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9 Most Expensive Neighbourhoods In Singapore For A Dose Of Serious House Envy

11 March 2022 | BY

We’ve seen on Crazy Rich Asians that Singapore isn’t short on luxury homes. Here’s are some atas houses many of us can only dream of owning.

Most Expensive Neighbourhoods In Singapore

When it comes to multi-million dollar properties, places in Hollywood or New York often come to mind. However, as we’ve seen on Singapore Social and Crazy Rich Asians, Singapore is not short on exclusive luxury condos or landed properties either. 

By comparing the average price per square foot (psf) of various districts in Singapore and looking at the priciest homes ever sold or listed in those areas, we’ve curated a list of the most expensive neighbourhoods to stay in Singapore. 

In no particular order, from central Singapore to Sentosa Cove, here’s where you’ll find various types of atas real estate many of us can only dream of owning.

Landed Properties

1. Nassim Road

Nassim Road - Most Expensive Neighbourhoods in SingaporeImage credit: @yukibluerose

Good class bungalows (GCBs) are highly coveted residential properties in Singapore considering how scarce land is. Plus, they can only be found in 39 gazetted areas in Singapore, making them all the more exclusive. Needless to say, prices for these GCB homes can get pretty spenny. 

If there’s ever a sign that someone you know might secretly be a Crazy Rich Asian, living in a GCB on Nassim road might just be it. Extending from Orchard Road to Botanic Gardens, this neighbourhood is right smack in central Singapore. The average psf of GCBs sold in Singapore ranges from $1,000 psf upwards. However, at Nassim Road, the average psf of GCBs sold was at least $2,000 psf between 2018 to 2021. 

Nassim Road 2
The GCB on Nassim Road which sold for $128.8 million
Image credit: EdgeProp

And just last year, a 32,160sqft GCB freehold on Nassim Road was even sold for $128.8M. This roughly translates to a record-breaking $4,005 psf.

2. Bukit Timah

While on the topic of luxurious landed properties, the Bukit Timah neighbourhood houses some of the most exorbitant GCBs to ever exist. With many top local schools and international schools found within the area alongside plenty of green spaces around, the Bukit Timah district has been dubbed as a prime area for the wealthy.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how much some of the GCBs here have been sold at or are currently on sale for.

Bukit Timah
Nature surrounding the GCB at Cluny Road
Image credit: PropertyGuru

At Cluny Road, a 35,000sqft GCB that is located on an elevated hilltop is currently on sale for $108M ($3,085.71 psf). It appears to be surrounded by nature so look no further if you’re an outdoorsy person and have plenty of cash to splash. 

Bukit Timah 2
GCB in Binjai Park
Image credit: EdgeProp

In 2021, one of the biggest GCB plots in Binjai Park at 27,320sqft changed hands for a whopping $36M ($1,318 psf). With that much space on hand, you can literally fit all your relatives and friends in the home for a random post-CNY gathering – or just because you can.

3. Sentosa Cove

Sentosa Cove
Image credit:
Knight Frank

With dozens of yachts and beautiful seaside views in its backyard, Sentosa Cove is one of those places which seems like it came straight out of shows like Waterfront House Hunting. Stepping into this waterfront enclave feels like you’re going on vacation at an overseas seaside resort. 

Of course, the beautiful views and home don’t come cheap. In 2021, based on the bungalow transactions in Sentosa Cove last year, the average psf of a villa in Sentosa Cove was $1,724

Sentosa Cove 2
Image credit:

For uniquely-themed houses like this bougie 10,000sqft ‘Copper Home’ featured above, the price tag is even steeper. We’re talking an extortionate  $43,666,000 ($2,419 psf) for this waterfront home. 

This lavish abode has ample living and dining space, with a customised wine cellar, six en suite bedrooms, a private lift and basement garage which fits 10 cars. On top of that, it’s also lavishly furnished with a private sauna, spa, gym, putting green and a 10, 000sqft entertainment deck.

If there’s ever a place to throw a lit party, this would be it.


4. Keppel Bay

If you aspire to live by a waterfront sanctuary with major out-of-city vibes but still wish to stay on Singapore’s main island, look no further than Keppel Bay. This stunning district near the southern tip of Singapore houses a slew of high-end luxury condos. One of the most notable ones most of us would recognise in a heartbeat is Reflections @ Keppel Bay.

Keppel Bay
Image credit:

Purchasing a home in this project costs between $1.5M to $68M, with psf ranging from $1,509 to $5,115. Needless to say, forking out so much money comes with its perks. On top of top-notch architecture and interior designs, Reflections @ Keppel Bay is also decked out in never-ending vacation facilities like numerous pools, a spa and a double-storey clubhouse. And if you need a ride to your private yacht at the Marina, there’s even a free charter service to bring you there in a jiffy. 

Designed by the same renowned architectural studio responsible for Reflections @ Bay – Studio Libeskind, Corals @ Keppel Bay is another seafront residential complex that screams baller life. 

Keppel Bay 2
Image credit:
Studio Libeskind

Most of the property’s blocks are situated right at the waterfront, providing residents with idyllic views of the bay. Even cooler, this property incorporates sustainability into its design. It has features such as a clubhouse with a green landscaped roof, a rainwater collection, filtration and recycling system and even solar panels onsite.

