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How To Give Your Home A Royal Look Straight Out Of Netflix’s “The Crown”

24 February 2023 | BY

If you have an unfulfilled dream of being royalty, here’s your chance to make it a reality with 8 items inspired by Netflix’s “The Crown”.

The Crown

There are 3 groups obsessed with British royalty in 2023: Prince Harry stans, boomers, and avid watchers of The Crown. If you happen to fall into the last group and would like to transplant some of that posh royal realness to your own home, here are 8 royalcore furniture and decor points to note.

Vintage European style with country house elements

A popular term amongst Gen Zs these days, “royalcore essentially combines the maximalism of the Italian Renaissance with the cosiness of an old but grand house in the countryside. 

The CrownImage credit: Real Homes

Popular royalcore furniture items include antique brocade chairs and sofas, Victorian style curtains, princess-y canopy beds, and chandeliers. The more snarky amongst us may call the trend a “boomer aesthetic”, but if it’s good enough for Queen Elizabeth, it’s good enough for us.

1. Antique brocade chairs

The CrownImage credit: Architectural Digest

The origins of brocade, a type of lusciously woven decorative silk, can be traced back to the Warring States period in ancient China. Given its popularity even today, it’s clear that people love a touch of luxury in their homes. 

The heavy fabric saw a resurgence in Europe during the Italian Renaissance, which is also where the modern style associated with brocade-upholstered furniture today comes from.

The CrownImages adapted from: Pinterest, Pinterest

Those who’ve watched The Crown will have spotted a plethora of these sumptuously decorated furniture in the show – it’s one of the few times the production team gets their history correct.

Decorative yet elegant, these chairs are an effortless way to give your home a fancy upgrade without seeming too extra. Though real antique brocade furniture is on the expensive side, with most pieces costing somewhere in the hundreds to even thousands on auction sites like 1stDibs; you can find affordable versions on Shopee for a fraction of the price. 

2. Solid wood study tables

The CrownA small behind the scenes moment featuring the desk.
Image credit: Netflix

Solid wood study tables are one of The Crown’s most iconic pieces, steadfastly supporting Queen Elizabeth as she does her daily administrative tasks. 

The CrownImage credit: 1stDibs

These desks from Laura Lauren and 1stDibs both fit the Victorian look down to a T, but do brace yourself for some hefty shipping charges as these stores are based overseas. You might be able to find modern versions from Singapore-based brands such as Noden.

3. Victorian-style curtains

The CrownImage credit: Radio Times

Despite being featured in pretty much every episode of The Crown, Victorian-style curtains are often overlooked. But that’s not too surprising as these curtains blend perfectly with the rest of the elegantly decorated set, while also framing it beautifully. 

Curtains like the ones featured in The Crown are available in a multitude of shades, but the colours that stand out are red and gold. The Versailles window curtain from Elrene going for $142, in particular, gets the royal vibes down to a T. They can also be paired with day curtains to keep the pesky sun out on blazing afternoons.

4. Canopy beds

The CrownImage credit: Netflix

Most kids, especially those who imagined themselves as princesses or a student at Hogwarts, daydreamed about owning a canopy bed. You may have even begged your parents for one, to no avail. Now that you are an adult with your own money, you can make this dream a reality.

Canopy beds don’t just add that fancy factor to a room, but they have a certain usefulness too. For one, the additional layers help with temperature regulation, something we’ll appreciate on those rare colder nights. But fair warning – it may get hard to leave this cocoon of warmth, especially on rainy mornings. 

The CrownOpt for a lace canopy for over-the-top opulence.
Image credit: Etsy 

Canopy bed frames are available locally from places like Singapore Home Furniture and Urban Mood. Canopy curtains are also available online, though Etsy is usually recommended for aesthetically pleasing ones. This canopy from Cotton Sweets, in particular, checks all the right boxes for some princess-y feels.

5. Low-seated furniture

So if there’s one thing The Crown has shown us, it’s the fact that low-seated furniture is associated with comfort and luxury. The Crown, in particular, uses this to a pretty excessive degree, with almost all their sitting room and lounge filming sets filled with low-seated furniture.

The CrownImage credit: Architectural Digest

If you’re unsure of where to source such furniture, try online marketplaces like Lazada, Rioteca and Past Perfect. The latter two have an extensive catalogue of colonial and vintage era furniture, though their price points are a little on the higher side: $900-$3,500. 

The CrownImages adapted from: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest

6. Glass chandeliers

The CrownImage credit: Netflix

Now, if you’re an avid reader of Uchify, you will know that we are pretty big fans of fun light fixtures. So, you’ll understand when we say that if you’re dressing your home to impress, you can’t leave out statement lights. 

The CrownImage credit: Light Atelier

Glass chandeliers, in particular, instantly spruce up a plain room and fill it with a warm glow. Somehow, it will also make you feel like a fancy upper class lady having a hushed, scandalous conversation while sipping some tea with your pinkies out.

In case you’re wondering where to get them, Horizon Lights seems to provide the most affordable glass chandeliers, with their cheapest ones going for around $200. If you don’t mind splurging a little however, higher-end retailers like Light Atelier and Light Makers might pique your interest with their luxurious designs.

7. Maximalist wallpaper

The CrownImage credit: Set Decorators Society

If you’re not sure where to start, just picture Morticia Addams’ love for dark florals, then lighten the palette and take it up to eleven. What can we say, the royals – and Gothic ladies who slay – love their flowers.

The CrownImage credit: Olive et Oriel

Floral wallpapers are oft-maligned and people commonly associate it with grandmas. If you can’t get over the mental block, that’s alright as there are other non-floral, maximalist wallpaper designs available. These wallpapers from Hello Circus, Honpo, and Goodrich feature animals, bold colours and even abstract patterns

Give your home a makeover fit for a royal

While we scoff – sometimes rightfully – at the excesses of royals around the world, there’s no denying that we have fantasised about living that bougie life at least once. Since royalcore decor is hotter than ever, now’s the perfect time to satisfy the whimsies of your inner child before it’s too late. 

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Cover image adapted from: Olive et Oriel, Pinterest, Etsy

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