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10 Adorable Shopee Items From $3 To Cute-sify Your Bedroom

13 September 2023 | BY

From quirky phone holders to whimsical coat racks, here are 10 cute Shopee bedroom decor products we’ve curated to give your room a burst of charm.

Those who have spent any time on 小红书 (Xiaohongshu) would have seen plenty of adorable novelty rooms and have thought about replicating the same look. But if you’re not as adept at navigating Taobao due to language barriers, Shopee offers a wide array of similar products with comparable quality without the need to Google Translate every page.

From quirky phone holders to whimsical coat racks, here are 10 cute Shopee bedroom decor products we’ve curated to give your room a burst of charm.

1. Realistic food stools

If you’ve ever adored the delightful world of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs during your childhood, these stools that are designed after a hamburger, corn cob, cheese, and ice cream are a must-have.

hamburger and corncob stool

Image credit: 小红书

Not only are they going for around $80 each on Shopee – the cheese stool is more expensive at $96 – but they are the same ones that have been spotted in various novelty-themed bedrooms. With one of these eye-catching additions to your room, you might be tempted to take a bite whenever you’re sitting on them. Even the corn cob stool has already been bitten into!

Get the realistic food stools (from $79.27) on Shopee here.

2. Milk carton phone holder & night light

yogurt carton phone holder

Image credit: Shopee

Food-related items have been a popular trend – just take a look at the food stools above – and this milk carton phone holder is no exception. Priced at $21, this whimsical find offers more than just aesthetics as it can double up as a night light. The night light itself has 2 modes of brightness and has battery life to accompany you for 4-6 hours depending on the intensity.

You can prop your smartphone up on its legs to function as an alarm clock as well. Just remember to charge it before you go to bed!

Get the milk carton phone holder & night light ($21.62) on Shopee here.

3. Cute balloon clock

For those seeking a touch of cuteness without fully committing to a bold and quirky piece that might deviate from their current bedroom theme, the perfect solution comes in the form of a clock that has been inflated to resemble a balloon.

balloon clock

Image credit: 小红书

This mesmerising clock with its 3D balloon effect offers a sophisticated take on playful home decorations. Guests that come and visit your home will also definitely be tempted to poke your new clock; you’d probably want to warn those who have freshly-manicured nails that it’s made of hard plastic.

Get the balloon clock ($81.50) on Shopee here.

4. Pear side table

Pear side table

Image credit: 小红书

Forget the ordinary side tables with Scandi wood designs – this pear-shaped side table with a smiley face will bring a smile to your face wherever you place it. The transparent table top makes it look like the table is wearing a hat as well.

Get the pear-shaped side table ($189) on Shopee here.

5. Bread light

bread light

Image credit: Shopee

If you love all-things-toast, then this bread lamp will fit right into your home. Resembling a toaster with a functional switch, this unique lamp won’t be doing any actual toasting, but it offers a clever way to dim the brightness of your lamp allowing you to create the perfect ambience for any occasion. 


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The lamp comes in 3 colours – green, red, and white – to fit into any room’s interior aesthetic. It’s also portable, having up to 6 hours in battery with a 2.5-hour charge.

Get the bread lamp ($11.18) on Shopee here.

6. Peekaboo animal hooks

Peekaboo animal hooks

Image credit: Shopee

While there’s nothing wrong with using generic white hooks for your trinkets, these peekaboo animal hooks will give you a nice little surprise every time you hang something from it. When there’s nothing hanging from the hook, it appears as an unsuspecting box. But once you drape something on the hook, an animal will pop up from the top, “shocked” that you would dare hang your keys on their tail.

At just $3.19 per hook and a choice between cats, bears, or mice, this is an unbeatable deal to add some adorable energy into your entryway.

Get the peekaboo animal hooks ($3.19) on Shopee here.

7. Biscuit cushion 

While Alice in Wonderland may have encountered giant cookies that altered her size, these biscuit cushions offer something even better – a perfect blend of cuteness and comfort.

Biscuit cushion

Image credit: 小红书

With a wide selection of biscuit designs to choose from, these cushions are not only adorable but also provide support for any work chair. Elevate your work-from-home days with a touch of whimsy and added endurance.

Get the biscuit cushion ($11.34) on Shopee here.

8. Flower accessories holder

Flower accessories holder

Image credit: 小红书

If you love flowers but can’t keep one alive for more than a day, these flower stands will add a softer touch to your vanity corner and they don’t need to be watered at all. They come in a yellow and pink option depending on what shade would go best with your jewellery and accessories.

Tulip storage box

Image credit: Shopee

There is also a tulip-shaped with deeper storage for bigger items like makeup brushes, stationary, and other possessions you like to have at arm’s reach.

Get the flower stands ($45.85) and tulip storage boxes ($18.62) on Shopee.

9. Mushroom coat rack

Mushroom coat rack

Image credit: 小红书

For those who are all about the cottage-core vibe, this mushroom coat rack is one way to seamlessly incorporate extensive wardrobe storage while staying true to the theme. Adorned with multiple fungi knobs each with a different colour, the rack is perfect for hanging your bags and accessories in the most enchanting way possible.

The “mushroom stems” also come in different colours – white, blue, yellow, and pink – to blend in with your surroundings. Those who need more space can also opt for the upgraded coat rack which is slightly taller than the normal version.

Get the mushroom coat rack (from $46.98) on Shopee here.

10. Ceramic cheese tissue holder

Although $36 for a tissue box is a price few are willing to pay, we think that the quality and the design of it justifies the cost, especially if you’re a cheese lover.

Ceramic cheese tissue holder

Image credit: 小红书

This glossy ceramic tissue box offers a peek into an alternate reality where Cookie Monster is in love with cheese instead and has started melting, especially in the yellow style. Bring it out whenever you have guests over for some lasagna, macaroni and cheese, or raclette, and they’ll undoubtedly find pulling tissues out of its mouth an adorable thing.

Get the ceramic cheese tissue holder ($36.34) on Shopee here.

10 adorable Shopee items to add a playful charm

Experiment with the playful charm of your bedroom by adding any of these whimsical home decor to your Shopee cart. These carefully curated items are sure to captivate those of us who remain young at heart and will infuse your space with a sense of whimsy. 

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Cover image adapted from: Shopee

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