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9 Most Stylish Bedside Tables To Keep Your Bedroom Aesthetic & Store All Your Stuff

9 February 2022 | BY

Beyond being a functional necessity, here are 9 stylish bedside tables to complete the aesthetic look.

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Whether it is to house a jug of water, spectacles, the home phone or your nighttime beauty essentials, bedside tables are quite the necessity in any bedroom. But beyond their basic functionality, bedside tables play an integral part in tying the look of your bedroom together.

From contemporary styles to industrial chic, here are nine stylish bedside table options to suit any theme:

1. VIXEN Modern Bedside Table

VIXEN Modern Bedside Table
Image credit: Urban Mood Living

Sticking to shades like black, white, or wood are foolproof ways to ensure the bedside tables you choose will fit right into your room’s aesthetic. But if you’re looking for a little art deco glam, this VIXEN Modern Bedside Table from Urban Mood can give your room a different touch of personality and luxury.

Complete with a tinted glass top and a slim gold frame, this elegant side piece makes for a great addition to a contemporary and modern bedroom.

Price: $352.11
Dimensions: W50 x D40 x H55CM

Get the VIXEN Modern Bedside Table from Urban Mood Living

2. Mika Side Table

bedside table mika side table
Image credit: Castlery

If the standard square side tables aren’t to your liking, you might want to consider a sleek, circular bedside table. This Mika Side Table from Castlery comes in a realistic wood grain that allows it to complement any room-style.

It’s especially handy if you’ve got toddlers at home, since the absence of sharp corners removes the possibility of accidents.

Price: $459
Dimensions: W58 x D48 x H55CM

Get the Mika Side Table from Castlery

3. ALYA Smart Bluetooth Bedside Table

bedside table alya smart bluetooth
Image credit: Bedding Affairs

We’re all familiar with Smart TVs, bluetooth speakers, refrigerators and even smart lighting but you may not have heard of bluetooth bedside tables. Equipped with LED lights, bluetooth speakers, wireless and USB charging ports , the ALYA Smart Bluetooth Bedside Table by Bedding Affairs makes for a versatile companion.

Serving as both a nightlight and a charging point for your devices, this table removes the first-world problem of having a tangled mess of wires as an eyesore next to your bed. For all its smart features, it does come at a hefty price tag of $899, but you’re given the option to pay via four 0%-interest installments with Grab.

Price: $899
Dimensions: W52 x D42 x H45CM

Get the ALYA Smart Bluetooth Bedside Table from Bedding Affairs

4. Distressed Pillar Side Table

bedside table distressed pillar
Image credit: Nook and Cranny

Made with a stand that looks like it was taken straight out of a museum, the Distressed Pillar Side Table from Nook and Cranny is sure to give your room the vibes of a bygone era. Meticulously designed to look like it was taken from a vintage library, it would work well with quirky centerpieces or vintage furniture.

Price: $199
Dimensions: 59 x 47 x 47CM

Get the Distressed Pillar Side Table from Nook and Cranny

5. Natural edge nightstands

bedside table natural edge nightstand
Image credit: Amazon

Whether your home sports a Jungalow or modern industrial theme, live edge wood bedside tables such as this one on Amazon come reasonably priced and work marvelously to bring more natural elements into your home, giving it that extra edge.

Price: $126
Dimensions: ‎35.56 x 35.56 x 50.8 cm

Get a natural edge nightstand on Amazon

6. Marshmallow Side Table

bedside table marshmallow side table
Image credit: FortyTwo

Pastel-themed homes are all the rage, but finding pastel furniture to match isn’t always the easiest task. If Scandinavian pastel is your theme of choice, this cute stackable circular bedside table from FortyTwo is one to consider.

With three different compartments and a beech plywood tray top, this side table makes for a functional accompaniment with significant storage space and interchangeable trays to switch up the look of it every now and then.

Price: $133.76
Dimensions: D40.5 x H75CM

Get the Marshmallow Side Table from FortyTwo

7. City Bedside Table

bedside table city bedside table
Image credit: Nook and Cranny

Featuring metal stands and acacia wood, this City Bedside Table from Nook and Cranny screams urban industrial with its rustic look. With two levels of open shelving, the table is great for storing bulky items like large books and decorative pieces.

Price: $248
Dimensions: L50 x D50 x H50CM

Get the City Bedside Table from Nook and Cranny

8. Nordic Luxury Bedside Table

bedside table nordic luxury bedside table
Image credit: Taobao

The marble, gold and plush, velvet elements of this Nordic Luxury Bedside Table from Taobao is one way to make your home look Art Deco glam on a budget. 

The best part is, you can take your pick in terms of shape and drawer configurations on the Taobao website, or even custom your very own dream bedside table in leather or suede all under $500.

Price: $159
Dimensions: H60CM

9. Rattan bedside tables

bedside table rattan bedside table
Image credit: Taobao

Another Taobao gem is this rattan side table that will set you back just $96.90. Perfect for Jungalow, Scandinavian or Muji-themed homes, this table comes with two drawers making it both stylish and functional to store all your knickknacks out of sight. Its corners are also thoughtfully curved so you won’t have to worry about stubbing your limbs on it by accident.

Price: $96.90
Dimensions: H60CM

Stylish bedside tables to dress your home up with

Even if the bedside table may not be at the top of your priority list, it’s still a useful addition for your bedroom in the long run. Hopefully this list narrows down your choices and breaks down what side tables might best suit your needs.

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