7 Gorgeous Ways To Use Arches In Your Home For A Trending Look

27 April 2023 | BY

These Singapore homes show us that doorways and niches aren’t the only way to incorporate arched features into a home.

7 Gorgeous Ways To Use Arches In Your Home For A Trending Look

Arched home features are back in style, and Singaporean homeowners won’t want to miss out. But with arched doorways and arched wall niches becoming more commonplace, it’s no surprise that a search for alternative ways to incorporate arches into homes has commenced. 

While some homeowners prefer simple DIYs and easy reno-free ways to add arched elements into their homes, others are already calling up their main contractor. Either way, these 7 ideas for gorgeous arched features go far beyond the basic arched doorway and niche – and you can thank fellow Singaporean homeowners for the home inspo. 

1. Arched fluted glass installation 

Arched features - Fluted glass arch installationImage credit: @d_marvel_scale

The arched fluted glass installation in the dining room of this condo at Waterscape is one step up from a typical arched doorway. Made by fitting textured glass into a narrow wall archway, the fluted glass installation elevates a home interior without being obtrusive. 

Fluted glass has a ribbed surface that adds texture to a home, and its translucency delineates spaces without feeling stuffy. It also gives homeowners the opportunity to play around with the lighting between adjacent rooms. 

Constructed next to a curved rectangular doorway, the arched fluted glass installation seamlessly integrates itself into the home environment.

2. Wide archway

Arched features - Wide archwayImage credit: @aulait.home

A wide archway is perfect for homeowners who are thinking of an open concept home layout or kitchen. Rather than directly integrating your kitchen into your dining room, the wide archway acts as a gateway that separates the cooking and dining areas without compromising on the beauty of an open kitchen. 

Instead of a full wide boxy archway, homeowners can also take a leaf out of this 4-room BTO’s book and construct half an archway. Playing around with the shape and dimensions of a wide wall arch is a great way to incorporate arched elements into a home while still maintaining linear shapes and clean lines. 

Arched features - Wide archway with soft rounded edgesImage credit: @wasa.bihome

Alternatively, go for a wide, dreamy archway with rounded edges that matches the soft look of your home. As compared to the normal clean cut finish of regular arches, rounded edges are a subtle yet unconventional detail that creates a more gentle feel. Together with soft, cascading curtains and a neutral colour palette, the arched feature wall in the bedroom of this 93sqm HDB creates a lush aura in the space. 

3. Half-moon hole in the wall 

Arched features - Half-moon hole in the wall breakfast nookImage credit: The Local INN.terior 

A half-moon hole in the wall is a charming and whimsical way to add an arched element to your home. The hole-in-the-wall concept can be used in different parts of the house – it can be constructed as part of a semi-open kitchen concept, or even as a window between two rooms. 

For greater versatility, consider installing custom cut glass windows into the half-moon wall openings to create an interior window. This is an especially great idea for homes with semi-open kitchens – the interior window can be closed during heavy cooking, which prevents oil and smoke from travelling through the rest of the house.

Arched features - D-shaped hole in the wallImage credit: @interiors_by_seeck 

For something more unconventional, look at Intr Studio’s take on the half-moon hole in the wall. A D-shaped hole in the wall may be a bold design choice, but it definitely results in an eye-catching living room centrepiece.

4. Statement door with arched features

Arched features - Statement doorsImage credit: @huangyoushijie, @ourbunnyhaus

We’ve talked about wide arches for open concept kitchens, and half-moon wall holes for semi-open concept kitchens, but rest assured we haven’t forgotten about homeowners who prefer a traditional enclosed kitchen. 

There’s no need to do renovation work or search for an arched kitchen door – there are tons of ways to incorporate arched features into a regular rectangular door frame. Statement doors with arched features can complement a variety of interior design styles; a wooden door with sunburst frames would fit right into a modern farmhouse theme, while a white arch statement door would better suit the vibe of a clean and light minimalist home. 

The wood-lined arch sliding doors in this Singaporean home is another example of using doors to incorporate arched elements. The panels of the sliding doors line up to form a row of consecutive arches while maximising natural light. Glass panels within the arches allow daylight to stream through the house, which contributes to a lovely ambiance. 

