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This Cosy HDB Uses All-Muji Furniture For A Serene Space Straight Out Of A Lo-Fi Playlist

3 June 2023 | BY

One Singaporean Muji-lover went as far as to give her room a makeover to have it look like a page right out of a Muji lookbook.

Muji Bedroom - cover image

Most of us can relate to looking longingly at a Muji catalogue wishing our homes looked at least half as organised as the magazines. In fact, Muji furniture’s simplistic and minimal design is so sought after, that it’s got homeowners hunting high and low for dupes. But I think we can all agree that nothing beats the real deal.

One Singaporean Muji-lover went as far as to give her room a makeover to have it look like a page right out of a Muji lookbook. But this dreamy room transformation didn’t happen overnight, it took Jessica lots of planning, purposeful buying and constant decluttering to get her room the way it is today.

Room looks like a Tokyo Airbnb

Muji Bedroom - muji bedroom overviewHonestly, stepping into Jessica’s room felt more like stepping into a super cute Airbnb studio listing in the heart of Shinjuku rather than an HDB bedroom. But like most of us still living with our parents, Jessica’s original bedroom looked nothing like the room of her dreams.

It wasn’t until she started working and earning her own money that she started the slow process of swapping out her room’s furniture for pieces from her dream brand: Muji.

Muji Bedroom - muji matress and pillowsHer room sports a handful of Muji’s classic furniture pieces, and the contrast of light and warm Rubberwood tones against a backdrop of white gives the entire room a sophisticated Japandi aesthetic that’s visually satisfying to look at.

Muji Bedroom - rubberwood deskSome Muji items we spotted: Rubberwood wooden desk ($339), Wooden round chair ($169), Quilted seat cushion  ($10.90), Aluminium tray mirror ($33).

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the room’s clutter-free environment serves as a constant source of inspiration for the clutter bugs amongst us. Every surface is immaculately maintained and pristine to encourage productivity and foster an efficient lifestyle.

Muji Bedroom - large aroma diffuserLarge aroma diffuser ($139).

Minimal capsule wardrobe & functional storage

Muji Bedroom - stainless unit shelf oakStainless Unit Shelf Oak (S) ($339), Stainless Unit Shelf Oak (L) ($609).

Another thing that piqued our interest was the size and neatness of Jessica’s open wardrobe. With only one large stainless steel shelving unit from Muji, Jessica displays just a smattering of pieces she considers her “capsule wardrobe”.

She adds that the open-concept wardrobe motivates her to stay true to the minimalist lifestyle she has chosen and does wonders to curb her impulsive shopping urges. And where you might wonder, are the rest of her garments? They’re all neatly stacked away in Muji’s rubberwood chest of drawers – that’s why there’s not a stray sock or tank top in sight.

The visual outcome is pretty incredible, and while most of us don’t have the sheer dedication it takes to maintain such a wardrobe, we were definitely impressed by Jessica’s organisational ability.

Muji Bedroom - wardrobe barThe wardrobe comprises Muji’s Stainless Unit Shelf in Oak along with a wardrobe bar to display her Marie Kondo-inspired wardrobe.

Muji-esque cat accessories for a seamless look

Muji Bedroom - rattan basketStackable rattan basket ($79), Stackable rattan basket lid ($19).

As a paw parent, Jessica also invested in additional rattan baskets from Muji to store her cat food and cleaning supplies whilst maintaining a uniform look. And while her cat’s scratching post and litter box aren’t from Muji, she took pains to ensure that the chosen necessities would blend seamlessly into the overall aesthetic.

Muji Bedroom - hidden power outletWe’re eagerly anticipating the day Muji releases its own line of pet accessories, allowing our beloved furry friends to experience the essence of the Muji concept. 

Muji Bedroom - wooden cat tower

Jessica herself encountered difficulties finding the right pet accessories to match her room’s look while searching her local pet stores – either the item would totally stick out like a sore thumb or the prices would be incredulous. Fortunately, she managed to find one that fit the bill to a T from an overseas supplier.

Challenges keeping to the wabi-sabi concept

With spatial constraints being the biggest hurdle, the Muji enthusiast’s initial ideas were hindered due to the limited space and lack of power sockets throughout her room – leading to a minor reno transformation.

Spent money on small-scale reno

Buying furniture to get the look is one part of the battle won, but if your room is plagued with a glossy, built-in tempered glass wardrobe and shiny floor tiles; nothing will scream Muji. 

Fueled by her determination to realise her dream concept, Jessica decided to hire contractors to relay her floor with wood-looking vinyl, remove her in-built furniture, replace her old HDB windows and create more power sockets so she wouldn’t have to deal with the issue of stray cables snaking their way around the room.

Muji Bedroom - wooden tile flooring

Top Muji furniture recommendations

Muji Bedroom - oak veneer storage bedframeWooden bed frame Oak veneer ($609), Bed frame underbed storage ($159), Wooden bed frame headboard Oak veneer ($159).

Of course, we had to ask the Muji-lover her top favs from the store. Jessica excitedly shared her love for the Oak Wood Storage Bed as it maximises the space under her bed and she’s able to stash most of her larger belongings in there to maintain her clean room aesthetic.

While the bedframe Jessica currently owns has been discontinued, she fervently recommends the Muji’s updated wooden storage bed design that offers you the same nifty storage with a more seamless frame.

Muji Bedroom - wooden chestWooden chest 4 drawers ($389).

Muji’s newest rubberwood furniture collection also comes highly recommended for its environmental sustainability.

A Muji-inspired HDB bedroom

Muji Bedroom - work stationImage credit: Jessica

When we asked Jessica for advice, this is what she had to say: “My advice would be not to rush through things and if you can’t find what you are searching for, keep exploring articles, social media, and speaking to different contractors and suppliers.”

Muji Bedroom - minimalist shelving unitImage credit: Jessica

And although this mini project cost her a couple of thousand dollars, a big portion of it went to replacing her tiles, ripping out her existing furniture amongst other things. If you’re a diehard Muji lover, then Jessica’s room is proof that you can achieve the classic Muji aesthetic with a little planning, some saving, and a lot of diligent decluttering.


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