Planet Plus: Adorable Pink-Hued Shop Opens At Orchard With Cute Home & Living Stuff

27 March 2023 | BY

Scotts Square has a spanking new home decor store and it’s tempting us to decorate our homes with all things pink and pastel.

It’s hard to miss Planet Plus at Scotts Square. Stretching across almost a quarter of Level 2, Planet Plus is hallmarked by its pink floors, pink walls, and pink shelves. Their charming selection includes a wide range of home and living products, from pastel pots and pans to ceramic mugs and plates, and even textured pillows and throws. 

If you’re looking to spruce up your home with colour and vibrancy, Planet Plus is a must-visit. While it’s likely that you’ll end up spending a good few hours browsing the store, here’s a rundown of what you can find at Planet Plus. 

1. Pastel pots, pans and kitchen appliances

Pink shelf with pastel pots and pans at Planet Plus

Regular stainless steel cookware definitely does the job when it comes to your midnight Maggi cravings, but why settle for plain when you can use pastel pots? The pink shelves at Planet Plus are stocked with an array of pastel-hued pots and pans starting from $59 – and the selection leaves you spoilt for choice.

Pastel pink pots and pans on display at Planet Plus, with price tag of $59Nordic pots and frying pans that start from $59.

Pastel green kitchen appliances on display at Planet Plus

If you’re looking to match your pots and pans with other kitchen appliances, Planet Plus has you covered. Besides kettles, blenders, and even multifunction electric baking pans, you can also find a range of pastel kitchen appliances from the brand Morphy Richards. 

2. Cutlery and glasses 

Christmas themed cutlery at Planet Plus

Once you’re done browsing through pastel kitchenware, move on to the adjacent shelf to look at the cutlery selection. Instead of normal forks and spoons, Planet Plus carries a selection of themed cutlery. Christmas designs start from $12.90 – you’ll want to take a look at the reindeer charms, Santa heads, and mini Christmas wreaths attached to the top of forks and spoons. 

Cutlery pink handles and gold-accent at Planet Plus

Since it’s spring right now, for something a little more season-appropriate, look towards the cutlery selection in Planet Plus’ signature colour – pink. Priced from $22.90, these forks, spoons, knives, and chopsticks with pink handles and gold-accent will be an adorable addition to your cutlery drawer. 

Alternatively, for something a little more understated, check out their selection of wooden forks, spoons, and chopsticks. Children’s forks and spoons cost $7.90, while the standard ones cost $9.90. Meanwhile, the chopsticks sell for $12.90 per pair. 

Pink shelf displaying a variety of pastel wine glasses and pastel cocktail glasses at Planet Plus

Hosting your friends for drinks will be infinitely more fun when you have quirky cocktail glasses (from $23.90). With curvy stems, pastel coloured bowls and little glass figurines attached to the rims, these cocktail glasses will have you coming back for more even before you’ve filled them with drinks.

Colourful cocktail glasses with wavy stems on display at Planet Plus

Don’t worry if you’re more of a wine person – Planet Plus also sells colourful wine glasses in bright colours such as pink and yellow. For something even more unique, pick up a few flower-themed hand-painted wine glasses ($26.90).

3. Ceramic mugs, plates and bowls

Ceramic mugs on display at Planet Plus

Aside from glassware, you can also check out Planet Plus’ adorable collection of ceramics. The ceramic mugs, plates and bowls are painted with animals, fruits and flowers. Be warned – it’s incredibly difficult to resist the temptation of buying the entire selection. 

Close up picture of ceramic mug with painted cartoon tigers

In addition to individual mugs, you can also find ceramic mug-and-saucer sets. Say goodbye to water rings on wooden tables and hello to these irresistibly cute animals and their matching saucers. 

Patterned ceramic plates and mugs on display at Planet Plus

Of course, there are also plenty of other options if you prefer patterned ceramics instead. Planet Plus has a huge selection of patterned ceramic plates and bowls – you might have a difficult time deciding between different-coloured polka dots, light blue fishes, flowers, and dainty strawberries. 

4. Textured pillows and throws 

Purple pillow and patterned pillow with tassles from Planet Plus

Once you’ve finished filling your cart with kitchenware and crockery, it’s time to move on to pillows and throws. Starting from $29.90, the wide selection of pillows offers everything from tassels to texture to add some dimension to your couch.

Ball Knotted Throw Pillows in the colours white, bright pink, purple, and blush pink

For something quirkier than a normal square pillow, take a look at the Ball Knotted Throw Pillows ($49.90). Choose between softer colours such as white and blush pink, or go with bolder colours like bright pink and purple to make a statement. 

Close up picture of different multicoloured throws

With the increase in rainy days and cool temperatures, sometimes it’s nice to have a cosy throw on hand. Smaller and lighter than a normal blanket, Planet Plus’ patterned throws are a unique decorative addition to your sofa or even your desk chair. They come in a huge variety of colours and styles – there are tons of options for both minimalists and maximalists alike.

5. Carpets, chairs and mirrors

Wavy mirror and colourful chair at Planet Plus

Planet Plus also sells quirky yet practical decor elements such as colourful chairs and standing mirrors with textured borders. Instead of sitting unnoticed in the corner, these unique elements will give your space an extra pop of personality by merging functionality and aesthetics. Their white wavy mirror (pictured above) is a dupe of the “Ultrafragola” designer mirror in Jisoo’s home – a home addition that the BLACKPINK star would definitely approve of. 

Carpets on sale at Planet Plus

Those with a soft spot for carpets will be glad to hear that you can get your hands on some from $2,000-$9,000 at Planet Plus. Browse through their selection of different colours and patterns, and consult the friendly staff for advice if you need any help deciding.

Visit Planet Plus at Scotts Square

Picture of Planet Plus light fixtures and sofas

Ask any homeowner and you’ll probably be told that furnishing a home is a never-ending journey. For those constantly on the lookout for novel pieces to add to spruce up the look of your space, then Planet Plus is one home decor store to put on your radar. It also helps that it’s just a 5-minute walk from Orchard MRT.

Address: 6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square #02-10/13, Singapore 228206
Opening hours: 9.30am-9.30pm, Daily
Contact: Planet Plus Instagram


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