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11 Hidden Gems On Taobao For Quirky Avant Basic Furniture To Make Your Home Look 10x Cooler

28 June 2023 | BY

Quirky furniture lovers and Taobao shopping addicts unite – here are 11 of the funkiest avant basic furniture items to add to your cart.

11 Hidden Gems On Taobao For Quirky Avant Basic Furniture To Make Your Home Look 10x Cooler

While it’s easy to find furniture for a Japandi home or a modern-luxe apartment, quirky avant basic furniture is another story. Despite its name, avant basic is anything but basic, and you’ll have to dig deep to find suitable pieces on Taobao. 

From retro Goofy dining chairs to iridescent acrylic coffee tables, here are 11 hidden gems on Taobao for avant basic furniture that’ll add an artistic flair to your home.

1. Trendy “pool noodle” furniture

Trendy "pool noodle" furnitureImage credit: Taobao

If you’re looking to add a pop of colour and an artsy designer feel to your home, these trendy “pool noodle” chairs and benches are the way to go. Resembling colourful pool noodles twisted into different forms, these avant basic furniture pieces are an eye-catching home addition that can be found on Taobao starting from RMB220 (~S$41).

Dimensions of the “pool noodle” benchesDimensions of the “pool noodle” benches.
Image credit: Taobao

Check out the trendy “pool noodle” furniture.

2. 6-fingered jewellery stand

6-fingered jewellery standImage credit: Taobao

Instead of stowing your accessories away in a case, display your most-used necklaces and rings on this intriguing jewellery stand that’ll make your house guests do a double take. With 6 fingers and a shiny surface that casts a warped reflection of its surroundings, the jewellery stand combines quirky aesthetics and functionality for a low price of just RMB43.90 (~S$8.30)

Check out the 6-fingered jewellery stand

3. Retro Goofy dining chair

Retro Goofy dining chairImage credit: Taobao

With leatherette cushioning and shiny metal legs, the Goofy dining chair is a fun living room addition that’ll add a retro-futuristic touch to your home.

Modelled after the well-known Disney cartoon character, the long ears, black button nose, and chunky metal booties are as whimsical as Goofy himself. At a discounted price of RMB399 (~S$75), it’s hard to resist adding this chair to your shopping cart.

Check out the Goofy dining chair.

4. Orange mushroom bedside lamp

Orange mushroom lamp and white mushroom lampOrange mushroom lamp and white mushroom lamp, both 28cm tall.
Image credit: Taobao

Obnoxiously vibrant in the best way possible, the orange mushroom lamp is a striking bedside addition that immediately catches the eye.The lamp is dimmable, with the intensity ranging from gentle light yellow to cosy dark orange, creating a soothing, cosy ambiance perfect for winding down at the end of a long day. 

The mushroom lamp is also available in white, offering a more minimalist aesthetic that effortlessly blends into any decor scheme. Starting from a discounted price of RMB208 (~S$39), the lamp is a must-have for homeowners who appreciate both functionality and style. 

Check out the orange mushroom bedside lamp

5. Squiggly skinny bench

Squiggly skinny benchImage credit: Taobao

The squiggly skinny bench is an avant basic furniture piece with a slim build that makes it ideal for narrow areas. Whether it’s placed in a home entryway or used as an end-of-bed bench, its sleek yet fun design adds a subtle whimsical touch to the space.

With prices starting from RMB476 (~S$89.40), 3 different colours to choose from – natural wood, dark green, and deep blue – and the option to customise the dimensions, the squiggly skinny bench is simultaneously affordable and versatile.

Check out the squiggly skinny bench.

6. Iridescent rainbow acrylic coffee table

Iridescent rainbow acrylic coffee tableImage credit: Taobao

If this Taobao find looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen TikTok influencers showing off something similar in their homes. Fashioned from holographic acrylic, the iridescent coffee table is a stunning home decor piece that takes the acrylic coffee table trend to another level.

This enchanting furniture piece is further elevated when light strikes its surface, causing it to cast mesmerising rainbow reflections.

The original Glas Italia Shimmer Side TableThe original Glas Italia Shimmer Side Table (S$3,730).
Image credit: SPACE Furniture

Priced at a discounted RMB1387 (~S$260) – while the original Italian design retails for thousands – this Taobao item is a shiny find, both literally and metaphorically. 

Check out the iridescent rainbow acrylic coffee table.

7. Quirky tri-coloured standing lamp

Quirky tri-coloured standing lampImage credit: Taobao

Featuring a yellow lampshade, blue connecting piece, and slender red body, the tri-coloured standing lamp sports a playful design that evokes the image of a long-limbed robot toy. Not only is it eye-catching, but it’s also Incredibly versatile, it can be hinged at different points and adjusted to different heights to cater to a variety of circumstances and uses.

This charming tri-coloured lighting option brings a pop of colour and character to your room for RMB69 (~S$12.90), making it the perfect choice for those seeking affordable yet whimsical lighting decor.

Check out the tri-coloured standing lamp.

8. Multifunctional chunky flower furniture

Multifunctional chunky flower furnitureImage credit: Taobao

Kill two birds with one stone by investing in this multifunctional chunky flower bedside table that doubles as a standing light.

Currently listed at a discounted price of RMB369 (~S$69.20) and available in both pink and yellow, this unique avant basic standing lamp features 2 mini shelves attached to the stem as “leaves”, as well as a spherical glowing light in the centre of the flower petals. 

Check out the multifunctional chunky flower furniture.

9. Mini retro tiled shelf

Mini retro tiled shelfImage credit: Taobao

Tiled furniture were all the rage on TikTok a few years ago, but unlike other trends on the app, this one stood the test of time. Dip your toes into the world of tiled furniture by getting a mini tiled shelf, which has a compact structure and calls to mind those chess tables that used to be a common sight at void decks. 

This aesthetic retro-inspired accessory is available in a variety of colours, ranging from soft pastels to bolder hues, and is priced at RMB188 (~S$35.30).

Check out the mini retro tiled shelf.

10. Tiered mini coffee table

Tiered mini coffee tableImage credit: Taobao

With their bulbous, rounded design and sleek lines, these stylish tiered mini coffee tables are an avant basic living room addition that can also double as display tables or stools.

Available in single, double, or triple tiers, the tiered tables start from a discounted price of RMB123 (~S$23.03) and come in a range of colours such as classic black and white, as well as taro, sage, and dark green.

Check out the tiered mini coffee table.

11. 10-drawer storage cabinet

10-drawer storage cabinetImage credit: Taobao

The last – but certainly not least – item on our list will help you keep your home looking tidy and intentionally maximalist, rather than cluttered.

Consisting of 10 drawers of varying sizes and 20 identical handles, this sturdy cabinet is a simple yet eye-catching storage solution. The drawers of different sizes accommodates a diverse range of items – trinkets for the small ones and board games for the large ones, for example – providing efficient organisation and ample space for just RMB758 (~S$142).

Check out the 10-drawer storage cabinet

Quirky avant basic furniture from Taobao

From vibrant colours to kitschy designs and unconventional shapes, these 11 hidden gems on Taobao are a great starting point if you’re looking for avant basic furniture to infuse your home with individuality and artsy flair.

P.S. Lest it need be said, remember to keep an eye out for Taobao’s discounts to ensure that you’re getting the most affordable prices. After all, no Singaporean wants to miss out on a good deal. 

The prices in this article are accurate as of 15th June 2023. 

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