7 Gorgeous Industrial HDBs In Singapore That Could Pass Off As NYC Lofts

17 May 2023 | BY

Some may assume that industrial HDBs seem cold, dreary, or unfinished. However, if done right, this type of interior design can wow your guests when they come over.

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Singaporeans may frown upon the idea of purposely making a modern home look unfinished, but sometimes, that’s the exact feel that some homeowners hope to achieve with their industrial HDBs. 

Influenced by the look of warehouses and factories, there are some elements that industrial-themed homes seldom stray from. This includes a greyscale or wood-toned colour palette with elements like exposed bricks, bare lightbulbs or vintage furniture

These hallmarks are often seen in lofts and cool apartments in New York, and you may be surprised to learn that industrial style isn’t as cold and sterile as you may think. Here are 7 industrial HDBs that have managed to pull off this theme with a unique twist here in Singapore. 

1. Exposed piping and eye-catching displays   

Industrial HDBs - exposed piping home wide shot
Image credit: Design 4 space

With a renovation budget of $38,000, the owners of this 3-room BTO flat at Skypeak managed to create an elevated industrial style with their attention to detail. 

Along the flat’s grey and wood walls lie gritty exposed piping which hold up everything from shelves, a TV console, and even a work table.

Industrial HDBs - eye-catching displays
Image credit: Design 4 space

Also, look deeper and you’ll spot unique light switches made to look like machinery buttons. Even the homeowners’ watch display area looks like it would fit right in in a factory.

Industrial HDBs - mahjong mirror
Image credit: Design 4 space  

As a unique touch to their already eye-catching home, one of the walls features an interesting art piece consisting of mahjong tiles surrounding a mirror.

2. Polished wood and galvanised metal for a warmer look 

Industrial HDBs - polished wood home wide shot
Image credit: Design 4 space

Located at Gangsa Road, this resale 4-room HDB’s decor feels cosy despite its industrial leanings. 

The flat channels the industrial aesthetic by housing a candelabra-esque chandelier, as well as spotlights mounted along black metal tracks running across the living room. 

This is balanced with a liberal use of warm, wooden furniture, such as tables, a TV console, and a mini cubby hole. Finally, a splash of colour – in the form of royal blue accents – enlivens the space. 

Industrial HDBs - industrial bathroom 1
Image credit: Design 4 space

The bathrooms here are no less impressive, with the homeowners pulling out all stops to give it some edge – think exposed piping as well as matte black fixtures. 

Industrial HDBs - industrial bathroom 2
Image credit: Design 4 space

Industrial interior design often embraces imperfection, rather than conceal them. Take the exposed piping in the toilet for example. While modern homes may hide these “imperfections” behind false walls, the homeowners incorporated them into the design by painting the pipes black.

3. Upcycled furniture and hanging bulbs 

Industrial HDBs - upcycled furniture home wide shot
Image credit: Three-D Conceptwerke Pte Ltd 

This HDB in Yishun Avenue is scattered with rustic pieces that evoke images of warehouses in the 19th and early 20th century. 

Reclaimed plywood and metalwork furniture, as well as retractable gates made from salvaged metal, all add to this factory-esque look.

Industrial HDBs - dangling bare bulbs
Image credit: Three-D Conceptwerke Pte Ltd 

Rather than using regular pendant lights with lampshades, the homeowners chose to go for exposed lightbulbs dangling over the dining table. We also love the mini vintage fan that reminds us of old-school Singapore.

4. Retro industrial vibes with pendant lighting and exposed piping

Industrial HDBs - retro industrial home
Image credit: Areana Creation Pte Ltd

Exposed architectural elements are a staple in the industrial look, and this new 3-room HDB at Waterway Terrace has them in abundance. The homeowners, who had a budget of $25,000, utilised exposed piping, bare brick walls, wire-meshed windows, and pendant lights to bring the theme to life.

5. Brick walls and barn doors

Industrial HDBs - brick wall and gramophone
Image credit: Space Sense Studio

An eye-catching exposed red brick wall in the living room greets visitors as soon as they enter this space. Next to a vintage couch, a large gramophone is proudly displayed – a rare sight in today’s day and age. A leafy planter adds a touch of nature to the living room. 

Industrial HDBs - British police box
Image credit: Space Sense Studio

As you explore the rest of the house, you’ll find even more surprises. A pair of wooden sliding barn doors open up into two different rooms. They sandwich another door modelled after the British police box, which was made internationally famous by BBC’s Doctor Who.

6. Vintage industrial with old-school props

Industrial HDBs - vintage industrial home wide shot
Image credit: Ethereall Singapore Interior Design

Stepping foot into this HDB at Ang Mo Kio Ave may just transport you back to old school Singapore. Greyscale accents, a brick wall, wall tiles, barstools, metalwork furniture, pendant lighting and metal beams lining the walls – the list goes on. All these elements add up to embody an industrial look with a vintage slant.

Industrial HDBs - rotary phones
Image credit: Ethereall Singapore Interior Design

This HDB has many small details and props that add to its aesthetic, such as rotary dial phones, bar stools, and a distinctive pipe wall lamp. 

Industrial HDBs - old-school props
Image credit: Ethereall Singapore Interior Design

You’ll also find retro figurines and knick-knacks that add to the charm like a classic British red telephone booth or a kitsch poster referencing Chinese propaganda.

7. Unique shelves and bare bulbs

Industrial HDBs - unique shelving
Image credit: space sense studio 

The first thing that will catch your eyes in this flat is its statement shelving, which mimics the look of concrete blocks. Not only does it look striking, but this shelf also cleverly creates extra storage space around the TV. 

Industrial HDBs - large, open windows
Image credit: space sense studio

For an airy look, this HDB also makes use of large, open glass panels outlined in black metal frames to maximise natural light being let in. 

Bare bulbs dangle from the ceiling on either side of the bed in the bedroom, alongside wood cabinets. And rather than traditional red bricks, the exposed brick wall in the bedroom is of a lighter shade, making it look even more one-of-a-kind.

Impressive industrial HDB renovations

Industrial-themed homes may leave naysayers shaking their head, unable to comprehend why others would want to leave their homes looking “unfinished” after renovations. Ignore them – these stylish industrial HDBs in our list are perfect proof that the functional and unique style is underrated and deserves its time to shine.

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Cover image adapted from: Design 4 space, Space Sense Studio 

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