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7 Viral TikTok IKEA Hacks That Can Easily Elevate Your Home’s Ambience From 0 to 100

22 September 2023 | BY

These viral IKEA TikTok hacks will show you how to transform your favourite home products into something more.

viral ikea tiktok hacks

IKEA is more than just our go-to store for affordable quality furniture. Being the place for all things home and living, you may think that the size of IKEA’s catalogue and offerings is already hard to beat; heck, even their Swedish meatballs and supermarkets are so popular.

Well, wait till you realise that many of IKEA’s items can still pull double duty and be transformed into a whole new piece altogether. With just a little bit of DIY work, you can create something so genius and unexpected. With that, channel your inner Handy Manny with these 7 viral TikTok IKEA hacks.

1. Glam coffee table tray


Ikeahack: Sidetable by MARIUS + GLATTIS ✨ #ikeahack #beistelltisch #diyproject #upcycling #wohnzimmerinspo

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

Items required: Marius Stool ($14.90) and Glattis Tray ($6.50)

With its stability and stackability, it’s no wonder that Marius stools make an appearance at many BBQs and big gatherings. Instead of letting them collect dust in your storeroom when not in use, turn it into a chic coffee table with the Glattis tray.

Simply unscrew the legs of the stool, flip it upside down, and screw a Glattis tray back on top. The golden shine of the tray contrasts boldly with the black legs, retaining a charming Art Deco feel to it.

2. Wall-mounted pegboard garden


Well the Skadis pegboards are up 😊 #ikea #ikeagreenhouse #ikeagreenhousecabinet #plants #plantsoftiktok #planttiktok #fyp #fypシ

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Items required: Skadis Pegboard ($20)

As much as it’s good to incorporate nature into our homes, it can be quite costly and troublesome if you don’t quite have green fingers.

Do it the easy way by making a vertical garden with a Skadis pegboard accessorised with containers and artificial plants from the store itself. Then, secure everything together with heavy-duty velcro strips. Remember that since these containers don’t have drainage, it’s important to stick to artificial plants only.

3. Stack up a display table with Blanda Blank bowls


it was time for a new diy project🤎 items used: • 4 BLANDA BLANK bowls 28cm (ikea) • plateau (action) • glue • paint: color 113 Palarzzo (klint) #ikeahack #ikeadiys #actionhacks #actionfinds #homedecorhacks #easydiys #diyathome #tablehacks #ikeafinds #fyp #ikeatok #actiontok #tablediy #tablehack #diytok #klintcolours #klinthomes @IKEA @actionnederland @Klint

♬ girls like me don’t cry (sped up) – thuy

Items required: Blanda Blank bowls ($10)

Originally a popular serving bowl made of stainless steel, Blanda Blank bowls can be seen in a new light in the form of a contemporary-inspired display table. 

To make the table, take several 28 cm-wide bowls, and stack them atop one another with glue along the edges until they reach your desired height. Then, secure a wooden table of the same radius on top. Finally, paint the entire structure to your desired colour – you can even experiment with textured spray paint to achieve granite, metallic or any other effects.

4. Build a mushroom lamp


DIY Mushroom Lamp Aesthetic ala Pinterest yang hits banget niih.. Lampu IKEA Hacks 💡 – #diyproject #ikeahacks #mushroomlamp #ikeahack #roomdecor #homedecor


Items required: Blanda Blank bowls ($10), Karaff carafe ($2), Kornsno LED night light ($8)

Mushroom lamps have seen themselves across different times and styles. Not only do they come in both vintage and designer renditions, they have made many rounds around TikTok before. Considering that they can get quite pricey, you can build your own instead with a Karaff jug, Blanda bowl and Kornsno lamp.

Once you’ve spray-painted the insides of the stand and lamp, place the lamp on top of the stand with the bulb peeking inside. Put the bowl on top and you’ll get the mushroom silhouette.

5. DIY a sphere-leg coffee table


Sharing detailed version of the DIY Sphere leg coffee table using the Ikea Bamboo Bowls. Absolutely love the result #diycoffeetable #diyikeahack #ikeahack #ikea #coffeetable #fyp #foryoupage #jamaicantiktok #torontotiktok #viral #interiordesignideas #homedecortiktok #beigeaesthetic #diyinspiration #japandi

♬ Woop Baby – Letherette

Items required: Blanda Matt serving bowls ($10)

Another variation of the stainless steel Blanda Blank bowl is the bamboo Blanda Matt bowl. Likewise, you can DIY another cute variation by glueing 2 Blanda Matt bowls inward such that they create a hollow interior. Then, apply wood fillers to conceal the openings in the middle, and use sandpaper to smooth the wood filler out.

Repeat this step with 3 to 4 more sets of bowls, then balance a marble tabletop. You’ll get a coffee table that can be your new statement piece in your living room.

6. Assemble a bedside table with bread bins


#ikeahack #ikeahacks #ikeahacksdiy #diyproject #interiordecor #ikea #ikeahackdiy

♬ Every Second – Mina Okabe

Items required: Magasin ($15)

Magasin bread bins are capable of being more than just their namesake. To prove that, take 2 pieces and tape them together vertically, attach some table legs, and prop them up. The result is a bedside table where you can store your items both inside and on top, a creation that was made popular by IKEA users across the world.

7. Spruce up your TV console ambient lights


Light installation ✨ #lightingdesign #lampdesign #lightingmatters #candlelight #furnituredesign #homedecor #minimalism #minimalhome #fyp #viraldesign #ikeahack #livingroom #hiddenstorage #ikea #ikeatok #hometok #ikeatiktok #foryou #fyp #homedecor #diyproject #fd

♬ Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg

Items required: Mittled LED lights ($22)

In interior design, lighting is a whole ball game in itself. But the nicest lights need not always be the most expensive. In fact, this super easy and affordable trick proves that: by sticking several Mittled LED spotlights at the bottom of your TV cabinet, you can immediately make your space 10 times cosier and more romantic.

This is a cheaper alternative to the expensive Philips Hue light strips. You also save a ton of money by not having to call an electrician as no extra wiring is needed.

Viral IKEA hacks on TikTok

Affordability, aesthetics and durability aside, IKEA products are also made to be building blocks of new DIY creations – the things you can come up with have proven to be endless. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up coming up with your own original creations after being inspired by these viral IKEA hacks.

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