7 Muji-Themed Homes That Are All Our Japanese Minimalist Dreams Come True

19 January 2022 | BY

You won’t have to compromise style for practicality with these Muji-themed homes that’ll make your Japanese minimalist dreams come true.

Anyone who thinks they have to compromise style for practicality hasn’t heard of Muji-inspired design. Taking inspiration from the famous Japanese lifestyle brand, this particular style is all about practicality, functionality, and quality. 

Minimalism and the concept of having less are more than just an aesthetic; it’s a lifestyle. Apart from all of that, walking into a Muji store just makes you want to get your life together, right? 

1. Spacious 4-room home in Punggol 

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D5 Studio Image 

Clean and crisp—that’s how we would describe this lush four-room HDB flat in Punggol. For homeowners who are looking for a cooler colour palette over a completely warm-toned one, the interior of this home is a great reference point. 

Compared to typical Muji-themed homes that are all about light wooden elements, this space incorporates a slightly darker palette with hints of grey and black across the board. Apart from giving your home some character, the feature wall in the living room also doubles as a storage solution to keep all your important items tidy and out of sight. 

2. Modern Japanese-inspired nook in Kallang

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D5 Studio Image 

Much of Japanese interior design is centred around low-height furniture as a way to celebrate floor culture that is still very much alive today. In this bright and minimal Kallang BTO flat, we can see the use of low-seating furniture in a more sophisticated and elevated way with the futon mattress and floor chairs.

On top of that, the warm tones from the light wooden materials, subtle natural elements from the house plants, and the natural light seeping in through the blinds just seamlessly tie the whole Muji theme together.

3. Cosy 3-bedroom condominium in the heart of River Valley

Image credit: Three-D Conceptwerke 

One of the most prominent features of this spacious condominium apartment in River Valley is its clean and uncluttered design, paired with hints of greenery and light wooden furniture across the entire unit. 

To minimise clutter, the storage space has been concealed with a feature wall and door panel to give it the illusion of a much bigger space. The laminates of the flooring and cabinets were also intentionally matched to maintain visual harmony in the space.  

4. Sleek and spacious AMK street flat 

Image credit:
Weiken Interior Design

Thinking of adding more dimension and depth to your home? Think outside the box and consider adding wooden raised platforms, just like in this three-room HDB flat along Ang Mo Kio Street. This simple yet innovative design hack can turn what would supposedly be just another area in your house into the main focal point of your space. 

Bring it all together with a warm colour palette, light wooden furniture and a modern sliding tatami door for a modern Japanese ryokan look. 

5. Japanese ryokan-like condo apartment in Sengkang

Image credit:
Sync Interior 

For those looking to add more traditional elements into your space while still maintaining that contemporary feel, you should check out this Japanese ryokan-esque apartment in Sengkang. 

From the round windows to the shoji sliding screens, it encompasses much of the traditional Japanese interior design elements, which is where most of the Muji brand is inspired from in the first place. Warm hues from the wooden furniture and natural light from the outside fill the room, giving the entire home a pleasant and homely ambience. Who wouldn’t want to come home to this? 

6. Cosy Minimal Fernvale Street HDB

Image credit:
Yang’s Inspiration Design

Talk about fine lines. This unit in Fernvale Street is all about keeping it clean and simple—no-frills, no fuss. Complete with a tatami-style platform bed, light wooden elements from the flooring to the cabinets, and next to no clutter in sight, the minimalist atmosphere found in most Muji-themed homes really shines through in this unit. 

Elevate your platform bed by adding LED lights underneath to illuminate the path and give it the illusion of a floating bed. Talk about taking ‘sweet dreams’ to another level. 

7. Elegant Japanese zen home in Holland Drive

Image credit:
Forefront Interior 

Compared to lighter wooden elements that add a soft touch to your space, darker wood tones like oak and teak can add a more luxurious feel if that’s what you’re going for. Take a look at this cosy nook in Holland Village that screams ‘Muji’ at every corner. 

Most people would think that wood elements can only be incorporated through furniture pieces like tables, chairs, consoles, and everything else in between. But in this living room, the wood Venetian blinds and light fixtures blend in seamlessly with the shade of the furniture, adding a sense of harmony and flow into the room. 

All of that may be impressive but the main highlight of this space is definitely the carved circular wall, which is reminiscent of circular windows found in traditional Japanese houses. 

Bring a taste of Japanese realness into your space 

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re getting started on the interior design works for your new BTO flat or just saving ideas for your future home, take a leaf out of these Muji-themed homes and make it your own. 

Cover image adapted from: Sync Interior , D5 Studio Image 

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