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6 Tips To Nail The Jungalow Look That’s Trending Now On Your IG  

3 January 2022 | BY

The Jungalow style encourages botanical and bohemian elements but nailing a living space that offers the perfect blend can be tricky. To ease the process, here are some tips to styling your home neatly while boasting a chock-full of colour and personality.

Minimalists will attest that a Muji-inspired or Scandinavian chic theme almost guarantees a clean, cohesive home. And while that may be true, maximalists who thrive in a busy space can vouch that even the most chaotic of homes can still be kept neat and cosy.

From vintage trinkets and bold textiles to rattan accent pieces, the Jungalow style is a blend of botanical and bohemian that brings a burst of colour whilst creating a quaint living space. If you’re gunning for Jungalow vibes in your future home, here are six tips on how to get you on track when it comes to styling. 

1. Use plants liberally 

Jungalow tip - plants
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We don’t need to be experts in interior design to know that the Jungalow trend isn’t complete without plants – and lots of them, at that. But before you dash out to your neighbourhood nursery and bring home a haul of 20 plants only to have 3/4 of them die on you in the first three weeks, you’ll want to shop smart. 

The key to the jungalow aesthetic is to create an urban sanctuary – meaning you’ll want to have a variety of big leafy plants such as the Monstera Deliciousa or the Fiddle Leaf Figs to give you that lush rainforest feel. But to nail the aesthetic game, you’ll want to layer and stagger your indoor plants to give you a more natural feel of being surrounded by flora.

Jungalow tip - plants
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Parents of furbabies and little ones with itchy hands can opt for hanging plants such as English Ivy, Boston Fern, or Spider Plants. But besides giving you a cosy interior, plants such as Fuchsias or Gardenias can fit just nicely on the balcony and provide you with added privacy from outside views. 

Aside from their bountiful air purifying properties, you don’t necessarily need to build your green oasis with just real plants. Consider placing a few faux plants in the mix around your home to create a more cohesive look. Not to mention, you can add an extratropical element by dressing up your plants with colourful ceramic pots or rattan baskets. 

2. Use rattan and woven furniture for the relaxed Bali look

Jungalow tip - rattan pieces
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No longer are rattan, woven, and bamboo furniture confined to outdoor porches and gardens as these nifty pieces have hit the trend and are popping inside homes too. While the jungalow aesthetic is packed with eclectic elements, the beauty of rattan furniture is their warm and earthy tones which add a touch of calmness and cosiness to your home.

Those with tropical envy don’t have to limit themselves to Bali-esque chairs. You can instead pick up other rattan furnishings such as coffee tables and sideboard cabinets from shops such as Born In Colour, Second Charm and Rooma

But if you want to start small, Rattan capital also sells an assortment of small mirrors and woven baskets to store your knick-knacks.

Jungalow tip - rattan furniture
Rattan furniture will last you for years as it’s hard-wearing and requires little maintenance
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Pro tip: The natural tones of rattan furnishings alone can do a number in making your home look flat so it’s important to pair it with colourful textiles and eclectic patterns to create a cohesive bohemian-jungle look. 

3. Add interest with colourful statement rugs and cushions 

Jungalow tip - colourful rugs and cushions
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More is more when it comes to nailing the Jungalow trend and when it comes to soft furnishings, you’ll want to opt for vibrant hues and intricate patterns. Persian-style rugs, embroidered tapestries, kilim cushion covers, and even colourful pieces of furniture are surefire ways to nail the Bohemian side of the Jungalow aesthetic. 

A general rule of thumb is to compliment your earthy tones with pops of colour. Think of a bright yellow couch paired with a terracotta rug.

Jungalow tip - statement cushions and rugs
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Online stores such as iRugs offer a range of affordable rugs from colourful braided rugs to neutral ones like natural braided round rugs. Bungalow 55 also has a great selection of colourful cushions and throws, as well as natural wool rugs to help you style your home.

4. Opt for bold botanical wallpaper

Jungalow tip - floral wallpaper
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Whether it’s an L-shaped dining nook or an entire section of your living room wall, an accent wall can work wonders to create a certain vibe and instantly transform your space. You can even get creative with wallpaper and choose to incorporate them in smaller spaces such as powder rooms or corridors to give your home some vibrancy.

Jungalow tip - floral wallpaper
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Craft Axis and Hello Circus are wallpaper brands that stock a wide range of botanical prints to help you create your dream tropical-boho enclave.

5. Use intricate tiles for extra colour and texture

Jungalow tip - tiles
Green tiles laid in a herringbone pattern as a feature wall of backsplash can magically create the illusion of greenery
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Jungalow isn’t just about styling. You don’t need to cover every inch of your home in botanical prints to achieve the look. Sometimes, it’s as easy as incorporating dimension, colour and texture in your tile choice.

If you’re at the starting line of your home reno journey, consider using browns, oranges, yellows and greens in your choice of tiles to draw that earthy feel in. You don’t have to stop at solid colours either. Pair your greens with patterned tiles for a splash of character. 

You’ll find a myriad of options from brands such as Hafary and White Horse to help you achieve that bohemian look.

6. Use trinkets, antiques and global accents for decor

Jungalow tip - trinkets and decor
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Swiss Interior

On the surface, the Jungalow aesthetic can come across as chaotic but part of its appeal is the creative freedom to mix and match things that you love to achieve a quirky aesthetic that reflects your personality.

Jungalow tip - golden vintage mirror
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Swiss Interior

Start by styling – a.k.a. personalising – your home with knick-knacks, posters, and tapestries that you’ve sourced from your overseas holidays. And if you’re running out of ideas, you can turn to wicker items such as trinkets and paintings as well as statement ornate mirrors to jazz up your space.

Stock up on vintage mirrors at Singapore Home Furniture, hunt for secondhand treasure at Hock Siong or hit up Grand Bazaar Turkish Handicrafts for handcrafted Turkish ceramics plates, artistic tapestry, and mosaic tiles and lamps.

How to nail that the Jungalow aesthetic

The Jungalow aesthetic is worth experimenting with whether you’re hoping to revamp your existing home or settle on a theme for your new abode. With these six tips in mind, you can easily transform your house into a bohemian oasis that will have others filled with house envy. 

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