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IKEA’s New DAJLIEN Collection Has Cute Workout Furniture & Accessories To Brighten Up Your Home Gym

12 January 2024 | BY

The whimsical aesthetic of IKEA’s DAJLIEN collection will definitely motivate you to work out hrader at home.

ikea dajlien

You’re not alone if the new year has motivated you to start working off all the calories you gained over the festive season. But it can be daunting to walk into a crowded gym in January. Thankfully, IKEA’s new DAJLIEN collection will help you achieve your 2024 #fitspo goals within the comfort of your home.

Pastel colours & versatile products in the IKEA DAJLIEN collection

ikea dajlien collection - green training weightsImage credit: IKEA

Most home workout equipment comes in only one aesthetic: ugly. While one can argue it’s not the point, there’s no harm in wanting your home gym to look cute and aesthetically pleasing. IKEA’s DAJLIEN collection with its subtle pastel colours will also have you wanting to put them on full display, rather than tucking them away after your HIIT session is done.

The collection sports 19 versatile products, including a storage bench that can double up as a training bench and keep all of your exercise equipment neatly tucked away. 

ikea dajlien storage benchImage credit: IKEA

Unfortunately, the selection of exercise equipment in the DAJLIEN collection isn’t like what you’d find at a proper gym. There’s a 4-piece exercise set ($49.90) that has knee cushions, a massage ball, and a yoga strap for you to do body-weight exercises. You can also choose from 2 sizes of exercise mats, both of which come in a delightful shade of green.

For those who want to tone their muscles, there’s a set of training weights ($29.90) made from cast iron that are just 3KG each. Their ring shape design also makes them easy to grab and easy on the eyes.

ikea dajlien trolleyImage credit: IKEA

The rest of the collection are versatile products that you’d want to buy, even if you aren’t making a home gym. The trolley ($129.90) can be also used in your kitchen to store your condiments, or bathroom as a mobile vanity. It comes in both white and light green, so you have options to choose from depending on your interior colours.

ikea dajlien air purifierImage credit: IKEA

There’s also an affordable air purifier ($50) that is portable and compact to ensure that your home gym is free of any pollutants, especially when haze season is near.

The DAJLIEN collection also has ponchos, bath towels, slippers, belt bags, valet stands, and cushions to complete that post-workout experience.

IKEA DAJLIEN home gym collection

ikea dajlien home workout collectionImage credit: IKEA

After decades of creating home furniture, it only makes sense that IKEA has workout equipment that’ll fit into our tiny abodes as well. You can buy the IKEA DAJLIEN collection now at IKEA outlets islandwide or online, and we recommend doing it soon as there are only limited quantities available in the collection.

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