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This Wholesale Rattan Store In Yishun Is A Rare Find That’ll Give Your Home Major Bali Vibes

15 May 2023 | BY

At Rattan Capital Trading, you can get your hands on a diverse range of rattan furniture pieces at more affordable prices.

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Be it a lush jungalow makeover or an interior that resembles a Balinese resort, there are many decor styles that can be pulled off with rattan furniture. With its ability to bring a charming and rustic vibe into a space effortlessly, rattan decor has become one of the most popular interior trends amongst homeowners.

Only one problem, though: given that rattan furniture pieces are usually made in Indonesia, they tend to be a tad pricey due to the logistical costs incurred. That’s why we have Rattan Capital Trading; at more affordable prices, you can get your hands on a diverse range of rattan furniture pieces that can’t be found elsewhere.

So, here’s the lowdown of what you can expect at this hidden gem in the North:

Whimsical Pinterest pieces

For many youngsters, creating a Pinterest moodboard is the best start to collecting inspiration for their home reno – though it’s not always the easiest to turn our visions into reality. 

That said, Rattan Capital Trading delivers with their slew of whimsical pieces that evoke a playful yet cosy quality to a space.

rattan capital trading - headboard

Turn your bedroom into a Balinese paradise with pieces like the Artistic Natural Leaf Rattan Headboard ($658.90) and the Floral Natural Rattan Queen Headboard ($548.90).

rattan capital trading - bedframe

Stella’s Bed Frame Queen ($2,288).

They even make complete bed frames such as the Stella’s Bed Frame Queen ($2288). As intricate as the patterns on these bed frames and headboards may seem, they are nevertheless fully handmade, making them favourites amongst customers.

rattan capital trading - flower chairs
These detailed flower motifs are also seen in the Natural White Rattan Leaf Chair ($437.80) and Florence Natural Rattan Peacock Chair ($658.90), making them beautiful statement pieces.

rattan capital trading - bookshelf

Gather all your knick-knacks and display them on the Natural Bookshelf with Cabinet Door ($548.90); you can even style the shelf with plants for an effortless Jungalow addition.

Else, go mini with the Raffles Side Table Cabinet ($418) which makes for a stylish bedside table too.

rattan capital trading - rattan wicker

Unleash your inner hippie with smaller pieces such as the Ethnic Round Rattan Wicker ($29), as well as their series of Raffia Mirrors (from $89).

rattan capital trading - rattan mirror

Retro rattan furniture

rattan capital trading - chairs

Blast to the past with pieces such as the Akko 1-Seater ($350) and Classic Elisha Lounge ($1099); the rusticness of the rattan oozes kampung vibes to a space.

rattan capital trading - chairs

Looking like they’ve come straight out of your grandma’s home, reminisce about your childhood days with the White Oak Webbing Rocker ($768.90) and the NN Relax Armchair ($572).

rattan capital trading - shoe racks

Extending outside the house, there are even shoe racks such as the 3-Layer Multi-Purpose Shoe Rack ($162.80).

Bohemian x Jungalow furniture: rattan sofa sets, rocking chairs & sideboards

rattan capital trading - sofa sets

The set comes with 1 sofa, 2 armchairs and 1 coffee table.

For Jungalow homes filled with plants and greenery, sofa sets like the Brown Rattan Sofa Set ($1,746) would blend in nicely with the botanical elements.

rattan capital trading - armchair

Bring the beach back home with the Brown Relax Armchair ($572), a perfect piece for your balcony where you can have your eat, pray, love moment while enjoying the view outside.

Decor pieces with modern & boho influences

rattan capital trading - vases

Plant parents can get their hands on the Rattan Vases, which come in small ($109), large ($159), as well as large and round ($159).

rattan capital trading - stools

Channel bohemia with their eclectic collection of stools; this includes the Mushroom Fabric Stool ($179), which can even bring in a tint of Japandi flavour to the space.

rattan capital trading - cai shen ye

You can even ring in Cai Shen Ye with the Blessing Seagrass Ottoman ($161.70), a fun addition to your living area that fits the bill even when it’s not Chinese New Year.

rattan capital trading - baskets

Their quirky offerings don’t just stop there; their Braided Storage Baskets (from $69) can come in the form of a green apple, a pineapple or even a cute dinosaur, making them especially suitable as decor pieces for kids rooms.

rattan capital trading - owls

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Visit Rattan Capital Trading at Yishun

rattan capital trading - yishun

Rattan furniture and decor can do way more than simply bringing Ubud into your home. Not only is it able to seamlessly blend in with both modern and vintage styles, it infuses a very zen-like energy to a space, akin to bringing nature to your doorstep.

At Rattan Capital Trading, you’ll be able to find almost everything, from classic vintage pieces that give major throwback vibes to the olden days, to unique ones that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Address: 3 Gambas Crescent, #01-01 Nordcom 1, Singapore 757088

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Sat-Sun 10am-6pm

Contact: 6909 9868 | Rattan Capital Trading website

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