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This Edgy Condo Is Cool AF, With Balcony Bars And Bearbricks & Sneaker Collections

6 July 2023 | BY

Clad in yellow and black, this edgy condo is a collector’s dream.

This Edgy Condo Is Cool AF, With Balcony Bars And Bearbricks & Sneaker Collections

This is not your run-of-the-mill collector’s home, with massive glass shelves filled to the brim with collectibles. Instead, the homeowners of this edgy condo unit wanted to maximise all 274 sqm of their home and make every corner a potential focal point. 

The hip couple worked with their interior designer, Carmen Tang from WolfWoof Interior Design, to create a home that reflects their interests, and the result is a pop culture-influenced space with yellow and black as the main colours.

Edgy Collector's Condo - TV and sofaImage credit: Carmen Tang

If Carmen Tang or WolfWoof Interior Design sounded familiar to you, that may be because we covered another of her work – a nautical 4-room BTO that draws inspiration from Venice, Santorini, and an anime called Aria.

Edgy designer living room

Edgy designer living roomImage credit: Carmen Tang Wolf Woof

Besides a striking palette of yellow and black, Carmen also chose to incorporate an array of textures and finishes to add dimension and a playful vibe to the 5-room penthouse condo. The living room, in particular, has an eye-catching faux rock wall that creates an edgy statement without stealing attention from the collectibles surrounding it.

With colossal Bearbricks, as well as several KAWS figures and an Astro Boy figurine on display in the living area, this house looks like an upscale toy boutique that would be patronised by the likes of G-Dragon.

Edge Collector's Condo - Futuristic living roomImage credit: Carmen Tang Wolf Woof

To elevate the designer toy boutique aesthetic even further, lucite and metal furniture were used in the living room, adding a futuristic touch. It’s clear that every piece in the living room was chosen with intention. Case in point –  the amorphous metal coffee table echos two similar black splotches on the ceiling. 

Edgy collector's condo - Custom made features in the living roomImage credit: Carmen Tang Wolf Woof

Look closer and you’ll notice that there are two fans mounted onto said blobs. These were custom-made, along with the yellow acrylic stand behind the sofa, where several KAWS figures are perched atop.

Nike store-worthy shoe display

We’ll admit that our shoe cabinets aren’t the most aesthetic corners of our home. In fact, it’s more often than not surrounded by loose sneakers that we wear so often that it doesn’t make sense to put them back into the cabinet – or so we tell ourselves. 

The same cannot be said for the homeowners of this condo. With Carmen’s professional input, the sneakerhead couple created a Nike store-worthy shoe gallery illuminated by a custom neon sign, transforming an otherwise utilitarian area into a feature space. 

Edgy collector's condo - Sneaker collectionImage credit: Carmen Tang

As avid sneaker collectors, the homeowners understandably wanted to show off their sick collection and have an area where they could store future purchases. Reflective finishes are once again used, this time in the form of perforated metal sliding screens where levitating shelves are mounted. 

Nike store-worthy shoe displayImage credit: Carmen Tang

Behind the screens is a walk-in shoe cabinet where footwear that the couple actually wear IRL are stored. Like the rest of the house, nothing in this home is basic or one-dimensional – even the bench is special as it is made by attaching a skateboard to a metal frame.

Spacious balcony with an open bar 

Edgy collector's condo - Balcony open barImage credit: Carmen Tang

Unlike the minuscule balconies we see in BTOs and ECs these days, this condo’s balcony is spacious with a capital S. The extra-long balcony is divided into 2 sections – a seating area and a mini-open bar. While black is still used liberally in this space, the abundance of leafy plants adds a touch of airiness. 

Edgy Collector's Condo - Luminous sphere lights on balconyImage credit: Carmen Tang

Luminous sphere seats gently light up the surroundings and create a casual seating area where the homeowners can host guests in the evenings. On the other end of the balcony is an open bar illuminated by a custom neon sign mounted on a partition. The partition seamlessly conceals the service yard, helping to maintain the illusion of an atas rooftop bar.

Edgy Collector's Condo - Spacious balconyImage credit: Carmen Tang Wolf Woof

Stylish dining area with a dry kitchen

Edge Collector's Condo - Stylish dining areaImage credit: Carmen Tang Wolf Woof

Getting a dining table that makes a statement without stealing the spotlight from the art isn’t an easy job, but Carmen was able to get it done. A visually arresting granite-top table is complemented by 6 clear acrylic seats, which tricks the eye into thinking that the dining set takes up less space than it does in reality.

