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IKEA Now Has A Special Space Collection For Kids – 6 Best Otherworldly Things To Buy

7 October 2023 | BY

With IKEA’s new space collection, you can let your little ones experience the sense of wonder of gazing curiously at the cosmos.

IKEA’s AFTONSPARV space collection

Most readers probably weren’t around to see Sputnik, the moon landing or other events of the heyday of space exploration. They did, however, have Star Wars, and more recent converters to the science fiction genre would likely have been enamoured with the likes of Star Trek and Dune. 

Now, with IKEA’s AFTONSPARV collection, you can let your little ones experience the same sense of wonder of gazing at the cosmos and letting their imagination run wild with possibilities.

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Go to space with the Rocket Tent

IKEA’s AFTONSPARV space collection

It may not be one huge leap for mankind, but your kids can always reenact Neil Armstrong’s historic moon landing with this rocket tent ($29.90)!

Measuring 153cm tall and with a 75cm-wide interior, there is ample space for your kids to live out their dream of going on a space voyage.

Allowing children to explore and express themselves freely is a recurring theme of this collection, so this rocket tent is conveniently made of cardboard. This means not only is there plenty of real estate for your kids to go crazy with crayons and markers, it also keeps prices low, saving you the heartache of something more expensive being the victim of your child’s creative ventures.

IKEA’s AFTONSPARV space collectionImage credit: IKEA

Whilst designed for use on a bed,, you can even add in one of the available space-themed duvets ($49.90) from the collection so that your kids can cruise deep space in comfort.

It does mean that however, that taking it to a backyard or somewhere where it could succumb to the rain would not be the best idea.

Map your way through space with this colouring paper roll

AFTONSPARV Colouring paper roll, space, 10 mImage credit: IKEA 

Continuing the self-expression and exploration theme, this very affordable colouring paper roll ($10/10m) presents potentially hours of fun for your kids.

Not only would it be great for letting your kids express their creative side, the size of these rolls mean that there is always space for multiple children to collaboratively fill in the sheet, making it a great babysitting tool. You’ll also want to bag the paper roll holder ($12.90) that can store this item along with drawing materials to keep your playroom neat.

Turn your room into the galaxy with glow-in-the-dark space curtains

AFTONSPARV Curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair, space blue/white, 120x250 cmImage credit: IKEA 

Looking out the window to gaze at the stars might not be the most feasible thing to do in urban Singapore, but IKEA’s space blue curtains ($39.90) present a good alternative. And in fact, your little ones will be treated with a surprise at night: the decals on these curtains actually glow in the dark.

AFTONSPARV Curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair, space blue/white, 120x250 cmImage credit: IKEA 

Adult readers might also look at these and reminisce about the halcyon days of their youth playing with glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs under the blanket. If anything, it might be good enough of a nostalgia piece for adults to purchase for themselves, making this potentially one of the more popular items in the collection.

Glow with these space-themed LED lights

AFTONSPARV LED table lamp, rocket/multicolourImage credit: IKEA 

Those looking for a lamp for their kid’s nightstand might want to consider these spaced-themed IKEA lamps.

These exist either as a rocket ($40) shown above or as a planet with a ring around it. Whilst they both come with the option of changing its light from 7 different colours, the rocket lamp does seem to give off more light, making it more practical as a bedside lamp. 

The planet-shaped lamp ($30) on the other hand, with its thin band of LED, seems to be better used as a decorative piece as opposed to something that you will use to find your way around the room at night.

AFTONSPARV Curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair, space blue/white, 120x250 cmImage credit: IKEA 

Like the curtains, the planet-shaped light seems like it might also have universal appeal beyond the child-oriented audience that IKEA intended for this collection. The overall design and the neon colours available for its lights make the look quite fashionable. 

If anything, it looks like it might work well within a neon-palette gamer room, a kitschy item for a retro-inspired interior or perhaps even as a nice decor in an adult’s spaced-theme room.

Take home an alien pal

IKEA’s AFTONSPARV space collection

The depths of space can be a lonely place, so giving your kids some friends to keep them company might be a good idea. Ranging from 28-34cm in height, these soft toys can be great ways to add on to the overall space-themed play space for your children. 

IKEA’s AFTONSPARV space collection

These come in various designs, ranging from an alien ($10) to various adorable animal astronauts ($16.90) with detachable suits and even an adorably personified planet earth ($8). It might cost a bit more, but there is also a soft toy UFO ($29.90) with a zippable compartment that your kids can place their new soft toy friends in so that they can explore the outer reaches of space together.

IKEA’s AFTONSPARV space collection

For those looking for little trinkets for their little ones, these tiny 10cm versions of the alien soft toy ($3) can be clipped onto a keychain or a backpack so that your child can take them along wherever they go.

IKEA’s AFTONSPARV space collection

Whilst not exactly a soft toy, the planet-shaped cushion ($29.90) looks incredibly huggable and it would be remiss of us not to mention it here as well. Being 45cm wide, these are a good size to fill the rocket tent or perhaps serve as an neat addition to your sofa.

BONUS: Space-themed treats

A cake in the shape of a green alien head, with two big black eyes and two green feelers. NEW tag at the bottom left of the image.Image credit: IKEA 

Finally, if going through IKEA’s new space-themed catalogue has gotten you hungry, then you can indulge in these gastronomically out-of-this-world treats. The alien cake looks otherworldly with its green exterior and would be popular for those who missed the combination of marzipan, jam and whipped cream found in the princess cakes that IKEA sold in the past.

Two macarons in the shapes of a green alien and a rabbit in an astronaut suit. NEW tag at the bottom left of the image.Image credit: IKEA 

They also have adorable cookies shaped and decorated to look like the plush toys they have on offer and whilst the macarons are arguably even more endearing, their high cost makes them relatively unattractive. The treats are mostly $2.50-$4.50 in range, except for the macarons, which go for $12/2 pieces.

IKEA’s AFTONSPARV space collection

Children are an innately curious bunch, and directing them to look and explore the world around them is vital to their growth. IKEA’s collection of space-oriented items to spruce up your kids’ bedrooms, makes it great to produce an environment conducive for them to learn as they play. 

And whilst it’s no lightsaber nor a model of your favourite fictional spaceship, some of these items might peak the interest of parents looking for a decor or two for their own room as well.

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Cover image adapted from: IKEA

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