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Spending $3.2K To Give Our HDB Flat Curves & Arches

19 December 2023 | BY

This couple proves that you don’t have to break the bank to give your home a curvy edge.

curves in hdb flat

Arches and curved features have been all the rage lately, and it looks like the trend is here to stay. While there are tons of gorgeous ways to incorporate arches into a home, cashing out for all the extra renovation work isn’t always the most feasible for homeowners on a budget.

From curve-edged furniture to a unique storeroom entrance arch, Yin and Wils take us through a breakdown of how they managed to create a variety of unique and elegant curved features in their 4-room Bukit Batok HDB flat for just $3.2k.

Soft Scandi style with arches and curved features

white scandinavian entryway - curves in hdb flatHome entryway with curvy pond mirror.
Image credit: Yin and Wils

A pair of homebodies who enjoy being in the comfort of their own living quarters, Yin and Wils designed their home with the aim of creating a calm and cosy space. With a relatively squarish layout, their flat had a spacious and open feel, affording them plenty of freedom when it came to renovating and styling their home. The property also came with an extended HDB entryway, which was bought over by the previous owner.

The couple was drawn to Scandinavian designs and clean minimalism, with the latter being both an aesthetic and a practical choice for ease of maintenance and cleaning. They decided on a subtle and neutral, yet warm and earthy colour palette that creates a soothing and welcoming ambience.

During the brainstorming phase for their home renovation, Yin and Wils found themselves particularly drawn to the prevailing interior design trend at the time – curved features. From arched entryways to rounded furniture, the couple was allured by the soft sophistication and the promise of added character and a distinctive touch.

Stuck to a $3.2k budget for renovating the curved features

The couple’s main challenge was sticking to their renovation budget. After receiving quotations that surpassed their anticipated cost, Yin and Wils were forced to modify their initial wish list to cut costs.

renovation in progress of adding curves in hdb flatRenovation process.
Image credit: Yin and Wils

“We had to be realistic and give up some of our wants to stay within the budget,” they said. Some of the items they had to forgo included a living room settee and storage space beneath their master room platform bed. Nevertheless, the couple managed to find substitutes for their original preferences, such as a bench from Taobao and storage solutions from IKEA.

Ultimately, the renovation cost for the curved features added up to roughly $3.2k:

  • Curved wall from living room to kitchen walkway ($300)
  • Wooden suspended ledge in the kitchen ($420)
  • Curved tiling in common and master bathrooms ($500)
  • Master bedroom wardrobe box-up ($380)
  • Master bathroom curved glass screen and sink cabinet ($600)
  • Overhead arch between kitchen and yard ($800)
  • Storeroom arched entryway ($200)

Arches leading into the storeroom, kitchen, and sleeping nook

Finding an interior designer with an eye for curved aesthetics was central to the renovation process. The couple’s interior designer, Serene from INTR Studio, played a key role with her suggestions on how to integrate more curves into areas such as their kitchen, master bedroom wardrobe, and even storeroom entryway.

storeroom and entryway arches Storeroom arch entryway and kitchen arch.
Image credit: Yin and Wils

One particularly unique idea was to replace their storeroom door with an arched entryway. “The doorless design was suggested by Serene – it was a smart idea as the absence of a door created more space,” the couple explained, elaborating that the curtain design was inspired by a Blogshop’s fitting room.

Another arch entryway was constructed between the kitchen and the service yard, creating a smooth transition between the 2 spaces while demarcating them as separate areas.

The couple also redid the sharp corner turn between their living room and kitchen into a curved wall, eliminating the harsh edge while allowing the spaces to connect seamlessly.

curved entryway in master bedroomA curved entryway separates the sleeping nook and wardrobe area.
Image credit: Yin and Wils

Yin and Wils’ favourite curved feature in their home lies within their master bedroom. Created to separate the sleeping and dressing areas in their room, the curved wardrobe entryway allowed the couple to create a walk-in wardrobe concept without sacrificing an extra room. Together with their elevated platform bed, the curved entryway creates a warm and cosy sleeping nook – the perfect sanctuary for a peaceful night’s rest.

Handpicked furniture and decor with gentle, curved lines

Extending the theme of curved features from their renovation choices to their home furnishings, Yin and Wils intentionally opted for furniture with gentle, curved lines rather than sharp and angular shapes. “To embrace the openness of our living space, we went with more loose furniture pieces instead of built-ins, which were curated and added over time,” they elaborated.

rounded tv console and curvy mirrorRound-edged TV console and curvy pond mirror.
Image credit: Yin and Wils

The unique brick-red TV console in the couple’s living room, with curved ends and open storage, has become one of the most asked-about furniture pieces in their home. Meanwhile, a 160cm-tall curvy pond mirror placed at the entryway serves as both a functional and stylish statement piece.

custom curve edge dining tableCurve-edged dining table.
Image credit: Yin and Wils

The focal point of their living room, a custom-made 210cm dining table with curved edges, brings a cafe-like vibe to their home. “We spend quite a lot of time here eating and working, and it’s great for gatherings with large groups of friends or family members,” Yin and Wils elaborated.

curved features in bathroomCommon bathroom, vanity area, and master bathroom.
Image credit: Yin and Wils

The couple’s commitment to incorporating curves doesn’t just stop at furniture. The common and master bathroom feature several curved elements – ranging from tile arrangement and curved shower screens to round-edged mirrors – which add a sense of fluidity and softness to the overall bathroom aesthetic.

Additionally, those with a good eye will also notice the half-moon door handles on the cupboards near the vanity area; a subtle yet intentional touch that pairs nicely with the round-edged backlit vanity mirror.

Spending $3.2k to give their HDB flat arches and curved features

Reflecting on their renovation choices in hindsight, Yin and Wils would have chosen to create a more defined wall curve between their living room and kitchen. “The current wall curve didn’t quite achieve the prominence we envisioned. Other than that, we feel that our home has a good balance of curved and angular features,” they shared.

From arched structural features to curved furniture and stylistic design choices, Yin and Wils infused their Scandi-style home with a soft, gentle ambience – spending a grand total of $3.2k for all the curved features in their HDB flat.

Check out Yin and Wils’ home at @yinwilshome.

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Cover image adapted from: Yin and Wils

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