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Inside A $60K Shipping Container-Inspired 5-room Punggol BTO Renovation

23 October 2023 | BY

This impressive showcase of modern industrial-style interior design made its unique feature walls out of shipping containers.

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Industrial-style home design, with its heavy use of concrete, metals and exposed pipes, is defined by a laid-back, masculine confidence. This home at Punggol Bayview, designed by Fuse Concept, is a brilliant specimen of this bold and raw aesthetic. But what truly sets it apart is the corrugated metal sheets that accent the living room and the kitchen.

1. Bold, shipping container-inspired feature walls

Industrial-style 2Image credit: Fuse Concept

Serving as both a great design move and a conversation starter, this unconventional feature wall definitely exudes industrial-style swagger. Made using sheets cut out of shipping containers, it likely would have left an impression on many a guest. 

And whilst the idea of plain corrugated metal sounds unattractive on paper, the patina gives it a rich texture, which combined with the corrugated surface makes it literally pop against the plain, monochromatic walls.

Neon SignImage credit: Fuse Concept

The feature wall in the kitchen, located across from the one in the living room, takes it a step further. 2 large slabs of dark crimson corrugated metal stretch across the wall and ceiling, giving a dramatic splash of colour to a home characterised by browns, greys and metallic hues.

The neon lighting with the Chinese character for “home” is a nice dramatic touch but grounded in a homeliness that ties it all together.

2. Pallet wood furniture & concrete finishes

Industrial-style 4Image credit: Fuse Concept

The living room itself features even more industrial-style storage being repurposed as furniture. Here, wooden transport pallets are covered with a glass panel to create a chic coffee table, whilst near the balcony, small storage crates are playfully suspended from the ceiling, each holding a little potted fern. 

Interestingly, the fan is fashioned out of wood and designed with a leaf-like shape, which manages to help marry the greenery with the overall industrial-centric aesthetic of the rest of the home.

Choosing to use cement screed flooring is ingenious as it’s not only economical, but also provides a rawness that is essential for an industrial-style look. The walls seem to have received a matte micro cement treatment, which helps further bring out the other texture-rich design elements of the home.

3. Raw & exposed industrial-style kitchen

Industrial-style 5Image credit: Fuse Concept

Now, the industrial-style design takes a maximalist turn in the kitchen. Dark wood cabinets pleasantly contrast with the stainless steel kitchen fittings. Brass plumbing is left exposed and along with the copper wall-mounted fan, provide yet more metallic shades to the place.

Closer to the rest of the common space, a drawer constructed from corrugated metal flanks the centrepiece of the kitchen. This kitchen island, with its beautiful wood grain, a wire frame incandescent light fixture and bar stools is very much built with entertaining in mind. The neon lighting at the back simply completes the hip trendy bar feel.

4. An industrial, mid-century modern study office

Industrial-style 6Image credit: Fuse Concept

The loud industrial-style was toned down in the private spaces. Entering the study, you will find the neutral grey walls replaced with a more vibrant but still calming turquoise, as well as a desk that wouldn’t look out of place from a mid-century modern office.

Still, traces of industrial-style design remain here, in the form of a metal frame wood shelving. Along with the ladder leaning against it, this set up wouldn’t look out of place in a warehouse. What caught our eye though was the charming office chair, with its richly varnished wood, leather and rivets that add a steampunk character to the piece. 

5. Cosy & tranquil platform bedroom

Industrial-style 7Image credit: Fuse Concept

The most dramatic departure from the overall industrial style would be found in the bedroom. At first glance, it almost looks like a Japandi-style bedroom, with slatted doors, a bed platform and venetian blinds all made of wood.

Industrial-style 8Image credit: Fuse Concept

Spend a bit of time here though and you will find that even in this minimalist space, you can find traces of industrial elements here, with the metal fan as well as the 2 wire-frame bedside lamps. All in all, the lack of clutter here provides a calming effect fitting for an inner sanctuary that the homeowners would undoubtedly retreat to at the end of the day.

Shipping container BTO reno

Whilst the $60,000 price tag is no small price, Fuse Concept’s interpretation of their clients ambitions certainly seems to make it worthwhile. From the impressive living room and trendy kitchen area to the suave-looking study office and the serene bedroom, this BTO is a great reference for those looking to create their own unique industrial-style home.

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Cover image from: Fuse Concept

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