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7 Amazing Sentosa Cove Homes That’ll Give You Major House Envy

8 March 2022 | BY

The little island enclave is associated with amazing and extravagant houses, so here are some Sentosa Cove homes that will blow your minds.

If you’ve ever watched Selling Sunset or Bling Empire, chances are you would have been blown away by the pomp and pageantry that come along with the million-dollar homes of the rich and famous. Well, while we may not have Beverly Hills here in Singapore, we have the next best thing – Sentosa Cove.

Known for being a neighbourhood where those in high society congregate, it should come as no surprise that Sentosa Cove is home to many amazing, extravagant homes. To make you feel just that tad bit more jealous, here are seven amazing Sentosa Cove homes that’ll give you major house envy.

1. Ancient Egyptian-themed House

Ancient Egyptian-themed House
Image credit: @homeswithvevien

Perhaps one of the most well-known and iconic homes in the Sentosa Cove area, this Ancient-Egyptian inspired home is so legit that it makes you wonder if it was transported right out of the set of Universal Studios Singapore’s Revenge of the Mummy.

The first things that’ll catch your eye from a mile away, are the towering 4M-tall statues of the Egyptian god Anubis that “guard” the entrance of the home.

The entrance to the home most certainly resembles that of Egyptian temples of old, complete with hieroglyphs and gold pops – an ode to the “heavenly” metal back in the day. Plus, the exterior of the home sports a creamy beige colour that reminds us of the mud and stone that used to be the primary materials for buildings in ancient Egypt.

Unfortunately, little is known about this Egyptian-themed property, other than the fact that it’s owned by a Singaporean billionaire who founded a consumer goods distribution company. In fact, he owns five landed properties in the area!

2. The Copper House

 The Copper House
Due to the nature of copper itself, it’s expected that the home will develop a greenish patina over time; think of it as graceful ageing!

Image adapted from: Google Maps

Whilst gallivanting around Sentosa Cove – virtually, of course, we came across this home. While it may look unassuming, what caught our attention was the home’s unique architecture and how it looked more like a modern museum of art than it did a cosy abode.

Dubbed ‘The Copper House’ for its perforated copper exterior, this home is one of Sentosa Cove’s iconic properties having made headlines several times for its unique features. The home’s original owner had been advised by a Feng Shui master to deck the place in warm tones, leading to his selection of perforated copper as his material of choice for this architectural masterpiece.

The Copper House
Image credit: Mansion Global

While the street view of The Copper House may not be anything to shout about, its back view more than justifies its $32M price tag. Spanning over 18,000 sqft, the home grants you unadulterated, panoramic views of the ocean from every floor.

Unlike the conventional layout of landed properties, what’s unique about the Copper House is that its design inverts the traditional notion of communal and private living spaces with six ensuite bedrooms on the ground floor. Each one with direct access and a full view of the lap pool and horizon. The dining and living room? Those are on the second floor.

And while the frills such as a sauna, home gym, and a 2,0000-bottle walk-in wine cellar are pretty impressive, we’re most in awe of the home’s 10,000 sqft rooftop patio.

3. Villa Mistral

Villa Mistral
The design of Villa Mistral is inspired by the slenderness of luxury yachts
Image credit: Mercurio Design Lab

Another home that has received much attention in Sentosa Cove is Villa Mistral, otherwise known as the ‘Yacht House’ for its resemblance to a luxury superyacht cutting through the water.

Designed by Mercurio Design Lab, Villa Mistral is a 680 sqm development that was completed in 2017. What stood out for us was how the overall structure of the house deviates from the normal vertical-reaching structure of normal houses. The exterior pillars lean outwards at an angle over the pool, similar to that of the hull of a yacht.

Villa Mistral
Image credit: Mercurio Design Lab

The Yacht House has four levels, each with its own unique offering. The basement hosts a large entertainment room, while the usual kitchen and living spaces are on the ground floor. The bedrooms make up the second level, and the top level features an open rooftop terrace which provides unobstructed views of the cove.

Villa Mistral
Image credit: Mercurio Design Lab

Its facade seamlessly integrates many curved glass windows which resemble the porthole windows of a ship.

Glass is a big component of the house, letting an abundance of natural light flood the home. Come nightfall, the home is an amazing spectacle, its illuminated lustrous white exterior cutting through the darkness.

4. The Contiki House

The Contiki House
Image adapted from: Google Maps

Carrying on our virtual traipsing around Sentosa Cove, we spotted this interesting looking home that we almost missed, given that it was partially obscured by the small trees and shrubbery along the road.

What we found unique about this property – let’s call it the Contiki House – is that it seems to resemble how a house would look like, if it came straight out of the Caribbean or Pacific islands.

Apart from its rocky facade, we noticed how the balcony railings were made of wood, and the roof constructed from layers of straw and dried leaves. This gives it a somewhat rustic islander charm; perhaps in an alternate universe, a pomp and affluent Moana might live?

5. Villa Vento

Villa Vento
Image credit: Mercurio Design Lab

If you’re wondering why you’re seeing double, it’s because  Villa Vento (for ease, we’ll just call this the Other Yacht House) is brought to you by the same designers who did the Yacht House. In fact, the houses are just side by side.

The design of Villa Vento pays homage to the boldness and magnificence of larger cruise ships

Villa Vento
Image credit: Mercurio Design Lab

What we love is that while the two are designed after marine vessels, they each have their differences. This is highlighted by the side by side shot above; the less-angular edges of Villa Vento make it look like a larger, majestic cruise ship, while the sharper edges of the neighbouring Villa Mistral makes you think of a sleek and slender yacht.

Villa Vento
Image credit: Mercurio Design Lab

Both houses’ unique shape and structure deviate from what a conventional landed property will look like. Giving you the feeling of being aboard a luxury ship without the constant rocking of waves.

6. The Diamond House

The Diamond House
Image credit:
Formwerkz Architects

Apart from “The Copper House”, another iconic Sentosa Cove home is undoubtedly the “Diamond House” – another showstopper that looks like a large single multi-faceted cut diamond sitting on the ground.

Designed by Formwerkz Architects, the home was designed for a family that wanted the utmost privacy, and so the decision was made to incorporate a form that turns away from the main street and the prying eyes of neighbours.

Come nightfall, the windows – resembling angular shards of diamonds – give passersby a peek into the inner workings of the home.

The Diamond House
Image credit: Australian Design Review

From the back, the home opens up to reveal an expansive wood-clad interior that is warm and inviting. The floor-to-ceiling windows that span the length of the entire home also rewards the homeowners with a panoramic view of the lush surroundings.

7. The Tiki Head House

The Tiki Head House
Image adapted: Google Maps

Rounding off our list of seven amazing Sentosa Cove homes is this home that reminds us of Squidward’s house in the cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants, because the conical-shaped portion looks a lot like a Tiki head. This is juxtaposed with the more classical Georgian style facade for the rest of the house.

Amazing Sentosa Cove homes

Walking down Sentosa Cove, it’s no surprise that the homes there are what dreams are made of – gorgeous views of its surroundings, fascinating architecture and a multitude of amenities that’ll make you almost want to never leave the house.

While the reality is that many of us may not be able to afford such a luxurious home, we can still look to these places for some design inspiration.

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