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Inside The Home Of Singapore’s One Piece Collector & His $120K Japandi EC Reno

10 November 2023 | BY

When you have a One Piece collection as large as this, then creating a Japandi home around it is the only sensible thing to do.

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We’ve explored a number of captivating passions through the eyes of Singapore’s collectors, from a Barbie enthusiast’s home to Jamie Chua’s ever-opulent collection of Hermes bags. But this time, we delve into the world of One Piece fandom by visiting Yiyang (@pocketnocoin), Singaporean collector’s 3-bedroom Executive Condo to see the shrine he has created for his favourite anime .

Here’s what’s interesting about his $120K Japandi-themed renovation:

A $100K One Piece collection with over 1,200 pieces

One Piece Japandi Home 2

This is the home of the most complete One Piece World Collectable Figure (WCF) collection in Singapore. And where other collectors’ homes tend to spread their items all over the house, we were told that YiYang has instead opted to keep his impressive collection confined within just this room to preserve the more homely aesthetic of the rest of his unit.

One Piece collection

This collection started back when Covid-19 happened. Confined at home, YiYang, an avid fan of the One Piece series since his time in secondary school, decided to pick up a hobby to occupy his time. 3 years and more than $100,000 later, he is the proud owner of 1,200 pieces from the WCF collection.
One Piece Japandi Home 4
The collection is housed in a custom display cabinet that was built by his interior designer, Skinny Bones Studio. The cabinet itself was crafted to accommodate his existing collection, but also have space to hold future releases as well.
One Piece Japandi Home 22

One Piece Japandi Home 22

YiYang shared that he liked the WCF collection because he found their One Piece series very holistic, having included even the less popular characters in its catalogue. In fact, this collection, from the very first model that was released back in 2009 all the way to the latest set he has, are all arranged in order of appearance within the anime itself.

One Piece Japandi Home 24

Besides collecting WCF figurines, there were plenty of other One Piece memorabilia on display here, including posters, G-Shock and Tag Heuer One Piece collaboration watches and highly detailed models of ships featured in the anime series.

One Piece Japandi Home 8

His more prized possessions however, would have to be a limited edition One Piece Bearbrick figurine, a Mighty Jaxx woodworked figure of Luffy, his graded master collection cards, each of which are worth upwards of $8,000, and a custom printed wood panels of Bon Clay, his favourite character in the series. The wood panels have sentimental value for YiYang, having been a gift from a friend.

A $120K Japandi 3-room EC renovation

One Piece Japandi Home 9

Originally a 3-bedroom EC, YiYang envisioned the home to have a look that marries the zen vibes of Japanese interior design with Singaporean sensibilities. Plenty of wood is featured in this $120K renovation, both as wall panelling and furniture. The living room even has a shoji-style screen door to separate it from the bedroom corridor, but it is done in wood instead so as to avoid looking too much like a traditional ryokan.

One Piece Japandi Home 10

The balcony features a Hinoki wood slab table. A special type of cypress native to Japan, its combination of great durability and resistance to mould and insects led it to be used in the construction of structures meant to stand the test of time, such as castles and shrines. It also has a distinctive sweet scent, which led YiYang to also feature more of the wood in other areas of the home.
One Piece Japandi Home 11

We were also greeted by the family’s shiba inu, Nobi, after the deuteragonist of the popular show Doraemon. YiYang jokingly refers to him as part of the Japandi aesthetic.

One Piece Japandi Home 12These hinoki wood Bearbricks go for $5,000 each

Japandi bedroom with wabi-sabi screen doors

Despite having modified the place to accommodate their new baby, the bedroom is easily where the Japandi interior design theme is most extensively implemented. The natural stone accent wall provides a lovely juxtaposition to the heavy use of birch, which is another type of wood that YiYang really likes.

Wabi sabi screens

The shoji-style screens on the right not only conceal the real windows behind it, but also keep the place aesthetically consistent. The translucent screens help filter natural light, providing the room with a soft glow reminiscent of wabi-sabi blinds.

One Piece Japandi Home 20One Piece Japandi Home 19

This bedroom was actually previously 2 separate rooms. The walls were hacked down and integrated, as part of creating a home conducive for raising kids, with the additional space dedicated partly to storage wardrobes as well as a dresser area. Fearing that children might fall off of the bed, a recess was made in the platform so that the bed itself would be lower to the ground.
One Piece Japandi Home 17

Interestingly, the bedroom houses two air conditioners. YiYang shared that the EC management allowed for free air-conditioning services, so rather than ditching it, he opted to move the air conditioner from the other room when they hacked the wall. However, he did not like the look of the two units side-by-side, so wooden slats were constructed to help conceal them.
One Piece Japandi Home 18

We also found another piece of Hinoki furniture here, this time an adorable and pleasantly minimalist wooden log stool.

A One Piece collector’s Japandi EC

One Piece Japandi Home 21

YiYang’s home demonstrates that collector’s homes don’t have to be overly busy. He suggests that other collectors looking to showcase their collections can afford to ensure that the collectables are of similar sizes so as to be able to make it easier to plan out a space for them.

For everyone else, this beautifully done Japandi home and especially the choice of woods used here make for great references when you start drawing out your renovation plans.

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