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7 Best Space-Saving Cat Accessories To Buy Now That Cats Are Allowed In HDBs

23 May 2024 | BY

Here are 7 cool new space-saving cat accessories to look into that make the best use of the real estate in your compact apartment.

Whether you happen to be parents of furkids, you’d certainly agree that if you could, you’d love to lavish them with plenty of play spaces and places to perch on. But sometimes it might be nice to find space-saving cat accessories to avoid making your HDB home feel overly cramped in the process.

So here are 7 cool new cat accessories to look into that make the best use of the real estate in your compact apartment.

1. Floating shelf play space for your adventurous felines to scale

Image credit: Shopee

Cat condos are top picks of pawrents when it comes to decking out your new home for your feline friends, but with most of your options on the bulky side, those with space constraints might want to consider floating cat playgrounds instead.  

These are essentially cat trees “deconstructed” cat trees that are modular in design, with everything you’d want from scratching posts, wobbly bridges, floating peekaboo shelves and even dome glass bowls for snoozingall mounted on your under-utilised walls.

Get the floating shelf play space (from $27.03) on Shopee.

2. Compact floor-to-ceiling cat trees

Image credit: Shopee

Let’s say you’re saddled with a landlord that has a strict “no drilling of holes” policy, but you’ve got cats for pets in a small apartment. The solution: These vertical floor-to-ceiling, friction-locked cat trees that will turn any dead corner in your home into a vertical jungle gym for your little furry friends.

And since they are kept stable through friction-locking, they don’t need the wide bases that cat trees usually need, making it easier to place in your home.

Get the compact ceiling-mounted cat trees ($321.60) on Shopee.

3. Easy-to-install hammocks

Image credit: Pinterest

Very affordable and simple to install, these cat hammocks are designed to be mounted on windows or any glass surface, letting your cat enjoy a good view of the scenery around your HDB without ever needing a balcony. All you need are some alcohol wipes to prepare the window surface and it is mounted through the use of suction cups.

The mounting method also means that it’s just as easy to take them down whenever you need to clean the windows.

Get these hammocks (starting from $14.30) on Shopee.

4. Dining setup designed to keep cats entertained

Image credit: Dinos

This time with something a bit more fancy, if you’ve ever felt that your cat is the centre of your world and that includes even at the dinner table, perhaps this dining set might just replace your conventional dinner setup.

Image credit: Dinos

Of course you’re probably not going to be using it during mealtime, but it is a nice place for the cat to nest and coexist in the same space with you when you’re chilling with family or guests. There is also a 16cm lid to cover the hole for when you don’t wish for your cat to swipe at the cups and plates from that vantage point.

Get this cat-oriented dining table (about $1,521.06) from the Japanese brand Dinos.

5. Bedframe maze for cats to explore

Image credit: Catlife

Moving from one foreign brand to another, this Colombian-based brand comes through with something out of the fever dream of an obsessed fur parent. For the human being, this does everything you want out of a bedframe.

You even have it in a minimalist, almost Muji-esque design, albeit with a few bubble-shaped holes for a touch of whimsy and ventilation.

Image credit: Catlife

The real secret here lies under the hood: here, your cat gets to have a veritable maze playground for it to play, hide, or just work through its zoomies. Comes in sizes from double to king.

Get this cat maze bedframe (starting from about $892.37) from Catlife.

6. Fashionable stools that double as a cat nest

Image credit: Shopee

Another nice multi-functional item, this stool effectively doubles as a resting spot for your cat. Its organic design actually makes it nice for a wabi-sabi style home. Being stools, they can be highly versatile, fitting any part of your home whilst also being easily moved for those who like changing their home layouts often.

Get this convenient cat nest stool (Starting from $150.58) on Shopee.

Image credit: Shopee

A good alternative would be these wooden seats give you seating space for somewhere compact like the foyer or in a bedroom. Your cat gets to have a nest under the seat, but the top is also cushioned for it to rest on when it wants somewhere to perch on.

Get this fashionable cat nest chair ($51.02) on Shopee.

7. Add cat doors to your existing IKEA Kallax shelf

Image credit: Etsy

Pet accessories need not be standalone products, and this one might get the attention of those who love using IKEA’s Kallax collection. These easy-to-install cat doors turn your regular square open shelves into cosy resting nooks for your feline companion, and are made to fit onto your kallax shelf like a glove.

Get these convenient IKEA Kallax cat doors ($66.47) on Etsy.

7 best space-saving pet accessories

Having a cat is a big part of many people’s lives, and much of it involves co-existing with these adorable, lovable companions. Hopefully this list of space-saving cat accessories will not only help make that an easier day-to-day endeavour, but perhaps also provide more opportunities for you to interact with your furry friends with the increased amount of shared spaces you have.

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