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6 Things We Love About Jamie Chua’s New Sentosa Cove House

18 September 2023 | BY

Local socialite Jamie Chua recently moved into her new Sentosa Cove home, which was custom-built to her taste. Here’s what we loved.

Jamie Chua Sentosa Cove Home - cover

Local socialite Jamie Chua is no stranger to being in the spotlight. In January 2023, she made the news when the koi fish pond in her temporary Sentosa Cove home was ravaged by hungry otters. Jamie Chua since moved into her dream house, also in Sentosa Cove, and here’s what we love about her new 7,800sqft, 3-storey abode.

Gold wine cellar

Jamie Chua Sentosa Cove Home - Wine cellarImage credit: @ec24m via Instagram

A self-professed wine lover, Jamie Chua has amassed quite a collection of wines over the years. In a house tour video posted on 8th April 2022, she mentioned that she didn’t know how to transport all the bottles to her new place, but she wouldn’t be losing any sleep over it.

It seems that everything worked out – today, her extensive collection takes up an entire wall in her dining and entertainment area. What’s even more jaw-dropping is the fact that the wine chiller is entirely gold-toned and switched on 24/7.

Recessed decorative nook

Jamie Chua Sentosa Cove Home - living roomImage credit: @ec24m via Instagram

Right behind the golden wine cellar lies Jamie Chua’s living room, which is predominantly decked out in white. In a home tour video by Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, she stated that she preferred neutral tones for her living room as these hues are timeless and classic.

But rather than giving “beige-fluencer”, the socialite livened up her living room with pops of colour courtesy of paintings by Vietnamese painter Van Tho, as well as a collection of pieces displayed in a recessed area.

Jamie Chua Sentosa Cove Home - white living roomImage credit: @ec24m via Instagram

Within the recessed wall display are trinkets, books, mini sculptures, a Fornasetti plate, a few plants, and more.

Silkie chicken house

Jamie Chua Sentosa Cove Home - silkie chicken houseImage credit: @ec24m via Instagram

The back garden, which looks out to a marina, houses Jamie Chua’s pet Silkie chickens. Silkie chickens are so named for their fluffy plumage, which resembles fur more than feathers. 

Jamie Chua Sentosa Cove Home - lemon treeImage credit: @ec24m via Instagram

Besides chickens, there are plenty of plants in the garden, including a Meyer lemon tree that was painstakingly moved from her previous home.

Her Hermes “capsule” pod


Jamie Chua is famous for her Hermès collection of over 200 bags. According to the South China Morning Post, she “is said to own the largest and most expensive collection of Hermès bags in the world.”

Jamie Chua Sentosa Cove Home - jewelleryImage credit: @ec24m via Instagram

To do her fashion collection justice, she constructed a 700sqft walk-in wardrobe that resembles a boutique more than anything. The room is installed with dehumidifiers to ensure that her bags, clothes, and accessories do not get damaged by moisture.


In a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, Jamie Chua mentioned that many of her clothes and bags got mouldy in her temporary home as she didn’t have any built-in dehumidifiers in her wardrobe back then. 

Jamie Chua Sentosa Cove Home - wardrobeImage credit: @ec24m via Instagram

Her clothes sit behind glass doors that allow her to see everything that she has at one glance, and create a window shopping-like experience every time she browses through her wardrobe.

Jamie Chua Sentosa Cove Home - hermes bag houseImage credit: @ec24m via Instagram

In the middle of her walk-in wardrobe sits an Hermès capsule pod that looks like the inside of a very fashionable spaceship. 

Her spa room

Jamie Chua Sentosa Cove Home - spa roomImage adapted from: Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

Spas and massages are occasional treats for most of us, but the same cannot be said for Jamie Chua, who has a dedicated spa room in her house. The thoughtfully darkened room is where she gets her beauty treatments, such as lash extensions and massages, done. 

Solar-powered electrical system

solar panelsImage adapted from: Jamie Chua via YouTube

With so many electrical appliances running 24/7, you may think that Jamie Chua racks up painfully high utility bills every month. However, the socialite has been trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle these days, which is why she chose to use solar power for electricity in her house.

Solar panels from Utica sit atop the roof of her Sentosa Cove home, powering her appliances and lights. “If I have to put up with this heat [in Singapore], I might as well be saving money from it,” she quips in a video on her YouTube channel.

Inside the Sentosa Cove home of Jamie Chua

Jamie Chua’s Sentosa Cove home may be a dream out of reach for most of us, but we can still adapt elements of it for our more modest homes. That includes using golden elements for fixtures, creating wall niches to display your favourite items, growing more plants in your service yard, and setting aside a dedicated space where you can rest and relax.

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