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This Ang Mo Kio HDB Flat Looks Like A Super Atas Boutique Hotel

10 October 2023 | BY

The attention to detail and cohesiveness elevates the entire space to give off a classy and timeless feel.

boutique hotel hdb

Nothing beats feeling like royalty in a boutique hotel room, whether in Singapore or abroad. Amidst numerous HDB flats in Ang Mo Kio, one remarkable HDB flat stands out for its resemblance to a super atas boutique hotel. The homeowners have treated themselves to a hotel stay 24/7, enjoying the vacationeer’s life we all envy.

Despite its luxurious furnishings and minimalistic design, this flat has a warm and inviting ambience surrounded by an air of elegance. Here’s a closer look into the details of this sophisticated sanctuary, the brainchild of Icon Interior Design and its homeowners.

Minimalistic & elegant living room

minimalistic living room with curves - boutique hotel hdbImage credit: Icon Interior Design

Stepping into the living room, an immediate detail you’ll notice is the neutral colour palette that seamlessly creates a cohesive-looking, comfortable ambience. The white, beige, and grey tones balance out all the other textures and shapes in play, from white bouclé sofas to the wooden elements in the TV stand and flooring.

minimalistic living room boutique hotel hdbImage credit: Icon Interior Design

If the popular gelato spot Birds of Paradise ever transformed into a home, this would be what it looks like. The clever use of curves and edges in this living room injects some playfulness, whilst its minimalist design adds a clean and refined feel – resembling a boutique hotel room.

Unique dining area setup

curved dark dining area with niche - boutique hotel hdbImage credit: Icon Interior Design

Many homeowners use niches as a feature wall to add character to a home, or as a space to display their knick-knacks. The homeowners of this Ang Mo Kio HDB flat went the unconventional route and carved out a large niche as additional seating space for the dining area instead.

A blend of darker-coloured wooden elements is used here alongside complementing cushions. The recessed lighting in the niche and overhanging pendant light also add a darker elegance to contrast against the lighter colours in the living room. 

Clean & contemporary kitchen

clean and contemporary kitchen with walnut cabinets - boutique hotel hdbImage credit: Icon Interior Design

Walking past the dining area, a long passageway opens as a kitchen. The light walnut ceiling-to-floor cabinetry is not to be mistaken for textured walls. Instead, it has ample storage space to hide an oven, tableware and other kitchenware out of sight.

terrazzo countertop and backsplash in kitchen - boutique hotel hdbImage credit: Icon Interior Design

2 different Terrazzo tiles are used for the backsplash and countertops of the kitchen, complementing the dull-coloured wood cabinetry. Sticking true to minimalism, we don’t even see drying racks and other dishwashing necessities – although those may have been hidden away too for the photoshoot. 

Whilst we wonder how the homeowners do their dishwashing, the absence of typical Singapore kitchen fixtures adds to the luxurious hotel vibe, where you don’t even have to do any chores because you’re on vacation.

A cosy, quiet nook

breakfast nook - boutique hotel hdbImage credit: Icon Interior Design

On the opposite end of the kitchen lies a cosy nook just for 2. This space is the perfect spot to start each day with a cup of joe while catching up on the latest happenings. The monochromatic colours of black and white coupled with the wooden elements create an air of unfussed elegance, contributing to the theme of a boutique hotel.

Open sink in the bedroom

open sink in master bedroom - boutique hotel hdbImage credit: Icon Interior Design

Here’s another uncommon feature: a sink in the bedroom. The homeowners decided to separate the sink from the toilet and shower, which adds an extra dimension to the room. We continue to see the continuity of dark wood and Venetian blinds alongside hanging exposed bulbs.

The ambience and aesthetic of the room hugely resembles the monochromatic interior of Hotel Mono. The crisp and wrinkle-free sheets and pillows complete the boutique hotel look.

black marble bathroom - boutique hotel hdbImage credit: Icon Interior Design

Taking the sink out of the bathroom also means more space for the shower and porcelain throne. A panel divides the toilet away from the shower, which includes a handheld showerhead and a rain shower installed from the ceiling. The grey tiles not only add character but also give it a cleaner look. Plus, stains won’t be as easily visible compared to those stark-white bathrooms that are oh-so-popular.

Boutique hotel HDB flat reno

From a sleek, well-designed interior to sparkly clean beds and toilets, the sophistication of this boutique hotel HDB flat has captured our fancy. The attention to detail and cohesiveness elevates the entire space to give off a classy and timeless feel, proving that luxurious living is possible through creative interior design.

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