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8 Best HDB Loft Renovations In Singapore That Will Inspire You

6 September 2023 | BY

Check out our favourite ways to style the double-volume space in a HDB loft unit.

HDB loft renos

With double-volume indoor spaces and gorgeous high ceilings, it’s no wonder that HDB loft units are highly coveted. These rare HDB layouts boast a sense of vertical expansiveness reminiscent of landed homes, creating an atmosphere of openness and luxury with a plethora of design potential.

From grand chandeliers in a Parisian-inspired loft home to 5-metre-tall wood and concrete feature walls, here are the 8 best HDB loft renovations in Singapore that’ll make you wish you owned a loft unit too.

1. Minimalist IKEA-core

Minimalist Ikea Core - HDB loft renosImage credit: @studiomahogany

Designed by, the interior of this HDB loft unit is best described as “minimalist IKEA-core”. Double arches provide a dramatic entrance to the double-volume space, where triple hanging lamps accentuate the loft’s high ceiling, and full-length windows flood the neutral-toned living area in natural light.

arches in a loft - HDB loft renosImage credit: @studiomahogany

The rest of the home follows a similar Scandi-style design approach, incorporating light neutral tones, smooth wooden carpentry, and fluted glass panels that amplify the sense of airy spaciousness.

minimalist ikea coreImage credit: @studiomahogany

In the kitchen, white tiles and woody textures create a cohesive flow between the loft’s aesthetic and the rest of the living space, with the entire home looking straight out of an IKEA catalogue.

2. Parisian-inspired monochrome interior

monochrome interiorImage credit: @thatmonochromehome

A dazzling ring-shaped chandelier serves as the centrepiece of this Parisian-inspired 5-room HDB loft unit, located at SkyTerrace@Dawson. With sleek white furniture, luxe design elements, and 2-storey-high cascading grey curtains, the entire living space is the picture of lavish elegance.

parisian monochrome home - HDB loft renosImage credit: @themonochromehome

The loft above the living room was converted into a luxurious master bedroom that is accessible via a striking black-accented staircase. A smaller chandelier hangs over the plush monochrome bed, while a collection of silver-framed B&W photos adds a personal touch to the room without deviating from the theme.

The glass-panelled loft not only reflects the glimmering ring chandelier, but also offers visitors an enhanced view into the homeowners’ stunning abode. That being said, the couple also wisely installed a set of blinds behind the glass, ensuring privacy whenever it’s needed.

3. Creamy Japandi

creamy japandi - HDB loft renosImage credit: Aesthete Interior Design

Japanese minimalism and Scandi elements come together in this creamy, dreamy Japandi-style 1,044sqft HDB loft unit along Dawson Road.

Beside a full-length window, an inviting L-shaped sofa adorned with cream-coloured throws and pillows serves as the living room centrepiece, together with a woven circular coffee table graced by a delicate vase of dried flowers.

Meanwhile, clean lines and minimalist decor occupy a small corner of the foyer. A full-length arched mirror and graceful standing lamp are placed alongside a pristine white wooden cabinet, encapsulating the essence of understated sophistication.

4. Wood & concrete fusion

wood and concrete fusion - HDB loft renosImage credit: Leplay Design

Located at Treelodge@Punggol, this HDB loft unit takes advantage of its double-volume height to unite 2 different textures. The result is a 5-metre-tall herringbone patterned wood and concrete feature wall.

With the wooden floating TV console matching the texture of the herringbone at the top half of the wall, the living room feature merges 2 contrasting elements – the warmth of wood and the industrial charm of concrete – blending natural and urban aesthetics into a harmonious whole.

wood and concrete fusionThe loft area seamlessly transitions into an open-concept kitchen with similar wooden and concrete features.
Image credit: Leplay Design

extendable kitchen island and hanging bar - HDB loft renosExtendable kitchen island and overhead hanging bar.
Image credit: Leplay Design

The adjoining open-concept kitchen boasts a marble island with an extendable component, which can be easily unfolded to create a functional dining table that comfortably accommodates guests. Additionally, the extendable feature reaches into the double-volume area, allowing the homeowners to dine opposite the feature wall, beneath the loft’s gorgeous high ceiling.

