Song Joong Ki Buys One Of Korea’s Most Expensive Luxury Apartments In Gangnam

20 February 2023 | BY

We take a peek at Song Joong Ki’s latest luxury apartment purchase, as well as the other atas properties in his portfolio.

Song Joong Ki Buys Cheongdam Apartment

2023 looks set to be an eventful year for Song Joong Ki – the Reborn Rich star revealed his relationship with British actress Katy Louise Saunders in December 2022, then announced their marriage and pregnancy the next month. Talk about efficiency.

The newly married actor also made the news in January 2023 for his purchase of one of the most expensive apartments in South Korea – Eterno Cheongdam. If he moves into the building, Song Joong Ki may just become neighbours with singer and actress Lee Ji Eun, better known as IU.

Song Joong Ki buys apartment in Cheongdam-dong, may be neighbours with IU

Eterno Cheongdam facadeImage credit: Hyundai Engineering & Construction

Located in the prestigious Gangnam district – Cheongdam-dong, to be precise – Eterno Cheongdam is a luxury apartment complex slated to be completed in December 2023. Like many other upmarket projects in the area, a unit at Eterno Cheongdam doesn’t come cheap – the smallest flat costs a hefty KRW12 billion (~$12.6 million).

The name “Eterno Cheongdam” may ring a bell for K-pop and K-drama fans. In 2021, IU made the news when she paid for her Eterno Cheongdam apartment purchase entirely in cash. Likewise, Song Joong Ki dropped the entire amount in cold hard cash. Oh to be rich, ridiculously attractive, and successful.

And no, they weren’t flexing for no reason – South Korea doesn’t allow mortgage loans for apartments that cost KRW1.5 billion (~$1.5 million). The ban is part of the government’s efforts to combat soaring property prices in affluent neighbourhoods, though the edict was met with much criticism. But since we’re not Korean millionaires, that’s not our problem.

Luxury apartment designed by renowned Spanish architect Rafael Moneo

National Museum of Roman Art in SpainNational Museum of Roman Art.
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

The price for a unit at Eterno Cheongdam may be eye-wateringly high, but it’s for a good reason. It was designed by the renowned Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, whose portfolio includes the National Museum of Roman Art in Spain. But you aren’t here to hear about that, are you?

What Song Joong Ki’s house looks like

Song Joong Ki Eterno Cheongdam Super Pent ApartmentSuper-Pent.
Image credit: Eterno Cheongdam

We know you’re here to find out what Song Joong Ki’s future apartment looks like, and we’d admit we were burning with curiosity too. The 20-storey apartment building has 4 underground levels – for parking, perhaps – and 5 apartment types in total.

Song Joong Ki Eterno Cheongdam PenthouseDuplex Penthouse.
Image credit: Eterno Cheongdam

The priciest and hence the most clickbait-worthy type is the Super-Pent, which is a double-storey “super penthouse” that reportedly costs KRW30 billion (~$31 million). The ultra-luxurious penthouse takes up the 19th and 20th floors, and it measures 488.18 sqm in total.

Song Joong Ki Eterno Cheongdam apartmentNatural landscaping at Eterno Cheongdam.
Image credit: Eterno Cheongdam

Song Joong Ki’s apartment is reportedly priced at a relatively more modest KRW15 billion ($15.6 million), which is the same as IU’s.

Here’s what Eterno Cheongdam will look like:

Song Joong Ki’s other properties

Like his character in Reborn Rich, Song Joong Ki is known for making smart decisions in investments. In fact, several of his properties have doubled in value within less than 10 years, and to date, he owns an estimated KRW50 billion worth of real estate.

Hannam-dong apartment

Nine One Hannam Song Joong KiImage adapted from: gabomTV

Before moving to his current residence in Itaewon, Song Joong Ki used to call his Nine One Hannam apartment home, which he reportedly bought for KRW9.5 billion (~S$9.9 million). There, his famous neighbours included BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, actor Lee Jong Suk, and BTS members Jimin and Namjoon.

