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This Is A Singapore Airlines-Inspired HDB Flat That Pilots Will 100% Approve Of

22 November 2023 | BY

Pilots and fans of SQ would love this Singapore Airlines-inspired HDB flat that was conceptualized by AI.

Singapore Airlines-inspired HDB flat

Many HDB homeowners have dedicated their living spaces to their hobbies, whether it’s carving out room for their collection of aquatic creatures, or paying homage to retro video games. If you’re an aviation geek, you’ll probably want to incorporate some of your globetrotting passion into your home, and what better way to do it than have it be inspired by our national pride and joy, Singapore Airlines?

Below are some AI-generated renderings of what a Singapore Airlines-inspired HDB flat might look like if one has an unlimited renovation budget to play around with.

Opulent living room with Asian Batik-inspired furnishings

Singapore Airlines-inspired HDB flat

One of the most iconic motifs of Singapore Airlines is the Asian Batik sarong kebaya that the air stewardesses wear on the flights. That same design can also be incorporated into various parts of a home, including on the carpet and as a feature wall. 

The rest of the furnishings sport an equally luxurious vibe, from the flushed ceiling lamp with an ornate design to the handsome wooden coffee table. A toy model of an aeroplane hangs from the centre of the feature wall, balancing out the traditional elements of the living room with a touch of modernity.

Bedroom with plane models for aviation geeks

Singapore Airlines-inspired HDB flat

What better way to display all of your toy plane models than to hang them all on a wall in your bedroom solely dedicated to it, so you can dream of flying your plane even whilst you’re getting ready to go to bed. The intricate designs of the walls and ceiling also give the room an industrial feel which is balanced out by the minimalistic furnishings.

The AI generator also suggested having a globe on the wall by your bed, although we’d think installing such a heavy piece might not be the best decision, especially when it’s above your head.

Home office with a gigantic Singapore Airlines plane model

Singapore Airlines-inspired HDB flat

Even though it’s not the colour of our flag, the blue and yellow livery on all Singapore Airlines planes has a certain touch of comfort, as it feels like a part of our home even when we’re seeing it from an airport 10,000 miles away. This home office celebrates that said livery and a jumbo SIA plane by placing a huge model of it front and centre, right above the desk.

If having a human-sized model of a plane is not something you’re keen on acquiring, you could always switch it out for a world map that’s marked with all the airports you’ve flown to.

Walk-in wardrobe with a suit stand for a pilot’s uniform

Singapore Airlines-inspired HDB flat

A pilot’s uniform is one of the most recognisable pieces of clothing – especially at an airport – and it should have a place front and centre in a closet. This walk-in wardrobe with a squarish layout makes it easy to segregate the space into multiple compartments, as well as letting the pilot’s uniform have its spotlight in the middle of the room.

Here’s where you can tell that AI isn’t all that up to standard yet: the drawers at first glance look pretty normal, but any homeowner would fire a contractor who does such a shoddy job with their handles. 

Bathroom with a panoramic wallpaper of flying aeroplanes

Singapore Airlines-inspired HDB flat

If you’ve been stuck on a plane for 12 hours or more, coming back home to a spacious toilet like this one will have you breathing a sigh of relief. The bathroom is plastered with scenic and panoramic wallpaper that has you feeling like you’re still 30,000 feet up in the air. The dual sinks are also a luxury compared to the tiny ones in aeroplane bathrooms.

The piece de resistance in this bathroom is undoubtedly the bathtub. You can have a soak here while staring up at an illustration of a Singapore Airlines plane. Bonus points for your interior designer if they ensure that the illustration is of your favourite plane model, too. 

Singapore Airlines-inspired HDB flat

A more realistic bathroom that might fit into an HDB flat would be this iteration with a standing shower instead. Although one might argue that no one needs so many bottles of soap, shampoo, and other cleansers in their bathroom.

AI-generated Singapore Airlines-inspired HDB flat

If you’ve already exhausted all of your home renovation inspiration on sites like Instagram and Pinterest, perhaps you could try your hand at using AI to generate some cool concepts that you might otherwise not see on other platforms.

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