These Pirate Ship & Egyptian Houses In Sentosa Cove Look Straight Out Of A USS Theme Park

13 July 2022 | BY

You can count on Sentosa Cove for homes that go beyond your wildest imagination and bring the theme park to your doorstep.

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From cruise look-alikes to multi-faceted “diamond” bungalows, Sentosa Cove is a place where you can find homes that go beyond your imagination. Contrary to the cookie-cutter HDBs that line Singapore’s streets, or landed properties like semi-detached homes, the homes located on Sentosa Cove have both the luxury of space and design.

However, these 2 themed homes are evidence that the wealthy in Singapore don’t just have a taste for opulent-looking, classy homes, but also ones that realise their theme park fantasies. Standing out from the average bungalow with their pirate and Egyptian concepts, here are 2 Sentosa Cove homes that appear both fantastical and majestic – and expensive to build.

Disclaimer: These houses are private property, so please do not trespass if you’re ever nearby – just admire them from afar if you pass by.

Pirate-ship bungalow that’s allegedly designed by Disney

sentosa coveImage adapted from: Google Maps

Walking along Cove Way, one might spot this curved roof peeking out from behind some shrubbery. Taking a closer look, you’ll notice that the property’s entrance has swapped out a traditional grassy lawn for gravel, as well as two octopus statues “standing guard”.

pirate ship sentosa cove homeImage credit: Nicholas Goh

As kaypoh or nosey as Singaporeans are, they tend to speculate the background of the owner and house. In fact, rumour has it that this home had been specially designed by Disney and that the owner had made a fortune in the Herbal Tea industry back in Indonesia. But they’ll remain just rumours until proven true.


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The pirate-ship themed house at night.

More on the house – it looks as if it has come straight out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. With octopus statues that emit an eerie glow at night, the home’s pool is even designed to resemble a small “moat”. It has also been said that the home houses a giant pirate-themed mural within, with its mermaid painted to resemble the owner’s wife. 

At the same time, as with most of the landed properties on Sentosa Cove, you can spot luxury car brands at this one. From a bright yellow convertible Ferrari to a white Rolls Royce, there’s no doubt that this homeowner has a fortune, alright. 

An Egyptian-themed home that reminds you of The Mummy ride in USS

From this house’s exterior, we can tell that its design has a strong ancient Egyptian influence. If anything, the two enormous, 4m-tall Anubis statues standing guard at the front of the property are a dead giveaway. 

sentosa coveImage adapted from: Google Maps

Not only do these jackal-headed figures intimidate passersby with their dark complexion and gold armour, their red eyes that light up in the night would probably give anyone chills – nothing like an ancient deity of the Afterlife to remind you of the USS ride for The Mummy

revenge of the mummy universal studio ride singaporeMore than a passing resemblance to the Revenge of the Mummy ride entrance at Universal Studios Singapore.
Image credit: verdandi_magic.

Other than these “guards”, the entrance and the underside of the roof are adorned with large gold runes. Coupled with the palm trees, the design of the house gives off an otherworldly feel. It has been said that the owner has specially built this home to store his art collection – again, this is just a rumour.

Here’s what we do know about this fantastical home’s owner: he’s a Singaporean billionaire that should be in his 50s, and that this isn’t the only property he owns at Sentosa Cove. 

He and his Egyptian home first made headlines when he evoked negative sentiments from his neighbours for his landscaping work. In fact, it was reported that he owned 3 out of the 4 houses adjacent to the disputed community garden – which he allegedly transformed into more of a private extension of his homes.

On one hand, some neighbours claimed that his landscaping work had impinged on the common garden and plots of land shared by residents in the gated community. Others disagreed, saying that they helped to enhance the greenery and appearance of the neighbourhood, where the Sentosa Cove Resort Management (SCRM) had failed to do so.

Themed homes at Sentosa Cove

While Sentosa Cove is no stranger to opulent and luxurious homes, it’s also home to properties with fantastical concepts drawn from ancient mythology and well-loved movies. With Singapore’s USS Theme Park just a short drive from Sentosa Cove, one might not help but wonder if they took their inspiration from it too.


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With the luxury of space and of splurging on home construction, there’s no reason why the rich and affluent in Sentosa Cove wouldn’t want to realise their theme park fantasies through their homes.

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Cover image adapted from: Google Maps, Magic Travel Journal

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