Arched features - Black steel frame glass folding doorsImage credit: @aithenggg 

For homeowners looking to achieve a more modern aesthetic, go for avant-garde black steel frame glass folding doors instead. These versatile doors act as a partition between two areas of the house, and the arched design of the steel frame is displayed in its full glory when the doors are fully unfolded. 

5. Arched cabinets

Arched features - Wooden rattan cabinets with arch designImage credit: @wahdahouseisours

A more understated yet effective way to use arched elements in your home is to invest in cabinets with arched designs. These Scandi wooden cabinets with rattan arches are a gorgeous addition to a HDB foyer, and check the boxes for both practicality and aesthetics. 

There are many variations on the wooden rattan arch cabinet, whether you prefer a short 4-door arched sideboard, a tall arch storage wardrobe, or something with darker colours like this ash black rattan arch cabinet

Besides combining functionality with design to add an arched element to your home, cabinets are relatively low-cost and you can easily sell it off when you’re no longer into arches.

Arched features - Half-moon glass overhead kitchen cabinetsImage credit: @the.cozyforest

Kitchen cabinets with arched designs are another option – they subtly integrate a classy arched element to your cooking area, and can be customised to complement different kitchen interiors. The half-moon glass overhead cabinets in this open-concept kitchen add a unique touch to the otherwise plain white cabinets, and contribute to the airy feel of the HDB flat.

6. Painted arch

Arched features - Painted living room wall archImage credit: @the.cozyforest 

Embark on an easy, fun and cheap DIY home project that adds an arched feature to your home without the need for hammering and drilling. A painted arch is perfect for an accent wall in any room – it can be placed behind a TV in the living room, used as a backdrop for the headboard of a bed, or even added to a plain kitchen wall for some extra pizzazz in the kitchen. 

Process of creating a DIY painted archImage credit: Life on Summerhill 

With a steady pair of hands and a little help from the gods of geometry, it’s not too difficult to achieve a painted arch. Must-have items for the paint job include a pencil, string, painter’s tape, an angled paint brush, a paint roller, and of course, wall paint.

The pencil and string will help you draw an arch shape by acting as a geometrical compass, and painter’s tape is used to prevent the paint from bleeding outside the arch. An angled paint brush ensures a clean paint job around the edges of the arch, while a paint roller comes in handy for filling in the shape. 

Arched features - Painted arch in kitchenImage credit: @chualeedengchu

As long as you’re careful with your paint job and go for the right colour scheme, things can’t go too wrong. For a seamless transition between rooms, try using the same paint colour as the walls in the adjacent room, or a shade that complements the furniture in your home. 

Painted arches have tons of creative potential – playing around with colours and designs can yield stunningly unique results for your home.

7. Arched wall decal

Arched features - Arch wall decalImage credit: @interiors_by_seeck 

If a DIY paint job seems like too much work, you can always opt for an arched wall decal instead. Fuss-free and easy to use, these decals can be pasted onto most smooth and clean surfaces, such as walls, cupboard doors, and glass screens. 

In addition to being convenient, another advantage of arched wall decals is their impermanence. Rather than constructing an actual archway or committing to a paint job, wall decals allow homeowners to easily remove or change their arches on a whim. 

Finding arch wall decals that suit your home interior isn’t difficult – with a quick Taobao or Shopee search, you’ll find yourself with dozens of options at your fingertips. Many wall decals come in sets, with a variety of shapes and complementary colours. There are even waterproof arch wall decals that can be used for bathrooms. 

Using arched features in your home for a trending look

These Singapore homes show us that doorways and niches aren’t the only way to incorporate arched features into a home. 

Achieve a trendy home interior by taking inspiration from our list of 7 gorgeous ways to use arches in your home. Say goodbye to basic arched doorways and wall niches, and hello to unique arched home elements. 

For more home reno ideas and tips from fellow Singaporeans:

Cover image adapted from: The Local INN.terior, @d_marvel_scale

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