Those who want to live here would have to shell out a sum between $1.4M to $17.8M (from $1,693 to S$ 3,972 psf).

5. Ardmore Park

Located a stone’s throw away from Orchard road, Ardmore Park is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Singapore. With the Tanglin Club and American Club, as well as various Orchard Road shopping malls within its vicinity, this area makes for a prime real estate investment location. 

Ardmore Park
Image credit:
Samuel Isaac Chua

Contrary to its unassuming exterior, Ardmore Park Condominium is a freehold luxury condo in the district that’s chock full of high-end amenities.

Ardmore Park 2
Image credit:

There are swimming pools, a gymnasium, function rooms with a full-equipped kitchens, tennis courts, saunas and a multi-purpose court amongst other facilities. However, note that residing here costs between $11M and $14.8M (from $3,813 to $5,130 psf). 

Just when you think it can’t get anymore expensive, Le Nouvel Ardmore takes luxury condo prices to the next level.

Ardmore Park 3
Image credit:
Seiko Architectural Wall Systems Pte Ltd

With only two types of residences – 4-room apartments and penthouse units – on offer, we’re looking at starting sale prices of at least $16M. In other words, you’ll be spending at least $4,000 psf at this place – and this is just for the 4-room units. 

On the bright side, there are only 43 units in the entire condo so you probably won’t have to share any of its amenities – we’re talking pools, tennis courts and playgrounds amongst others – with a crowd of neighbours. 

6. Marina Bay

The Marina Bay area is iconic with Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By the Bay and the financial district within its vicinity. Naturally, it goes without saying that residential apartments in this area are every bit as opulent and lavish as one can expect them to be. 

Marina Bay
The Sail @ Marina Bay
Image credit: @walk.sg

Take The Sail @ Marina Bay for example. With the honour of being part of the ‘Singapore skyline’ you see on pictures and postcards everywhere, it’s no surprise unit prices here range from $1,498 to $3,858 psf. 

Of course, it’s not just a pretty face. The interior of The Sail – from its amenities to modern furnishings – and panoramic views of the sea make living here a luxurious experience. 

Marina Bay
Marina Bay Residences
Image credit: Estate.sg

Likewise, Marina Bay Residences is another swanky condo in the CBD area that costs a staggering amount of money to stay in. Home prices here vary between $1,965 to $5,503 psf. 

And in 2021, this property estate even made headlines when five penthouses there were put on the market collectively for $138M. The idea was to create a super penthouse spanning 28,258sqft across five storeys. 


7. Tanjong Pagar

Given its central location, HDB flats in the Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood can get pretty exorbitant

Tanjong Pagar
Image credit:
ARC studio Architecture

Requiring little introduction, Pinnacle@Duxton takes the crown when it comes to having the highest number of resale flats sold above $1M in 2021. In that year, 35 out of 40 transactions at this HDB crossed the $1M mark.

Though, with its award-winning architecture and condo-like features such as sky gardens and jogging tracks, it’s not hard to see why Singaporeans are willing to shell out such hefty million dollar sums for even mere 4-room flats.

8. Queenstown

Queenstown is a neighbourhood which encompasses the Holland Village, Commonwealth and Dawson areas. HDB flats around this estate can get notoriously expensive. In the third quarter of 2021, 5-room flats in Queenstown were the most expensive with a median price of $926,000. Contributing to this high figure are award-winning condo-like HDB projects such as SkyVille@Dawson and SkyTerrace@Dawson.

Image credit: Stacked Homes

Although the units at these housing projects are smaller at around 1,000sqft – give or take, they’re highly sought after for their state of the art design and facilities akin to that at Pinnacle@Duxton – think rooftop green spaces and playgrounds

In 2021, a 5-room HDB unit in SkyTerrace@Dawson even changed hands at a record-breaking price tag of $1.328M – the most expensive resale HDB sold in Queenstown to date.

9. Bishan

Bishan might not be as high profile as Orchard or CBD when it comes to million dollar homes but you’ll be surprised by how costly HDB housing in this area can get. In 2021, the Bishan region had the second most number of flats which exchanged hands for over $1M, with 65 such transactions having occurred.

Natura Loft has seen several million-dollar unit sales over the years
Image credit: SRX

Plus, in the same year, the most expensive resale flat ever sold – at $1.36M – was for a 5-room flat in Natura Loft located within Bishan.

While it may not have waterfront views like homes in Marina Bay, several top schools such as Raffles Institution and Catholic High School are located in the area, with other highly regarded educational institutions like CHIJ St.Nicholas Girls’ School easily accessible. 

I guess parents have to do what they have to do to get their kids into top schools – even if it comes with eye-watering million dollar price tags.

Most expensive neighbourhoods to live in Singapore

While living in these neighbourhoods may currently seem like an unattainable dream for most of us, there’s no harm in aspiring towards that crazy-rich Asian lifestyle. Who knows, maybe you’ll score a great deal and live in one of these elusive housing areas. Or if you have no plans to splash the cash on lavish homes in the foreseeable future, you can always just admire the award-winning layouts and architecture on display. 

Cover image adapted from: @zaupetch, ARC studio Architecture, K2LD

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