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8 Most Unique Condos In Singapore To Drool Over While Waiting For Your BTO

19 January 2022 | BY

If you’re looking for a home beyond your run-of-the-mill condo, here’s a list that’s worth considering to get you one step closer to your dream living space.

There’s no shortage of stunning – and expensive – condominiums for those who want to live that high SES life. As one of the five coveted C’s in Singapore, a condo has to have more than a private lobby and lap pool. The whole package from the amenities to the surrounding area better be worth your seven-figure investment.

To suss out what’s worth putting a deposit on, we checked out eight of the most unique condos in Singapore with the most interesting facilities like a funicular lift and sky garage. Perhaps one of these will be your forever home.

1. Palisades – Only funicular lift in Singapore

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By now you would’ve seen the only funicular lift in Singapore shared across TikTok and Facebook that reminds us of Hong Kong’s iconic Peak Tram. For those that live under a rock, we’d like to introduce to you the Palisades condominium.

Hidden away on a hillside in the Southern part of the island, the unique condo has been around since 1985. But it was only this year that we got to know of it, no thanks to the many delivery drivers who had the Palisades as one of their stops and recorded their experience on TikTok.

The downside is since that’s the only lift in the entire complex, in the event of a breakdown, you’d have to settle for climbing up unsheltered stairs back home. 

Average price per square feet: $1,002
Architect: Geoff Malone
Launched for sale in: 1985

2. Sky Habitat – Three elevated “streets” including a rooftop pool

Image credit:
Safdie Architects

I remember the buzz when Sky Habitat launched in my hood of Bishan. Not only was its staggered pyramid design a breath of fresh air compared to the stark skyscrapers with glass windows, the three elevated sky bridges connecting the two towers gave it real MBS-but-in-the-heartlands vibes. It was designed by the same architects after all.

The first two sky bridges are “streets” with a gym, karaoke room, and even a movie theatre. But the third sky bridge on the 38th floor is the star of the show.

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Boasting a sky pool with sunbeds and a panoramic view of the surrounding neighbourhoods, the last sky bridge on Sky Habitat is the centrepiece – literally – of the entire complex.

Average price per square feet: $1,601
Architect: Safdie Architects
Launched for sale in: 2015

3. Hamilton Scotts – Sky garage for owners to display supercars

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Reignwood Hamilton Scotts

You know you’ve attained peak rich status when you have to think if you should park your car in the underground carpark or display it in the sky garage of your penthouse. Alas, that’s a conundrum reserved for residents living in the Reignwood Hamilton Scotts, a condo tower that has a sky garage for every one of the 56 units in the building.

How exactly does it work? Owners will have to drive into the basement and park their supercars on a moveable metal plate which will transport it to their unit via an elevator after they enter their code. Practical? Not really. But is it a flex? Absolutely.

Average price per square feet: $2,486
Architect: Edmund Ng Architects
Launched for sale in: 2012

4. A Treasure Trove – Condo built around the infamous Matilda House

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David Tong

Just a stone’s throw away from Punggol MRT is A Treasure Trove. While the condo itself is relatively new – it finished construction in 2015 – its clubhouse is actually the former Matilda House, a bungalow infamous for its lingering spirits.

There’s nothing to worry about though, as the developers have installed water features around for good feng shui. That includes nine pools from jacuzzis to a 50M lap pool so you can choose to wade in the summer or practice your best Joseph Schooling impersonation whenever the sun’s out.

Average price per square feet: $1,124
Architect: Design Link Architects
Launched for sale in: 2015

5. The Marq on Paterson Hill – Private pool in every balcony

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The Marq

There’s no need to worry about hyperactive kids splashing around in the pool when you have your own private infinity pool at The Marq on Paterson Hill. We’re not just talking about a miniature wading pool; each corner unit of the Signature Tower has its own 15M lap pool that is cantilevered over the building.

And while this seems like a dream come true for anyone who loves a good pool, a unit at The Marq will set you back at least $11,000,000 dollars.

Average price per square feet: $4,100
Architect: SCDA Architects
Launched for sale in: 2011

6. City Square Residences – Bowling alley perfect for small family gatherings

Image credit (L-R):
Woh Hup,
Qaiser Bachani

Just opposite City Square Mall is the aptly-named City Square Residences. But aside from being walking distance away from the shopping complex, those who stay at the modern condo are privy to many cool amenities like a bowling alley without even having to leave their gates.

With just two lanes, it’s cosy enough to host a family gathering without worrying about your neighbours seeing you bowl embarrassing gutter balls.

Average price per square feet: $1,706
Launched for sale in: 2009

7. High Park Residences – Theme park facilities like water slides & flying fox

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The action-packed pool at High Park Residences is what I had wished my humble condo’s pool was like growing up. With multiple water slides for the kids to zoom down, who needs to visit a water park anymore, amirite?

That’s not all though. There are other thrilling facilities that make this condo feel like a mini theme park from a flying fox, a boxing ring, and a life-sized chess set. While the young ones are busy running around, the adults can rest and rejuvenate at the private spa pavilions or sweating it out themselves at the aqua gym.

Average price per square feet: $1,274
Architect: P&T Group
Launched for sale in: 2019

8. Grandeur Park Residences – Spa & ice therapy corner

Image credit:
Grandeur Park

Those who treasure their downtime and me-time would love the wellness-based facilities that Grandeur Park Residences has to offer. Think a lounging area packed with heated blocks of Himalayan salt; an Ice Therapy Corner to help athletes heal their muscles after a particularly strenuous workout; and a Sensory Spa with water jets to relax.

A one-bedroom unit here would cost you around $600,000 at the very least, while a spacious five-bedroom condo would set you back $2,500,000 or more. But having finished its final touches in 2021, this is the newest condo to be completed in this list so you know all the facilities are still in almost-mint condition.

Average price per square feet: $1,597
Architect: ADDP Architects
Launched for sale in: 2021

Condos in Singapore with unique facilities

The new condo developments in Singapore have definitely upped their game when it comes to their offerings beyond how spacious a living room is. From insane water slides to a lift straight out of The Grand Budapest Hotel, these unique facilities really make us wish these condo units were a little more on the affordable side. 

Alas, most of these condos would cost us at least seven digits. But getting to use these features forever with no membership required is what sets them apart from the rest of the pack. 

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