BLACKPINK Jennie’s Home Is A Luxurious Villa Located In The Beverly Hills Of South Korea

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Jennie Kim lives in the Beverly Hills of South Korea, and has neighbours such as BTS, Song Hye-kyo and G-Dragon.

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Home Is A Luxurious Villa Located In The Beverly Hills Of South Korea

Nicknamed “Human Chanel”, Korean rapper and singer Jennie Kim often makes headlines for her brand endorsements and charismatic stage performances. In the last year, she has also gained much attention after moving out of the shared BLACKPINK dorm. 

Her new abode is located in Hannam-dong, whose homes get a great view of the Han River and Namsan Mountain. It’s also known for being home to politicians, chaebols, and other celebrities like Jennie. 

Let’s take a closer look into the home of one of South Korea’s most well-known celebrities, to see what makes the rich and famous flock to Hannam-dong. 

A “village” for the rich and influential in South Korea

Blackpink Jennie's HomeImage adapted from: wander planet

Known to locals as the Beverly Hills of South Korea, Hannam-dong is considered one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Seoul; not to mention home to world-famous artists and stars like BTS, Song Hye-kyo, and G-Dragon. 

The House, UN Village

Blackpink Jennie's HomeImage credit: wander planet

Within Hannam-Dong lies UN Village, a notable collection of apartment buildings that could cost anywhere between KRW3 billion to a whopping KRW10 billion (approximately S$3.2M to S$10.7M). As a neighbourhood that is situated before a mountain (Namsan) and with a river (Han River) in front of it, UN Village is also sought after for its excellent feng shui.

Other than its steep property prices, K-POP fans might also recognise it as the title to EXO Baekhyun’s hit song of the same name. Naturally, the unusual name sparked curiosity among fans, which was probably what led to the discovery of Jennie’s apartment complex, The House. 

Tucked into the deep end of UN Village, The House is a secluded private estate away from the bustling Seoul city life. While it might not be a gated community, like the rest of the Village, the streets are regularly patrolled by security guards – that’s why fans should think twice about stalking or trying to catch a glimpse of your favourite idol. 

Villa speculated to cost between S$5.7M-S$6.7M

Blackpink Jennie's HomeImage adapted from: Jennierubyjane Official

Moving on to what you’re probably most curious about: Jennie Kim’s swanky villa. Spanning approximately 4,628sqft in floor area, and speculated to cost between KRW5.5 to KRW6.5 billion (S$5.7M-S$6.7M), the rapper’s home is a luxury that the majority of us will likely never be able to experience for ourselves.

The 4,628sqft abode fits 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms across 2 storeys. And if you think she’s living alone in such a big home, she has mentioned that she currently resides with her mother, but has plans to move out in the future – suggesting that this might be a family home to the Kims.

A closer look at the 4,628sqft apartment

Blackpink Jennie's HomeImage credit:

Blackpink Jennie's HomeImage adapted from: gabomTV

Upon entering the unit, be prepared to be wowed by floor-to-ceiling windows that span nearly 2 floors. It ushers in plenty of natural sunlight, which reflects upon the marbled tiles of the living room.

Blackpink Jennie's HomeImage adapted from: Jennierubyjane Official

While it was initially speculated that she lived in units facing the scenic Han river, a recent vlog has revealed that she actually resides in one of the lower levels, and enjoys a veranda-like space that’s lined with medium-sized fir shrubs. 

The floors are adorned with marble tiles like most Korean apartments, which adds to the opulence of the villa.

Image adapted from: Jennierubyjane Official

From what we see in her YouTube vlog, Jennie also has what seems to be a gym corner. It is evident that she has fashioned a small gym out of some balancing yoga equipment and a slim treadmill.

Image adapted from: gabomTV

Image adapted from: Jennierubyjane Official

In the open-concept kitchen, you’ll find a generous island that’s complete with a marble countertop – the island sports a reflective metal surface that reflects its surroundings, giving the kitchen the illusion of greater space.

Other features include a commercial-grade refrigerator, an oven, and even a wine chiller with wooden racks. All these were built-in and tucked in seamlessly with the white cabinets, making the space appear uncluttered and pristine. 

Image adapted from: Jennierubyjane Official

Walking further in, you’ll enter a laundry room. Compared to the original showroom unit, Jennie seems to have replaced the earthen tiles of the original laundry room with white walls and cabinets, trading warm tones for much brighter ones.

Image adapted from: gabomTV

Adjacent to the kitchen, there’s a small lounge area that’s complete with beautiful plant arrangements. Coupled with a chandelier or light display overlooking the lounge seats, it’s a perfect book-reading nook or space for when the girl-group member fancies a zen tea session.

