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Inside A Colourful Retro Modern Penthouse Condo In Seletar With Funky Furniture & Statement Sofas

22 February 2024 | BY

Primary colours dominate in this condo with plenty of odes to Roy Lichtenstein.

pop art-inspired penthouse

We’ve seen our fair share of homes in Singapore that have embraced monotonous interiors, whether it’s all-white or all-black. But colour is the spice of life, and this eclectic, retro-modern penthouse condo in Seletar that boasts plenty of Pop Art is a sight for sore eyes.

From styling the home with furniture in bold colours to accenting the statement vases and decor, here’s a peek into this vibrant and colourful abode that was designed by Loco Division.

Eclectic & colourful furniture with lots of red & yellow

pop art-inspired penthouse red tv consoleImage credit: Marcus Ip/Loco Division

The warm red tones of the TV console immediately stand out against the white walls, and it’s easy to see why. After all, not many homeowners dare to use such a bold colour for one of their consoles—brown, white, and other neutral tones are the most common—so to see such a rich expression of colour in one of the primary areas of the home is a welcome change.

To complement the statement TV console, a yellow lamp composed of 3 stacking spheres sits to one side of the television, while a quirky ceramic vase designed by Marco Oggian balances out the other side. 

pop art-inspired penthouse mugsImage credit: Marcus Ip/Loco Division

One thing we quickly noticed was that even though it seems that there’s an explosion of colours in the house, they all stick to one coherent palette mainly comprised of reds, blues, and yellows—a.k.a. the primary colours we all know.

Meanwhile, the rest of the house was accessorised with stackable mugs in an assortment of secondary colours, an adorable lamp with a tiered shade, and some figurines that make the colours around it pop out even more.

Using colourful prints & paintings to give life to white walls

pop art-inspired penthouse lucite dining table and mid-century modern chairsThe sophistication of the lucite dining table pairs well with the mid-century modern dining chairs.
Image credit: Marcus Ip/Loco Division

You can only deck out a home with so many pieces of decor and figurines before things start to get repetitive. Another way these homeowners spruced up their living and dining rooms was to hang up paintings, prints, and posters on the walls.

Over by the dining room is a rainbow-coloured abstract piece that resembles the chaos of a Jackson Pollock painting. The multitude of colours and the deliberate messiness of the brush strokes paint a stark contrast to the muted and neutral tones of the dining table and chair. 

pop art-inspired penthouse roy lichtenstein printsImage credit: Marcus Ip/Loco Division

Keeping in line with the Pop Art theme, Roy Lichtenstein prints stand guard near the entryway, and they again came in the a colour palette consisting of the primary colours that dominate the rest of the home.

Meanwhile, mismatched tables in black and white by the stairs and the living room help to balance out the vibrancy brought into the home by all the different colours.

pop art-inspired penthouse staircase with another roy lichtenstein printImage credit: Marcus Ip/Loco Division

Even here by the stairs, a simple understated print gives the space an extra dimension, rather than leaving it to stay as a one-dimensional stairway.

A Pop Art-inspired penthouse in Seletar

pop art-inspired penthouseImage credit: Marcus Ip/Loco Division

While Pop Art might have been in vogue a couple of decades ago, it’s been overshadowed by the chicness and fuss-free characteristics of minimalism in recent years. Still, it’s heartening to see homeowners and interior designers embrace the funky, retro vibes that Pop Art brings to the table.

This Pop Art-inspired penthouse in Seletar designed by Loco Division is also a testament to the fact that you don’t need to be too obiang when it comes to styling a colourful home. Picking a few colours that complement each other is all that needs to be done to inject a fun personality into the 4 stark white walls. 

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Cover image credit: Marcus Ip/Loco Division

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