5. Modern cottagecore

modern cottagecoreImage credit: Amos Lim ERA YouTube

Sold for $1.22M, this spacious 5-room Punggol Sapphire loft is the perfect place to live out your cottagecore dreams. The living room – which takes up the flat’s sizable foyer space – embraces a cosy cottage aesthetic, with wooden accents and hanging green plants bringing a touch of nature indoors.

Modern design elements are integrated into the woody cottage aesthetic – an elegant chandelier hangs from the high ceiling while a leather recliner sofa fits at the foot of the staircase.

modern cottagecore stairs - HDB loft renosImage credit: Amos Lim ERA YouTube

A long window situated along the staircase bathes the area in an abundance of natural light and adds to the charm. Grey-brick wallpaper lines the window, and a small wood-tiled area with outdoor chairs and green plants stimulates an outdoor cottage balcony.

loft study corner - HDB loft renosMini study corner at the top of the loft, overlooking the living room.
Image credit: Amos Lim ERA YouTube

6. White marble luxe

white marble luxe wallImage credit: Meter Square

Located at SkyTerrace@Dawson and renovated for $73K, this HDB resale’s main feature is its tall white marble accent wall – an exquisite centrepiece that stretches from the ground and merges with the loft’s high ceiling.

A cluster of hanging lamps further enhances the vertical space while sleek carpentry, a plush circle rug, and a leather sofa introduce elements of opulent comfort.

skyterrace@dawsonImage credit: Meter Square

A fluted panel partition separates the dining space from the living room loft area, creating a dramatic transition as one moves beyond the fluted division to behold the complete splendour of the high ceiling and tall white marble feature.

7. Modern “condo” penthouse

modern condo penthouse - HDB loft renosImage credit: Superhome Design

If you assumed at first glance that this loft belonged in a condo instead of an HDB, you wouldn’t be alone. With 2 storeys of white-framed windows, a double-volume balcony, and a crisp white interior, this HDB loft unit in Punggol Drive is deceptively condo-esque in the best way possible. 

lofted condoImage credit: Superhome Design

The spaciousness of the loft is further amplified by a sparse arrangement of furniture and the absence of any bulky furnishings and carpentry. This deliberate choice not only ensures an uncluttered atmosphere, but also allows the loft’s architectural features to take centre stage.

8. Scandi with touches of greenery

scandi and green - HDB loft renosImage credit: @lawrence_d.homey

A wooden TV feature wall doubles as storage space, combining aesthetics with functional carpentry to create a striking focal point in this HDB loft living room. Vertical display shelves are thoughtfully integrated into the side of the half-height structure, presenting an array of potted plants and sculptures.

The sizable foyer area accommodates both the living and dining areas, capitalising on the abundant natural light pouring through the full-length windows. Meanwhile, a low-lying wooden coffee table complements the wooden dining set, creating a cohesive Scandi-inspired charm. 

scandi study areaImage credit: @lawrence_d.homey

The seamless wooden carpentry and touches of greenery extend their presence to the other parts of the home. In the study area, potted plants with trailing foliage are placed atop wooden shelves, while a section of the outdoor balcony is dedicated to a small army of green plants.

Best HDB loft renovations

From minimalist furnishing to lavish designs, these 8 HDB loft renovations showcase the potential of double-volume indoor spaces, reaffirming the allure of coveted loft units. Regardless of your interior design style, these loft transformations offer a wellspring of inspiration for styling your vertical living space – if you’re lucky enough to secure a loft unit, that is.

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Cover image adapted from: @lawrence_d.homey, Aesthete Interior Design, @themonochromehome

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