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Step Inside Singer Sezairi’s Colourful HDB Flat That’s Inspired By Holographic Sunset Hues

3 November 2023 | BY

Dreamy colours and ombre bathrooms.

sezairi sezali hdb

When Singapore Idol winner Sezairi and his partner Syaza set out to transform their HDB flat into their dream home, the most important thing was for it to be a warm and inviting space as the couple would often host friends and family. And rather than follow tradition and use woody, Japandi tones to evoke said warmness, they picked out colours inspired by holographic sunsets made popular by the vapourwave aesthetic.

After spending 2 months running through ideas and styles with their interior designers Charmian and Jay from OFTHEBOX, they finally settled on green and pink as the main colours. 4 months later, the last metaphorical brick was laid and Sezairi and Syaza finally moved into their new home. Here’s an inside look into the singer’s home that looks so cosy, you’d never want to leave.

A chill Memphis-style living area

sezairi sezali hdb - living roomImage credit: OFTHEBOX

Sezairi and Syaza are natural homebodies who love entertaining their loved ones, so it was imperative that the main rooms of the home, like the living and dining rooms, felt cosy and homely. The living room has all 3 walls sporting different colours in an elaborate – but not overt – colour-blocking scheme that is complemented by the deliberately chosen furniture. 

The dark green wall by the window soothes the sunlight that streams in and is colour-matched by the bookshelf in the corner. Look closer and you’ll also notice that the green wall extends out into the ceiling and around the wall. This was an intentional choice made to have it look fuller and more connected to the rest of the home.

sezairi sezali hdb - castlery couchImage credit: OFTHEBOX

The salmon-pink wall by the television gives the feature wall a livelier look. The 2 colours are also seen on the carpet on the floor, making it come full circle. A bouclé sofa and upholstered armchair help soften the edges of the room and make you want to sink into them with a hot cup of tea in your hands.

sezairi sezali hdb - lampImage credit: OFTHEBOX

A bright colourful kitchen with retro vibes

sezairi sezali hdb - kitchenImage credit: OFTHEBOX

Another must-have for Sezairi and Syaza was a good place to cook at home, which meant a functional kitchen that matched the home’s aesthetic. Different colours were picked out for the culinary space, mainly yellow and blue for the cabinets. The floor was given a retro look with quirky white and red L-shaped tiles in a herringbone pattern. 

sezairi sezali hdb - elle tiles from hafaryImage credit: OFTHEBOX

Ombre Wes Anderson bathroom with tub

sezairi sezali hdb - pink ombre tiles in a hdb bathroom with a bathtubImage credit: OFTHEBOX

Where the tiles truly make a splash is in the master bathroom. 5 different tiles, specifically the Regolotto collection from Hafary, make an appearance here, including 4 in increasing intensities of pink to give the wall an ombre, Wes Anderson-esque treatment. And yes, that’s a built-in bathtub in an HDB flat, something that we’ve been seeing more of these days. 

sezairi sezali hdb - pink tiles in a bathroom with a toiletImage credit: OFTHEBOX

Charmian and Jay also shared that the couple splurged the most on the tile selection. But we can see that it’s all paying off.

sezairi sezali hdb - master bathroom vanityThe vanity of the master bathroom sports a full-length mirror and a pastel pink sink.
Image credit: OFTHEBOX

Inside Sezairi’s colourful HDB flat

sezairi sezali hdb Image credit: OFTHEBOX

For Sezairi and Syaza’s dream home, they eschewed popular trends and went with a theme that met their wants and needs. From the terrazzo floor – which some naysayers have claimed to be on a downward trend – to the colour-blocked walls, the house is uniquely theirs.

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