Blackpink Jennie's HomeImage credit: jennierubyjane

Not much is known about the interior of the villa’s bedrooms, but Jennie often gives her fans a glimpse into her own. According to Mnet TMI News, it was revealed that she owns a bed from the luxury mattress and bed brand, Hästens. While entry-level prices could start from S$30,000, the model she owns fetches a hefty price tag of KRW170 million (~S$181,756).

Image adapted from: gabomTV

Similar listings for The House also reveal roomy bathrooms decked out in white marble tiles with subtle grey veins, which line the walls and floors. The room is also equipped with a shower and double vanity.

Talk about living the luxe life – there’s even an elegant bowl-shaped bathtub next to a floor to ceiling window, giving the resident the impression that they’re taking a soak on a balcony or platform of sorts. While her privacy is protected with the open roof of the outdoor veranda, she also gets to enjoy the view of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Stylish furniture and decor that complete the look

Blackpink Jennie's HomeThe Seletti Lipsticks Toiletpaper Mirror (left) and the Roche Bobois Sofa (right) are stylish pieces that can be found in Jennie’s home.
Image credit: @jennierubyjane, @jennierubyjane

Other than her musical flair, Jennie is also known for having an eye for style. She’s selected several statement pieces for her home’s interior, many of which fans are well-acquainted with. 

Take a look at the chic Seletti x TOILETPAPER Lipsticks mirror, it both serves its original function but also acts as an aesthetic accent – which is probably why Jennie and her members often use it as an OOTD staple.

Her Roche Bobois Bubble Mini sofa also has its own unique charm, still carrying the essence of the art deco style, yet modernised with its powder blue hue. Although it might be hard to get the exact piece in the shade Marina, you can head down to Orchard Paragon to check out their showroom for other versions of the quirky couch. 

Image credit: @jennierubyjane

In 2020, the fashionista really put things into perspective when she revealed that she purchased a 3-metre tall Christmas tree, installing it in the heart of her home in preparation for the festive season. That’s 1.5 times the usual height of a christmas tree. 

Other celebrities who reside in UN Village

Image credit: wander planet

If you’re curious about the other big names that live in the vicinity, Pinocchio and Big Mouth actor Lee Jong-suk, Descendants of The Sun actress Song Hye-kyo have found homes in La TERRASSE, where properties average out at about S$5.2M.

After BTS’ members moved out from their shared dorm at Hannam The Hill, it had also been reported that member Suga moved into Hannam River Hill, where homes go for over S$4M.

Amenities in the area

Pictured is Baskin Robbins’ Pokemon with Hive City outlet (left) and Homeplus Express (right).
Image credit: Google Maps, Google Maps

On top of the various embassies that have established their offices in this district, its residents’ daily necessities and occasional sweet tooth are also well accounted for. Homeplus Express is a large convenience store frequented by many residents in the neighbourhood, as are the cafes and ice-cream parlours that dot the streets.

Other homes that BLACKPINK’s Jennie frequents

Los Angeles property with a large private pool

Image adapted from: Jennierubyjane Official

In Jennie’s Los Angeles vlog, she revealed a local property she resided in, which she stays in during overseas work, events, and brand campaigns. She also mentioned that she frequently invites her friends over.

Blackpink Jennie's HomeImage adapted from: Jennierubyjane Official

The spacious villa is also equipped with a swimming pool, but the singer hasn’t had the chance to use it thus far.

Cosy dorm shared with other BLACKPINK members

Image adapted from: BLACKPINK

Next up, we have the BLACKPINK dorm: a scandi-style home littered with pink accents to give the idols a warm and inviting space to return to after a long day at work. Located in Han River Bamseom Apartments, their dorm is considered one of the most prestigious residential complexes in Seoul, averaging at about S$2.3M. 

First revealed in a YouTube Series, “블핑하우스 (BLACKPINK HOUSE)” back in 2018, it is unclear whether all the members have moved out of it and into their private apartments. However, we’d imagine them to still have the occasional sleepover or dorm get-together during album promotions and group events.

Home of BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim

When one thinks of Jennie Kim, BLACKPINK’s sold-out shows and their million-dollar brand endorsements might come to mind. That’s why it’s not surprising that the South Korean rapper is able to afford a pricey apartment that costs over S$5M – that’s nearly twice the cost of the average condo in Singapore.

Although some of us can’t afford to live in such beautiful and luxurious homes, we can easily live vicariously through personal vlogs and Architectural Digest home tours of the wealthy and famous. 

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