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This Condo In Singapore Proves That We Can Have Nice Lofts Too

19 January 2023 | BY

This artist’s condo loft has major tree house vibes all thanks to a team of interior stylists who brought the drama.

condo tree house loft

An artist’s studio is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces that they need in order to create. While some prefer to have a wide, horizontal space, some others, like Hazel, prefer going vertical.

“I’ve always wanted something like an artist’s loft in western countries where they convert factories or an attic with natural light,” Hazel said. And when she saw this ground-floor condo unit with high, lofty ceilings, she knew immediately that it was “the one.” It helped that the unit had a 1+1 layout which means there is a dedicated bedroom, rather than it being part of the loft.

However, the original design of the condo was a bit drab and looked too generic to be an artist’s studio. Not to say that’s a bad thing, but Hazel wanted a unique space with vintage and bohemian vibes to get her into the zone, and that is where interior stylists, Sum Of Us, stepped into the picture.

Choosing an interior stylist over an interior designer

The first thing most people do after buying a home is to engage an interior designer to transform their house. But Hazel wanted more autonomy with the design of her new home. So she reached out to the team at Sum Of Us to help realise her vision and make dressing the space a smoother experience.

Even though they are interior stylists by name, Sum Of Us offers services similar to that of interior designers. That includes coordinating works with flooring experts, electricians, curtain makers, painters, and wallpaper specialists. But their main job is curating a cohesive look for the house from the tiles to laminates and choice of furniture.

condo loft before picturesThe condo loft before the transformation.
Image credit: Hazel & Sum Of Us

The brief from Hazel was simple: an artist’s loft with pops of colour and wooden furniture. She also wanted to take advantage of the vertical space by including trees that can elevate the sightlines. Sum Of Us then came up with a moodboard and a slide deck of potential pieces of furniture for Hazel to pick from.

Once she made a selection, the team at Sum Of Us also managed the purchasing process to take the burden off of Hazel’s shoulders. “They really helped me in terms of opinions and choices as I’m living alone and needed the second opinion,” she said.

Doing less renovation to save money

To keep costs down, Hazel decided from the get-go to not hack any walls and avoid built-in pieces. However, the bathroom still needed a refresh and she also wanted to change the loft’s divider from glass to a metal grill. The kitchen also had new laminates installed, while the floor had vinyl overlaid and walls were given a fresh coat of paint.

As renovation works were kept to a minimum, the total cost came up to around $20K, with the rest of the furniture coming up to another $15K (excluding the fridge, TV, and mattress).

Some of the more prominent works done included a refresh of the bathroom and changing the loft’s divider from glass to a metal grill. The project took around 3 months for everything to complete. 

Here’s a peek into the loft condo after the transformation:

Living room

condo loft living roomBefore and after of the living room.
Image credit: Hazel & Sum Of Us

One of the starkest changes we noticed was in the living room. The white walls were replaced with textured grey wallpaper while lighter-coloured furniture and warm lamps helped contrast the dark tones. A tall indoor tree stands next to the fabric sofa with its leaves providing an earthy vibe, while the curation of framed art makes the space feel lived in despite the moody wallpaper.

hazel sitting on a sofa reading a bookImage credit: Sum Of Us

custom tv console in a condo loftImage credit: Sum Of Us

The TV console was a custom-made piece from Gamar Furniture – formerly known as Second Charm – which fits perfectly into the wall. Hazel also picked out the shade of wood and the weave of the rattan doors.

tree in a condo loftImage credit: Sum Of Us

The long curtains that drape down from the ceiling also add a touch of drama to the space, and is something that your standard blinds won’t be able to achieve. 

“We noticed many other residents do a double take whenever they walk past,” Sum Of Us said. “Some people also commented that from pictures, this home doesn’t look like it’s a home set in Singapore due to the different quality and ambience it evokes.”

condo loft with taobao pendant lightThe unique pendant lamp is a statement piece that would only work in a tall vertical space.
Image credit: Sum Of Us

Topping off the living room – literally – is a unique pendant lamp from Taobao that hangs from the double-height ceiling. “Almost everybody that visits would ask ‘What’s that?!’” Hazel said. Aside from being a great conversation starter, the lamp emphasises that vertical space that’s oh-so-dreamy. Until one has to clean it, of course.


condo loft kitchenBefore and after of the kitchen.
Image credit: Hazel & Sum Of Us

Under Sum Of Us’ guidance, the kitchen shed its serviced apartment vibes and turned into a hostess’ playground. The carpentry was given a fresh walnut lay while the base cabinets were given a copper finish

copper and walnut kitchenImage credit: Sum Of Us

extendable dining tableThe built-in dining table extends out to accommodate more guests.
Image credit: Sum Of Us


condo loft before and afterBefore and after of the loft.
Image credit: Hazel & Sum Of Us

Alas, the piece de resistance of the home: the loft. One thing we noticed was that the stairs leading up to the loft were winder stairs instead of the more common ladder-style that are often seen in these compact units. Score one for the details.

condo loft treehouseImage credit: Sum Of Us

condo loft handrailThe handrail was kept in its original state.
Image credit: Sum Of Us

The loft came in a pretty blank slate, which allowed the team at Sum Of Us to really go to town on the styling.

loft in a condoImage credit: Sum Of Us

Small, moveable pieces like an easel, a modern black chair, and a vertical shelf all have a small footprint so that the space doesn’t feel too cluttered.

big mirror and easelImage credit: Sum Of Us

A larger-than-life mirror stands tall by the back wall to enlarge and lengthen the space visually. 


condo bedroom with loft ceilingBefore and after of the bedroom.
Image credit: Hazel & Sum Of Us

While most loft units might place the bedroom in the loft itself, this particular condo offers up a separate bedroom so you don’t have to climb up a flight of stairs just to get some shuteye.

The layout of the bedroom post-transformation was kept largely the same, with Sum Of Us dressing it up to elevate the cosiness of the space despite the tall ceilings.

condo loft bedroomImage credit: Sum Of Us

Designing a tree house loft

cosy condo treehouse loftImage credit: Sum Of Us

Even though the warm tones and the natural elements give the space a snug feeling, the high ceilings and the statement lamps help accentuate the drama of the whole house. It also helped that she had the team at Sum Of Us and their creative eye at her disposal. Their expertise stems from being homeowners themselves and wanting to help others realise their dreams.

“Our forte is not just about transforming the physical look but giving the space a whole new different vibe through the careful curation of each individual element including lighting, colour scheme, and soft furnishings,” Sum Of Us said. You can check out more of their works over on their Instagram page.

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