8 HDB Kitchen Ideas For A Masterchef Worthy Space, Be It Open Concept Or For Small Flats 

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If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, here are 8 of the best kitchen ideas to turn your kitchen from drab to fab.

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Some might overlook the importance of a kitchen in their newly-renovated HDB flat, but it’s one of the most vital spaces of a home – it’s the “heart of the home”, as some would call it. But everyone has different preferences for the type of kitchen they’re after: some rely on food delivery services while others prefer to make their meals from scratch. 

Yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t have our dream kitchen. Depending on the floor plan and space restrictions, there are certain kitchen designs that will be more suitable for one’s specific lifestyle. From a breakfast bar to a handy kitchen island, here are eight HDB kitchen ideas that are tailored to your cooking needs, whether you’re an amateur cook or home masterchef. 

1. Breakfast bar

While breakfast bars might seem like a foreign concept – after all, our kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs don’t take much space – it’s one that’s been growing by leaps and bounds when it comes to new BTO flats designs. Especially suited for small families or couples, a breakfast bar lets you start the day right before setting out for work.  

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It’s not just ideal for breakfast or brunch situations either since such a bar also offers a space for communal gathering – you can watch on as your partner cooks up a storm.

Best for: Small families or couples who want to grab a quick bite in during busy mornings. 

2. Galley kitchen

This is one for the pros: a galley kitchen, which has a corridor-style kitchen so you can conveniently use both sides to prep and cook your meals. It’s space-efficient as well, with ample storage and easy access to all cooking ingredients. Most HDB flat layouts already come with a galley kitchen that’s tucked away behind the living area – so there won’t be much reno needed. 

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Best for: Home chefs who like to have plenty of counter space, but will also need to factor in space constraints. 

3. Kitchen island

Most people’s dream home comes with a kitchen island, a standalone table that’s front and center of every magazine-worthy kitchen. While this might be more popular for larger, open-concept homes, a kitchen island has a number of benefits. 

The obvious one? You’ll get more counter space to prep ingredients, store your appliances, or simply use it as a casual dining spot. 

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Best for: Anyone who has sufficient square footage but is looking for extra counter space. Plus, a kitchen island always lends a stylish touch to any home. 

4. Open-concept 

An open-concept kitchen has been in style for decades. But for good reason: it helps save space while keeping the area cool and breezy, especially important in Singapore’s hot climate. Young couples who’ve just moved into their BTO flats will enjoy how it’s a family-friendly layout too – it’s a ton easier to carry out a full conversation even while your partner lounges in the living room. 

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Best for: Small families or couples who enjoy spending plenty of quality time together. It’s also ideal for tight, dark spaces since it lets in more light while giving the appearance of spaciousness.

5. Single-wall

Not all kitchens have to be expansive, and that’s the case for a single-wall kitchen. For this, all cabinets and counters are flushed against the wall. While certainly not the first choice for those who spend hours in the kitchen, it’s a clever floor plan to consider for those who don’t do much else other than toast bread and boil instant noodles. 

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It’s also more affordable since you wouldn’t need to fork out a hefty sum for custom cabinetry. 

Best for: Those who don’t necessarily want to splurge on a fully decked out kitchen. 

6. Floating shelves

Instead of having doored cabinets, some will opt for floating shelves in their kitchens. You get the best of both worlds: they’re a cheaper alternative and you can show off your best crockery set. There is a downside though. Similar to the idea of a walk-in wardrobe, everything has to be arranged just perfectly so to avoid being judged by folks who come over – plates stacked neatly and glasses aligned. 

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Best for: Collectors of stylish tableware or those who make it a point to have matching crockery sets – this way, you can display them proudly in your kitchens. 

7. L-shaped 

An L-shaped kitchen is exactly what it sounds like, a kitchen setup that’s placed against a wall corner. While undeniably a classic layout, it’s also one of the more efficient ones since you have separate workstations against two walls. It might not be fully open-concept, but it’s still convenient enough that it offers you easy access to your kitchen appliances and cooking equipment. 

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Best for: Anyone who wants the flexibility of an L-shaped kitchen. When all you need is an available wall corner, this kitchen layout can easily be adapted to fit practically any HDB floor plan. 

8. U-shaped

If you’re one who welcomes many cooks in the kitchen – not figuratively – then a U-shaped kitchen is perfect for you or anyone who has a large family. It does require slightly more space though, needing three connecting walls, so be sure that you’ve got ample square footage for such a large kitchen. You can even choose to add a small seating area along one of the walls. 

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Best for: Those who enjoy cooking together with others. There’s also more than enough storage, since you need three walls for a U-shaped kitchen.

HDB kitchen designs

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We get it, there are a gazillion and one things you need to do when building your perfect HDB or BTO flat. After all, some might prefer an open-concept kitchen to bare it all, while others might want a practical galley kitchen to cook up a hearty meal. But by deciding which kitchen design best suits your lifestyle, you’re one step closer to ticking off your reno checklist. 

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