gated community known for some of the most lavish houses in Singapore. 

Some of the highlights of this home includes a gorgeous lap pool that overlooks a grassy bank and waterfront shared with other bungalows; it leads out into the sea and if you look out far enough, you’ll get a glimpse at the coastal waters of Sentosa Island

influencersImage credit: @jamies.secretgarden, @jamies.secretgarden

In a YouTube vlog, she also mentioned that this Sentosa Cove home is one of her son’s properties and her new home is just a few streets away – conveniently located near both her children’s current residences. Since the move in April, she has added her personal touches to this bungalow.

Some parts of Jamie’s temporary home might pique your interest, including a mini farm that overlooks a scenic lake. The millionaire rears Silkies and grows her own fruits and vegetables, sharing her gardening journey on Instagram. In particular, these Silkies are considered rare in Singapore, as they need extra care as compared to your average farm chicken. 


Housecleaning ALERT! #wardrobe #fashion #wardrobecheck #comedy #funnyvideos

♬ nhạc nền – Nguyễn Như Hoài Niệm – Nguyễn Như Hoài Niệm

Jamie’s old walk-in wardrobe was measured to be nearly 700sqft and houses the world’s largest Birkin collection.

For those who are curious about where her Birkin collection’s gone now that she’s moved, Jamie’s settling for an open closet bedroom where she stores a fraction of her clothes and accessories. The rest are currently displayed and stored across three other rooms in the house. 

influencersJust a part of her current wardrobe set-up.
Image credit: @ec24m

Jamie Chua is known for being a fashionista that travels the world – indulging in fashion pieces from revered fashion houses like Chanel and Dior. While her current setup might pale in comparison to her old one, we’re sure that the one in her new home will be extensive and luxurious. 

Amazing influencer homes in Singapore

If you’ve been keeping up with influencers and their homes on Instagram and Tiktok, or compilations of Singapore homes that make you go ooh and ahh, you’re going to want to keep one of these influencers on your radar.

While many of us might not be able to afford such high-tech or luxurious homes, homeowners that are thinking of splurging on renovation can still take inspiration from the style and elegance of these next-level homes. 

For more amazing homes by famous people in SG:

Cover image credit: @evonchng, @v.ii.ns, @willamazing, @kelinton
This article was originally published on 18th July 2022, but updated on 28th June 2023.

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