BLACKPINK Rosé’s Million-Dollar Luxury Apartment Has Gorgeous Skyline Views Of Seoul

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BLACKPINK’s Roseanne Park lives in one of Seoul’s most expensive districts, just a few steps from BTS’ headquarters.

BLACKPINK Rosé’s House

K-Pop idols and luxury apartments in Seoul go hand in hand. Back-to-back album promotions and world tours necessitate having a safe and comforting sanctuary to recharge in. That’s why we see most idols opting to live in gated communities such as UN Village, or away from the general public.

Most idols except Rosé.

Unlike her peers, the BLACKPINK singer is currently staying in a luxury apartment that’s right in one of the busiest parts of Seoul: Yongsan. In fact, the lower level of her building is a shopping area that can be accessed by the general public. Of course, this does not discount the fact that Rosé’s home is prime real estate. With her bestie, Lisa, recently making headlines for her mansion purchase, let’s look at where Rosé calls home.

BLACKPINK Rosé’s literal $9.8M sky castle

BLACKPINK Rosé’s Million-Dollar Luxury ApartmentImage credit: @roses_are_rosie

Besides having one of the best voices in K-Pop, Rosé also has one of the best views of Seoul – thanks to her luxury apartment: Yongsan Prugio Summit. 

Units here typically span 1,200sqft-2,938sqft—which is more than enough space for Rosé and her dog, Hank. Through the power of social media, we know that Rosé’s home is located on one of the upper floors of Yongsan Prugio Summit, which would put its value at about KRW9.5 billion (~S$9.8M).

That price is totally worth it when you consider the gorgeous view of Seoul’s skyline Rosé’s getting after a hard day’s work. 

Penchant for designer pieces whilst keeping it comfy

BLACKPINK Rosé’s Million-Dollar Luxury ApartmentImage credit: @roses_are_rosie

Befitting her chic personality, Rosé’s home sports a neutral colour palette and a cosy vibe. Around her apartment, you’ll find stone tile walls with various shades of grey, and an assortment of sofas and bean bag chairs.

BLACKPINK Rosé’s Million-Dollar Luxury Apartment Image credit: @roses_are_rosie

BLACKPINK Rosé’s Million-Dollar Luxury ApartmentImage credit: @roses_are_rosie

One of the most striking centrepieces in Rosé’s apartment is the Seletti Lipsticks Toiletpaper Mirror which can also be found in Jennie’s house. Retailing at US$914 (~S$1,227), the mirror has brass trimmings and eye-catching decals of hands holding lipsticks – a recipe for breathtaking selfies.

BLACKPINK Rosé’s Million-Dollar Luxury ApartmentImage credit: @roses_are_rosie

Ardent fans will also be familiar with Rosé’s iconic lamp from Halo Edition which emits a calming, multi-hued light.

BLACKPINK Rosé’s Million-Dollar Luxury ApartmentImage credit: @roses_are_rosie

Rosé’s talents have garnered her a legion of fans. One of whom is John Mayer who gifted her a signed edition of his PRS Silver Sky electric guitar in Roxy Pink. That guitar is now showcased for all her guests to see. A few lucky friends have even gotten the chance to play it! 

BLACKPINK Rosé’s Million-Dollar Luxury ApartmentPanoramic views from her apartment’s expansive windows.
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5-minute walk from HYBE HQ

BLINKs hoping to run into Rosé in Yongsan could potentially have a 2-in-1 deal. After all, she lives right across the street from Jisoo who’s currently residing in Yongsan Central Park Harrington Square—which is also where Lisa used to stay. Furthermore, Yongsan Prugio Summit is a 5-minute walk from HYBE HQ which means you might also just see BTS and NewJeans in your area. 

In fact, ardent K-Pop stans can even make a day trip out of Yongsan! The district is also home to the ultra-exclusive Hannam-dong area where celebrities such as Jennie, G-Dragon, SHINEE’s Key, and BTS’ Suga live.

BLACKPINK Rosé’s luxury home

Through their houses, we can see just how different the BLACKPINK members are in terms of personality. Despite this, the four ladies remain closely bonded which has led to some of the best music in K-Pop. 

If you’re hungry to see more luxury apartments from South Korean celebs, check out Song Joong Ki’s atas houses!

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Cover image adapted from: @roses_are_rosie, Structurae

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