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10 Home Decor Items Of K-Pop Idols You Can Cop To Mimic The House Vibes Of Your Favourite Bias

11 November 2022 | BY

Looking for tasteful pieces of furniture for your home? These 10 K-Pop idols might have just the inspiration you need.

Not really sure where to start with the frankly overwhelming amount of home design inspo available on our lovely World Wide Web? Or are you perhaps a K-Pop fan trying to find tasteful designs and pieces for your home?

Well, look no further than your idols. With their stylish abodes and iconic furniture pieces, their homes are the perfect combination of luxury and personality. 

We may be several light years away from stardom, but here are 10 stylish home decor items inspired by your favourite Korean idols that can give your home a pick-me-up

Sandara Park’s Poker Mirror

K-Pop Idol Inspired Home DecorImage credit: @daraxxi

The former 2NE1 member is a self-confessed fan of maximalism and statement furniture pieces. This is evident in her colourful, dramatically-decorated home, which she has revealed on variety show I Live Alone and has appeared on her Instagram

Perhaps the piece that stands out among the rest is her poker mirror from Italian designer brand Seletti. Vibrant yet fancy, this piece stands out with its unique design, yet is right at home with the rest of Sandara’s quirky, bold home decor. 

The Seletti poker-frame mirror is available from Selfridges at $355.

(G)-Idle Soyeon’s uniquely-shaped vanity mirrors

K-Pop Idol Inspired Home DecorImage credit: @tiny.pretty.j

(G)-Idle’s leader and rapper Soyeon is another fan of unconventional furniture pieces. Her cloud and heart-shaped vanity mirrors mirror – quite literally – her playful personality. 

Adorable additions to any vanity table, bedroom or wall, the fun designs are perfect for making sure you look good, be it in real life or those morning mirror selfies.

The mirrors are pretty affordable too. The cloud-shaped mirror is available on Taobao, while the heart mirror is available on Shopee.

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Ultrafragola mirror

K-Pop Idol Inspired Home DecorImage credit: @sooyaaa__

BLACKPINK’s vocalist Jisoo is one known for her photogenic visuals, but her stunning home is also a source of envy. 

One eye-catching furniture piece would definitely be her Poltronova pink wave full-length mirror, a staple in her mirror selfies. Seeing as how they garner a few million likes every time, fans definitely wonder where she got this fun yet elegant statement piece that looks eerily similar to their lightstick

Perfect for sprucing up those OOTDs, the mirror is available on Royal Interiors for $20,100. If that price tag raises your eyebrows, then dupes that are just as gorgeous do exist on Shopee for a fraction of the price.

BLACKPINK Rosé’s lipstick mirror

K-Pop Idol Inspired Home DecorImage credit: @roses_are_rosie

Seletti seems to be a very popular place for statement mirrors, since both Rosé and her groupmate Jennie have this exact mirror, but more on Jennie later. No one can blame them though, this mirror is an impressive mix of vintage-inspired decals and the modern trend of everything gold-framed.

This mirror is a collaboration piece between Seletti and the Toiletpaper magazine, which is where the lipstick decals are from. 

The lipstick mirror is available in Singapore on Selfridges for $420 (mini mirror) and $795 (full-length mirror).

BLACKPINK Jennie’s bubble sofa

K-Pop Idol Inspired Home DecorImage credit: @jennierubyjane

If you are familiar with the bubble wrap that comes with your packages, then you won’t be faulted for thinking Jennie’s sofa was just a fancier, very upgraded version of it. Can’t pop it for satisfaction though, unfortunately. 

Designed by established French designer Sacha Lakic, this cheerful bubble sofa from Roche Bobois is a perfect extension of Jennie’s sunny, bubbly personality. It also adds a pop of colour to the rest of her muted, neutral decor. 

The bubble sofa is available on Ebay for $10,209.

