5 Modern Ways To Incorporate Glass Blocks Into Your Reno Without Making Your Home Look Too Dated

4 May 2022 | BY

Here are 5 modern ways to incorporate glass blocks into your home reno, to turn your home from drab to fab.

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Singaporeans are no strangers to the glass block. We’ve seen them practically everywhere from old-school shopping centres and schools to even our HDB lift landings. And while these blocks induce a bout of nostalgia, only a handful of homeowners dare to introduce this interesting architectural element in their homes for fear of it looking dated and old-fashioned. 

We’re about to smash that misconception to smithereens with these 5 modern ways to incorporate glass bricks in your home for an ultra-modern and chic look.

1. As an entryway partition

entryway partitionImage credit: Pinterest

Whether your home is an HDB flat or a condo unit, entryway privacy is a big priority for those of us  who like to throw our windows and doors open for that added ventilation. Instead of buying loose dividing screens, take a leaf out of this London office’s reno playbook and go for some glass bricks. 

You won’t have to worry about a shortage of natural light coming into your flat, nor will you have to put up with the curious glances of neighbours walking past. Playing with bright, contrasting colours can also instantly transform your home into an eclectic, contemporary space.

2. In the bathroom in place of shower screens

glass blocks
Image credit: Planete-Deco

We’re all used to seeing glass shower screens in bathrooms to demarcate the wet and dry areas, but if you’re looking for an alternative to frosted glass for a tad more privacy, glass blocks may just be the thing you need to give your bathroom a touch of luxury.

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The Palm Co.

Forget the run-of-the-mill homogenous glass blocks, switch up the laying pattern up with a double basketweave, herringbone or Spanish bond with glass bricks of different sizes to elevate the look and feel of your toilet.

You’ll have ample light pouring in thanks to the glass and your bathroom will be visually brighter and more welcoming.

3. As a feature wall in the bedroom

glass blocks
Image credit:
Arch Daily

Feature walls come highly recommended by interior designers for their ability to centre a room as the focal point. Built-in shelving, a photo gallery and wallpaper are some means to achieve this; but a glass block featured wall has the added benefit of brightening a space.

glass blocks
Image credit:
Denis Balabaev

For something deliberately artistic, put together a random arrangement of different patterned glass blocks. Throw in some black grout lines, and you’ll have yourself something that looks like an actual work of art.

Glass blocks are super versatile and go well with any finish, whether you’re going for a raw industrial brick and concrete look or a classy mid-century modern theme.

4. As a kitchen backsplash

glass blocks
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Tiles tempered glass are materials homeowners and IDs turn to when it comes to kitchen backsplashes for sheer versatility in terms of design and practicality. For something equally low-maintenance and hardy, opt for a coloured or patterned glass block backsplash. Bonus points go to the fact that it’ll also be a definite conversation starter.

glass blocks
Bright, colourful glass blocks can add a pop of personality to typical Scandi homes.

Image credit: Pinterest

5. In place of hackable walls

glass blocks
Glass blocks used to form parallel “walls” in a bathroom.

Image credit: Arch Daily

It almost seems customary for younger homeowners to break down at least one wall in their new HDB flats to let more light in or free up space for a larger living space. If a light-drenched home is a prerequisite in your home reno, but privacy is something you just can’t quite give up on, consider replacing non-structural walls with glass blocks.

With this, you won’t have to worry about the room looking too plain, because there isn’t much of a need to further dress glass blocks, these add texture and form an accent wall on their own. 

Modern ways to use glass blocks in your home reno

In fashion, even old trends are given a second chance to shine – and it’s no different with architectural elements. The stylish examples above prove that the sky’s the limit, and glass blocks can be an ultra-modern feature in your home when used correctly. 

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Cover image adapted from: Arch Daily, The Palm Co.

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