7 HDB Bathroom Design Ideas to Be In a Permanent Boutique Hotel Staycation

25 March 2022 | BY

Your home should be your sanctuary, and your bathroom the ultimate retreat. Here are seven bathroom ideas that promise staycay-level luxury.

From iridescent marble tiles to Instagram lighting and exquisite interior design, there’s just something about hotel bathrooms that make any staycation-lover obsessed. While we’d love to spend a few years at Lloyd’s Inn or Hotel G, it would make more sense to make our own places look as lavish as we can. Considering how much time we spend in the bathroom, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make your bathtime a little more indulgent.

We firmly believe that luxury shouldn’t only be experienced when we’re away, so here are seven HDB bathrooms that can inspire you to turn your bathroom into a boutique hotel.

1. Open layout concept

open layout concept
Image credit:
Icon Interior Design

If you’re thinking of giving your master bedroom a facelift, having an open bathroom will elevate it to the likes of Grand Park City Hall or The Fullerton Bay Hotel. The open layout concept is also one of the best ways to visually open up a space if your bedroom is on the smaller side. 

Instead of brick walls, opt for glass panels to separate the bedroom from the bathroom, allowing natural light to reach all corners, creating the perfect balance of “open yet confined”.

2. Japandi-inspired sanctuary for zen vibes

Image credit:

With Bali-inspired interiors becoming mainstream and almost overdone in Singapore, a new trend known as Japandi has emerged for those seeking a fresher look for their home. As the name suggests, Japandi mixes Japanese and Scandinavian styles, resulting in a zen aesthetic that’ll make you feel like you’re in a Kyoto vacation home.

This Japandi-inspired bathroom cleverly pairs modern black tiles with traditional wooden elements, offering a creative spin to color-blocking while staying true to the minimalist Japandi theme.

3. Throwback retro aesthetic

throwback retro aesthetic
Image credit:
Prozfile Design

With its quintessential old-school subway tiles, brass fittings, and quirky decorations, this bathroom will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine instead of your shower. Retro styles are all about marrying contrasting design features and shapes, and the owners even threw in different textures such as rattan, marble, and wood for an eclectic mix. 

If you’re worried about your bathroom looking too cluttered, one way to decorate is to decide on a base colour such as black or white and weave in hints of color through accessories or potted plants.

4. Relaxing outdoor oasis

relaxing outdoor oasis
Image credit:
Design Zage

The owners of this HDB wanted their bathroom to exude an overseas spa vibe and did exactly that with these wooden wall tiles and pebble flooring. A glass partition separates the wet and dry areas of the bathroom, while a wide mirror is placed on the shelf to welcome natural light and create more depth in this narrow space.

For those worried about maintaining wooden walls, you can opt for ones with water-resistant finishes, or go for wood-look tiles that will achieve the same look at a lower cost.

5. Vibrant pastel interior

vibrant pastel interior
Image credit:
Free Space Intent

Looking straight out of a BTS music video, these bathrooms perfectly encapsulate the owner’s fun-loving personality. Instead of overwhelming the eyes with all colors of the rainbow, pastel pinks, blues, and yellows were chosen for the walls and floor. 

Each washroom also had its very own feature wall – the one on the left sporting big hexagons in different shades of blue, and the other featuring colorful penny dots for a disco-like aesthetic.

6. Dark and luxurious design

dark luxurious design
Image credit:
Fatema Design Studio

For guys looking to jazz up their bachelor pad, get inspired by this bathroom decked in black marble tiles and gold details for that luxe look. To balance out the dark hues, blue mosaic floor tiles were chosen for a splash of color, as well as wooden fixtures to add some coziness.

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, feel free to pair small floor tiles with large wall tiles or vice versa to create balance and prevent the bathroom from looking cramped.

7. Vintage monochrome space

vintage monochrome
Image credit:
Third Avenue Studio

While monochrome is one of the most common interior designs we see in homes, all it takes is some creative details to upgrade your bathroom from basic to novel. To spice things up, diamond mosaic tiles were used for the floor and walls, resulting in a vintage-looking L-shape orientation that elongates the bathroom. 

Committing further to the strong monochrome theme, black hardware and silver fixtures were added to make the bathroom look sleek and seamless, and glossy black glass was chosen for the door, doubling it as a secondary “feature wall”.

Bathroom ideas for your HDB

Ideally, your home should be your sanctuary, and your bathroom the ultimate retreat. While many people may feel restricted when designing their bathrooms, we hope these homes will inspire you to give your bathroom a makeover that it – and you – deserves!

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