EXO Kai’s On The Rocks sofa

K-Pop Idol Inspired Home Decor
Image adapted from: MBC

EXO’s main dancer Kai’s home has been described by him as a “blank canvas” that he slowly transformed into a captivating piece of artwork during the reno and design process. The piece that takes centre-stage? His On The Rocks sofa from Edra, designed by prolific Italian artist Francesco Binafaré.  

The sofa’s unique shape ensures that it can fit anywhere from a cosy corner to a spacious living room. It is also highly customisable, with backrests that can be removed and attached according to personal preferences, as well as modular seats that can be rearranged. 

The On The Rocks sofa is available locally from Space Furniture.

IVE Leeseo’s Golden Retriever plush dog

K-Pop Idol Inspired Home Decor
Image adapted from: MBC

IVE’s youngest member Leeseo has a lovely golden retriever plush toy for those missing their childhood chouchou, or simply just want something to cuddle to bed without the commitment of a relationship. 

Available in both 40cm and 70cm, the IKEA Gösig plush toys are cute additions to beds and sofas in the event of loneliness. The smaller ones can even be placed in your home office or desk in case you need some emotional support after a long WFH day.

The Gösig golden retriever plush toys are available from IKEA for $12.90 for the 40cm ones, and $19.90 for the 70cm ones.

IVE Yujin’s LINE Friends mini fridge

K-Pop Idol Inspired Home Decor
Image adapted from: MBC

Picture this: it’s 3am, you’re pulling an all-nighter, and you’re hungry. You want to go out and get something to eat from your fridge, but you’ve also just read a bunch of stories about hantus haunting your hallways. So how?

Luckily, IVE’s leader Yujin seems to have the solution in the form of a mini fridge in her bedroom. Its compact design makes it easy to install in almost any room, from the home office in case of those mid-afternoon cravings, to beside your vanity to store all those expensive cosmetics and skincare. 

Don’t worry if Brown isn’t your favourite LINE Friends character though, as this mini fridge also has a Sally version (the yellow duck). BTS fans can also take their pick from seven different BT21 characters. 

The LINE Friends mini fridge is available from CCOMO, as well as locally from Shopee for $855.

SEVENTEEN Woozi’s ceiling stars

K-Pop Idol Inspired Home DecorImage credit: @woozi_universefactory

If you constantly bemoan the light pollution in Singapore rendering your stargazing adventures fruitless, then why not take a page out of SEVENTEEN’s producer and lead vocalist Woozi’s book and bring the stars to your room?

These stars give the room a very whimsical and romantic yet peaceful vibe, which is perfect if you’re too lazy to hike all the way to Pulau Ubin to stargaze. If that isn’t enough, pair it with a projector for Netflix under the stars, or some LED strip lights for some “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” realness.

These “stars” are available on Amazon for around $31, alternatively, you can also get them on Shopee for about $2.55.

Bae Suzy’s statement vase

K-Pop Idol Inspired Home DecorImage credit: @skuukzky

For the green-thumbed homeowners, finding a vase or a pot to store the fruits of your labour while also trying not to ruin your aesthetics is a pretty frustrating task. Especially so when those basic flowerpots just won’t do it for you. 

Why not consider French designer Anissa Kermiche’s iconic Love Handles vase? The perfect mix of practicality and elegance, this vase has appeared in the homes of many celebrities, including that of actress and former Miss A member Bae Suzy. The vase can be used to store a variety of plants, from the common ferns and succulents to the roses reserved for special, more romantic occasions.  

The Love Handles vase is available in Singapore from Farfetch for $550. Though if you aren’t willing to fork out an intern’s entire monthly pay for a single vase, FortyTwo has a very convincing dupe that is going for only $32.

K-Pop idol inspired home decor

From mirrors to sofas to even vases, there seems to be no lack of inspiration from our favourite idols. You may not be a K-star, but who’s gonna say no to these beautiful home decor items, especially when they fit your home aesthetics or are just simply too adorable. 

If you want more decor inspo:

Cover image adapted from: @woozi_universefactory, @jennierubyjane, @sooyaaa__.

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