Edgy collector's condo - Dry kitchenImage credit: Carmen Tang Wolf Woof

Fun fact: did you know that a counter is known as a peninsula and not an island if it’s connected to a wall? To match the style of the rest of the home, the dry kitchen takes on a matte black finish with a few reflective surfaces to give the space more character. Monumental-size designer lamps illuminate the area, and the light is beautifully reflected off the sintered stone counter that sits flush against a section of the wall. 

Hallway of doodles

Edgy Collector's Condo - Hallway of doodlesImage credit: Carmen Tang

The strategically hidden service yard is one of the many highlights in this stylish condo that you can adopt for your future home. After all, dirty laundry and bulky washers aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, and it’d be a shame if something like that disrupts the look of your painstakingly renovated house. 

Here, the service yard is blocked off with sliding screens adorned with playful murals that add a pop of colour to the dark hallway. 

Eccentric home office

Edge Collector's Condo - Eccentric home officeImage credit: Carmen Tang Wolf Woof

Due to the overall dark colour palette of the home, we were expecting a Christian Grey typa vibe for the home office. To our surprise, it resembles a LEGO store instead. This might be the cheeriest room in the entire house, with its bright yellow walls and a playful personalised display cabinet filled with expensive figurines. 

Edgy collector's condo - Home office display areaImage credit: Carmen Tang Wolf Woof

Look closer and you’ll notice that the laminate on the cabinets has a reflective sheen similar to the designer lamps in the dry kitchen. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, and Carmen’s meticulous attention and decision to use similar materials throughout the house helps to tie everything together even if different areas have different vibes. 

Wabi-sabi master bedroom

Wabi-sabi master bedroomImage credit: Carmen Tang

In contrast to the bright pop art style of the rest of the home, the master bedroom is distinctly tranquil with a wabi-sabi vibe. An organic rock-textured wall sits behind the headboard, and we can’t help but to be reminded of a cave – albeit a chic and cosy one. 

Edgy collector's condo - Master bedroomImage credit: Carmen Tang

The pièce de résistance of this master bedroom is the floating bed frame, which is actually supported by a smaller base that is offset away from the edge of the bed, creating an aerial illusion. 

Edge Collector's Condo - Master bedroom lightsImage credit: Carmen Tang

The homeowners handpicked out all the lights for the master bedroom, and we can clearly see their love for the unconventional and futuristic.

Zen spa-like ensuite

Edgy Collector's Condo - Zen spa-like ensuiteImage credit: Carmen Tang Wolf Woof

The ensuite is just as tasteful as the master bedroom. The floor and walls are adorned with identical tiles to visually widen the already spacious bathroom. Likewise, the double sink in the bathroom features a stone finish that seamlessly blends into the base, and is equipped with two mirrors with built-in ring lights.

We can’t forget to mention the bay window in the shower, clad in the same tiles and complemented by a built-in bench where one can sit during hour-long shower thought sessions.

Requested for his & hers walk-in wardrobe

Edgy Collector's Condo - His & hers walk-in wardrobeImage credit: Carmen Tang

The couple requested a larger closet space in order to accommodate their flourishing wardrobe, hence the best option was to tear down walls to merge the extra study room into the wardrobe space that was formerly attached to the master bedroom. This resulted in a room big enough to resemble a store, with parallel gallery-style cabinets and accessory stands to organise and showcase the couple’s collection of eyewear, watches, and other flashy accessories. 

Edgy Collector's Condo - Glass wardrobeImage credit: Carmen Tang, Carmen Tang Wolf Woof

Glass wardrobes are incredibly sleek, but it’s not the easiest to keep the interior tidy to maintain a neat appearance. Luckily, Carmen came to the rescue and used cross reed glass for the doors, which creates a pixelated look that maintains an open-concept feel while concealing the interior contents of the wardrobe.

Edgy Collector's Condo - Chic vanity inside the walk-in wardrobeImage credit: Carmen Tang

As a final touch, the walk-in wardrobe is completed with a chic vanity featuring a sliding pocket mirror that can be stowed away when not in use.

A collector’s dream home

The entire 5-room penthouse was thoughtfully designed with custom features that allow the couple’s collection to seamlessly blend into the house while being highlighted. Each room is curated to create a one-of-a-kind home that truly reflects the personalities of its owners, making it a space that is both visually stunning and deeply personal.

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Cover image adapted from: Carmen Tang Wolf Woof

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