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5 Condos That Will Transport You To Another Country Without A Single VTL

2 March 2022 | BY

From Santorini pools to French rooftop gardens, here are condos in Singapore that can satiate your wanderlust, no passport needed.

Though our Instagram has been flooded with stories of people travelling to Korea or Europe, those of us stuck in sunny Singapore have no reason to envy. While it may not be exactly the same, there are plenty of condos in Singapore that have the potential to take you to another country, all without the trouble of a VTL or PCR test.

For those looking to live in an estate worthy of a travel catalogue, Singapore has plenty of condominiums that can help you satiate your wanderlust. From pools that look straight out of Santorini to French rooftop gardens, here are some of our favourite picks:

1. Provence Residences

Provence Residences
The semi-private gardens are decked with trellises that resemble vineyards
Image credit: Provence Residences

If Emily in Paris somehow has you hooked on French culture, you’ll love Provence Residences. Located in Canberra, this Executive Condo (EC) takes heavy inspiration from French architecture so you can expect meticulously designed common spaces that include semi-private rooftop gardens.

The main communal areas include the Royal French Court and Country Side Gardens which hold practical spaces like the Dining Pavilion and gardens like Jardin d’eau (Water Garden) and Jardine du Pavilion (Pavilion Garden). Decorated with lattice roofs and tall hedges, these garden spaces are reminiscent of a French courtyard.

Provence Residences 2
Image credit: Provence Residence

Aside from garden spaces, Provence Residences has a 50M lap pool that comes with lounge chairs for residents to soak in some much-needed vitamin D. To keep in line with the French theme, the pavilion by the pool sports blue-and-white retractable roof awnings and call to mind a cosy Parisian boulangerie.

Address: 23 Canberra Crescent, Singapore 757078

2. The Santorini

The Santorini
Image credit: @robinchansg

Sleek white walls and blue-domed roofs are sure to conjure images of the ever-beautiful Santorini. This signature look is replicated in this aptly-named EC, The Santorini, for those who want to feel like they’re perpetually on an exotic holiday.

Fully equipped with plush blue-and-white seating, the lounge decks of the three pools across the site will temporarily transport you to the beach bars of Santorini. Highlights include Boulevard Park where you can soak in the sight of various flora, and the Aegean Arrival which is decorated with a beautiful water wall feature. 

The Santorini 2
Image credit: SRX

Thanks to the layout of the residential buildings, high-floor homes can also enjoy unblocked views of Bedok Reservoir which not only gives you an amazing view, but also natural light and privacy.

Address: 33 Tampines Street 86, Singapore 528573

3. The Quinn Condo

The Quinn Condo
Image credit: SRX

For those who want to live like French royalty, this freehold condominium is decked, head-to-toe in French colonial architecture that makes the whole space reminiscent of a European mansion. Fully equipped with facilities like a rooftop jacuzzi and serene lap pools, The Quinn has no shortage of spaces to relax and enjoy the French architecture.

The Quinn Condo 2
Image credit: SRX

Other than recreational activities, the lift lobbies of the EC have a courtyard for residents to sit. To go with the theme, it’s decorated with black and white tiling, louvred wooden windows, archways, and balconies – complete with iron grilles – to recreate a Parisian balcony.

Address: 9, 11, 13, 15 Bartley Road, 539789

4. The Iveria

The Iveria 2
Image credit: New Launches Review

Many people dream of living the high life in New York, but if you’re not ready to emigrate, The Iveria can give you a small taste of the same atmosphere. Inspired by New York’s flatiron buildings, The Iveria is an atas looking EC that consists of one 18-storey building with 51 units. Located near the heart of town, it even replicates the hustle and bustle of NYC.

The Iveria
Image credit: MySGProp

The units alone boast indoor-outdoor dining areas and unblocked views of the city skyline. But this skyline is best enjoyed in the EC’s own infinity pool which is located on the roof terrace. This luxury residence is also a freehold property for those who want to live the high-life or consider investing.

Address: 2 Kim Yam Road, Singapore 239320

5. Seletar Park Residence

Seletar Park Residences
Image credit: @singaporecarpet

We adore Bali-themed homes for their ability to bring us the calm and serenity we could only get when we hit Seminyak beach and the lush forest plains of Ubud. If you’re still on the hunt for your resort home, put Seletar Park Residence on your list.

With frangipani trees peppered around the turquoise waters of the condo’s lap pool, jacuzzi and wading pool; just the sweet scent alone will help you draft into a zen state. The use of stone walls by the poolside is also a tribute to Bali’s iconic stone and brick architecture. There’s even a cascading water fountain that’ll remind you of Bali’s Tirta Empul Temple.

Address:  17 Seletar Road, Singapore 807019

Transport yourself overseas without hopping on a single VTL flight

Especially with the fatigue of WFH creeping up on us, living in an estate that looks nothing like Singapore can help us feel like we’re on holiday, every day. From French-inspired condos to a relaxing Bali getaway, homeowners seeking a new environment are bound to find something suitable for themselves.

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