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An Inside Look At Singapore Actor Joshua Tan’s Swanky Condo Renovation

28 October 2023 | BY

We often see celebrity homes with a ton of glitz and glamour in a bid to one-up their peers; Joshua Tan and Zoen Tay’s new condo is anything but that.

joshua tan's condo

From roughing it out in a bunk in Tekong to finally buying a condo of his own, Joshua Tan has definitely made big upgrades to his digs. The actor finally realised his lifelong dream of becoming a homeowner and enlisted the expertise of interior design firm Rezt+Relax to transform his new condo.

The renovation of the 1,300sqft space took around 3 months to complete, not including the 2 months it took for the designers to conceptualise the minimalistic home. Here’s a look into the ground-floor condo that Joshua and his wife Zoen have been calling home.

An all-white colour palette with lots of curves

joshua tan's condo - all white aestheticImage credit: Rezt+Relax

With curves being a part of the condo’s original design in the ceiling and in the master bedroom, the couple decided to embrace the aesthetic in other parts of their home as well. From the showstopping boucle couch from Commune and the matching accent chair to the Alva coffee table from Como Decor, each piece was painstakingly chosen to align with Joshua and Zoen’s vision of their perfect home.

joshua tan's condo - curved walls in tv feature wallImage credit: Rezt+Relax

Even the feature wall was given a subtle bump with curves to hide the wires of the TV and soundbar. We appreciate that the deep black colours of the electronics and the side table contrast vibrantly against the backdrop of the white wall.

joshua tan's condo - bathroomImage credit: Rezt+Relax

The curves extend into the bathroom as well, where Zoen had picked out funky curved mirrors with a gunmetal frame from Como Decor to jazz up the space.

A master bedroom with tons of natural light

joshua tan's condo - bedroomImage credit: Rezt+Relax

One of Joshua’s favourite things about his master bedroom is the fact that he gets to wake up to views of his wife framed by the lush greenery outside his ground-floor condo. The expansive windows spread out across 2 walls also lets in a ton of natural light, bathing the entire room in an ethereal glow from dawn to dusk.

joshua tan's condo - master bedroom with window into bathroom and glass wardrobeImage credit: Rezt+Relax

Opposite the king-sized bed is a glass wardrobe that proudly displays the couple’s clothes and accessories without exposing them to dust. The built-in shelf lighting also adds a modern touch to the whole space.

A master bathroom that belongs in a hotel suite

joshua tan's condo - bathroom in condo with bathtubImage credit: Rezt+Relax

We’ve seen more homeowners going great lengths to make their bathrooms look like it belongs in a swanky hotel suite, and Joshua and Zoen are no exception to this. Their master bathroom was outfitted with a freestanding bathtub and has gold fittings to match. They also replaced the marble walls and floor with microcement to fit in with the minimalist aesthetic that flows through the entire house.

joshua tan's condo - bathroom with glass windows and a bathtubImage credit: Rezt+Relax

To combat the claustrophobia that Zoen gets when using the bathtub that’s flushed to the wall, the team at Rezt n Relax proposed installing smart glass on the wall so it creates a more open atmosphere in their most private sanctuary. The glass can go from opaque to transparent with the click of a button as well, and this feature cost the couple around $18K. 

Well-thought out details like a doggy door

joshua tan's condo - doggy doorImage credit: Rezt+Relax

Most pet owners will know this dilemma: to keep the door open so the fur babies can come in and out of the bedrooms anytime they want, or keep it closed for privacy and keeping the air conditioning in the room. One ingenious solution that Joshua and Zoen adopted was to simply put a doggy door for their pups to enter the master bedroom even if the door is shut.

An open-concept kitchen with tons of storage

joshua tan's condo - open concept kitchenImage credit: Rezt+Relax

Keeping to the minimalistic theme, the kitchen in Joshua and Zoen’s home is a scene of white, with only the black from the appliances giving the space some life compared to Kim Kardashian’s minimalist monastery.

joshua tan's condo - open concept kitchenImage credit: Rezt+Relax

However, Joshua told 8days how impractical an open-concept kitchen was, especially since he does heavy cooking often, and the grime and oil would seep out into the house, making cleaning an even harder chore.

Converting the bomb shelter into a swanky pantry

joshua tan's condo - pantryImage credit: Rezt n Relax

Let’s face it – most of our bomb shelters at home have been converted into storage rooms packed full of our barang barang, and they look nothing like the bomb shelter in Joshua and Zoen’s condo. They’ve chosen to make it look like a chic pantry you’ll often see in Western homes with a laundry machine, clear storage containers, and rattan baskets that pop against the white shelves.

It’s also where they store all their dried goods so that their open-concept kitchen can be kept clutter-free as much as possible.

Joshua Tan & Zoen Tay’s condo renovation

We often see celebrity homes with a ton of glitz and glamour in a bid to one-up their peers; Joshua Tan and Zoen Tay’s new condo is anything but that. Everything, from the theme of the home, the choice of furniture, and the customisation of certain details like the smart glass window and doggy door, have all been well thought out by the couple and the interior designers.

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