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The Condo Shown In Hit Korean Drama “Little Women” Has Million Dollar Waterfront Views

30 January 2023 | BY

A guide to Corals At Keppel Bay – the Little Women condo with gorgeous waterfront views and airy, spacious units.

It’s not everyday you see your home being used as the set of a film, much less by renowned South Korean actors Wi Ha-jun and Kim Go-eun. This, however, was very much the reality for the Corals at Keppel Bay residents, whose condo appeared in the popular K-Drama Little Women alongside other iconic Singaporean locations like Changi Airport, Marina Bay Sands, Fullerton Hotel and the Expo MRT station.

With its futuristic vibes and splendid waterfront views now being brought onto the world stage, it’s no surprise that Corals At Keppel Bay has seen a renewed interest in their units. In case you’re overwhelmed with the loads of information available on the lovely internet, here’s a quick guide to the premium condo, including amenities and developments around the area.

Coral At Keppel Bay scenes in “Little Women”

Little Women condo Little Women condo Little Women condoResidents of Corals can spot the condo’s pool and the nearby dock in the drama.
Image credits: YouTube

While the news of Little Women being filmed in Singapore wasn’t news to many, it’s still kinda exhilarating to spot beloved local landmarks in a globally popular series.

For the uninitiated, Kim Go-Eun plays a protagonist who grows up in poverty and discovers she potentially has assets in the form of a luxury condo all the way in Singapore. News so exciting, it would spur just about anyone to hop on the next available flight to see the riches that await them with their own eyes.

Also, while the focus is primarily on the condo’s facade, the spotlight on it cast by the drama has left more than a few of us wanting to find out exactly what’s so special about this multi-million dollar condo.

Little Women condoThe side entrance.
Image credits: YouTube

According to news reports in September 2022, when the Little Women team were filming scenes in the condo premises, residents were advised to use the basement carpark to get from one end of the property to the other. Residents were still blessed with aerial views of the filming from their glass-encased balconies.

Corals At Keppel Bay at a glance

Developed in 2017, Corals At Keppel Bay is one of Keppel Land’s latest housing projects, a 99-year leasehold luxury condominium with 366 residential units spread across 11 low-lying blocks. 

Keppel Land itself needs no further introduction, with recognisable projects like the famous Reflections At Keppel Bay – which itself has been used as a filming set – and The Reef at King’s Dock.

Little Women condoImage credit: @jorge.bastino

Corals At Keppel Bay is also very aptly named, seeing as the low-lying stacks do indeed remind you of the skeleton of coral reefs. Like their namesake, the development is quite easy to miss due to it being a lot shorter than the nearby Reflections. The development makes up for this with its uniquely shaped blocks though – an oddly charming intersection between spherical and oblong.

Little Women condoImage credit: Studio Libeskind

The sheer amount of water features around is also a sight to behold: from the giant 50m pool in the centre to the smaller, shallower pools around the first floor of the premises. This helps even those in units with no views of the sea or dock to be in on the whole “seaside living” vibe. 

Inside the units

Potential Corals At Keppel Bay residents can choose from 1-4 bedroom units, including 8 penthouses – although only 4-bedroom units are available for sale as of January 2023. These units have a total of 39 different layouts too; talk about potential homebuyers being spoiled for a choice.

Little Women condoWhat an unfurnished living room of a Corals At Keppel Bay unit looks like.
Image credit: 99.co

The units are also pretty expansive with the 4-bedroom apartments offering impressive square footage of up to 3,660. That’s bigger than the size of two HDB jumbo flats combined.

Here is a comparison of the prices of the different types of units:

Little Women condoSource: Property Pro SG

If you’re looking to purchase an apartment in this prestigious property in the near future, there’s quite a good spread of units to choose from with the cheapest being a well-furnished 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom 570sqft apartment going for just $1.4M. 

Based on information available online, 4-bedroom units are priced upwards of $6M, but these apartments would come with not one, but 2 balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows boasting sweeping views of the harbour.

Some ground floor units even have water features along their windows. Not deep enough to swim in, though they do make a pleasing addition to your property if you’re bemoaning the loss of bay views.

Little Women condoA taller unit overlooking the sea.
Image credit: Summerhaus D’zign

What’s so special about the condo?

Speaking of features, Corals seems to have everything you would expect from a condo of the same calibre. In addition to their large 50m pool located right in the centre of the premises, Corals has two other pools that surround said large pool: one for lounging in on lazy days and a hydro spa. 

Various shallower water features are also dotted around the premises, bringing the whole “waterside living” feel to the blocks that don’t face the dock or sea. All their parking spaces are underground, so as to not obstruct the gorgeous views.

Little Women condoOne of two gated entranced on the Corals’ property.
Image credit: iProperty

Rounding up the amenities are the lifestyle and entertainment facilities they have in the development. These include a BBQ pavilion, tennis court, playground and gardens, which tie into the whole natural sustainable living theme of the Keppel Bay estate.

Little Women condoThe view of King’s Dock from the balcony of a low-lying condo unit.
Image credit: @namsoontimber

Corals also has a clubhouse within their premises, which includes function rooms for a fancy upgrade for your next gathering, a state-of-the-art gym and a lounge with a library for those days where you just need a good book. There is also a multi-purpose studio, perfect for yoga and pilates or just a small dance session with some friends.

Corals At Keppel Bay is the first condo development in Asia to utilise a new, fully-integrated smart home system in partnership with Habitap. Developed by local tech company Philip Tang and Sons, the system includes a smart lock for the doors as well as air-con and light controls all connected to the Habitap app. Convenience at your fingertips.

Little Women condoFor illustrative purposes only.

Downtown core location & nearby amenities

While Corals At Keppel Bay itself doesn’t have many amenities in its premises, it is very conveniently located. Being just a stone’s throw away from Harbourfront MRT station and Vivo City – which in turn has a boardwalk and monorail line that connects to Sentosa Island – residents can take care of their grocery needs, retail therapy and entertainment all within 20 minutes of travel time.

Little Women condoImage credit: Google Maps

Education options are seemingly limited with this development, with just one preschool within a 1km walking distance. However, the MRT station and bus stops seamlessly connect Corals to places like the Kent Ridge Education Belt, which has schools like Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Fairfield Methodist and National University of Singapore.

The multi-million dollar condo featured in “Little Women”

For a pretty much unknown and largely overshadowed condo development like Corals at Keppel Bay to make it into a big production like Little Women is a testament to Singapore’s reputable luxury homes.

With its little stacks reminiscent of coral reefs and its opulent vibes, it’s a little wonder why the drama production team chose it as a representation of the elegance and luxury Singapore as a whole has been associated with. With that, we hope that it’s only a matter of time before we see more Singaporean properties being used as film sets.

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Cover image adapted from: YouTube, iProperty, @namsoontimber

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