Nine One Hannam BedroomImage adapted from: gabomTV

Part of the reason why Nine One Hannam is so popular with celebrities is that there’s a 4-step verification system to ensure the security and privacy of the residents. Beyond that, there’s also a slew of amenities including a park, gym, basketball court, golf course, swimming pool, restaurants, a market, and a lounge where chefs make breakfast daily.

Nine One Hannam living roomImage adapted from: gabomTV

Everything is housed in a sprawling complex that resembles a mini town with 341 residential units in total. With so many facilities located within Nine One Hannam, one can feasibly go for an extended period of time without leaving the compound – a haven for introverts, if we’re being honest.

The smallest unit here measures 2,600sqft, which is larger than even the biggest HDB jumbo flat. 

Check out the house tour here: 

Itaewon house

Song Joong Ki Itaewon HouseImage credit: Star Today

Located on Hoenamu-ro 44-gil, aka the 3rd most expensive road in South Korea, the single-family building in Itaewon was meant to be the marital home of the Song-Song couple. But despite being known as Song Joong Ki’s  “newlywed house” with Song Hye Kyo, the couple never actually lived there during the course of their 20-month marriage.

Here’s the deal: Song Joong Ki reportedly purchased the building in November 2016 for KRW 10 billion (~$10.4 million). 2 years later, he applied for a permit to tear down the original structure and build a 2-storey house with 3 underground levels in its place.

Due to the 3 underground levels, stringent checks had to be made to ensure structural integrity before construction could begin, and the approval process was painfully long. Adding to the delay was the actor’s highly publicised divorce. All in all, his house was only completed on 8th Feb 2022.

Song Joong Ki Itaewon house narrow roadNarrow road outside Song Joong Ki’s Itaewon residence.
Image credit: SBS News

Song Joong Ki’s ordeal didn’t stop there – in 2021, he got into a bit of a kerfuffle with his neighbours when he got his contractors to repave the road outside his house. Though well-meaning, the repavement made the already tight road even narrower, and residents could barely drive through it.

Eventually, Song Joong Ki offered to give up 1,500sqft of his 9,000sqft property to the government so that they could widen the road, thus appeasing his neighbours and earning the goodwill of South Korea’s famously critical netizens.

According to recent reports, the actor is enjoying his newlywed life in his Itaewon home with Katy Louise Saunders, her family, and their pets. And to sweeten things further, a house in his neighbourhood was sold for KRW23 billion (~S$23.7 million), suggesting that Song Joong Ki’s property may have also doubled in value.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Song Joong Ki on roofImage credit: @hi_songjoongki

Imagine being able to buy a holiday home overseas on a whim – Song Joong Ki can relate. Back in November 2019, eagle-eyed fans spotted Song Joong Ki and his family vacationing in Hawaii, which then gave birth to rumours of him purchasing a property there. 

Fans’ uncanny speculations quickly proved to be true. Sports Chosun, a Korean newspaper that primarily covers sports and entertainment, obtained documentation that the actor had bought a luxury beachfront apartment for KRW2.77 billion (S$2.8 million) in December 2019. 

Song Joong Ki InstagramImage credit: @hi_songjoongki

The apartment is reportedly located near Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu, and Song Joong Ki’s unit is located on one of the highest floors of the 40-storey building. According to the newspaper, the place is known to have good security measures and privacy – something that’s much needed if a relaxing vacation inevitably involves the press tracking your every move.

Song Joong Ki’s $15.6M apartment in Gangnam

Not many people can afford to drop $15.6 million on a house in cold hard cash, but we’re glad that Song Joong Ki is one of them. After all, he’s entertained us over the years with stellar dramas, and he’s also known to be a philanthropist who readily helps out those in need. 

Now, if you need us, we’ll be busy manifesting our own success and multi-million apartment instead of being jealous.

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Cover image adapted from: @hi_songjoongki, Eterno Cheongdam

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