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10 NITORI Homeware Items To Buy At Mid Valley Southkey In JB That Are Cheaper Than SG

18 December 2023 | BY

If you’re looking for furniture from Nitori but want the best value, consider heading up to their JB outlet for maximum savings.

NITORI Mid Valley Southkey - Best things to buy

When it comes to home and appliance shopping, JB is one of the best places to go get quality items on the cheap, they’ve even got hidden gems like Eco Shop, their RM2 store for you to stock up on everyday home essentials. 

We’ve also covered how much cheaper the prices for certain items are at the MUJI outlet in the Mid Valley Southkey outlet. Here’s another piece of good news: Mid Valley Southkey is also home to a massive Nitori store with better prices for you to kill two birds with one stone. Here are 10 best things to buy from Nitori at Mid Valley Southkey in JB.

1. Dining chairs & vanity stools – Up to $49.54 in savings

Nitori JB 2The AUROS3 dining chair retails for $200, but is only RM 600; whereas the LORRAINE3 MBR2 stool retails for $119 but is RM 349 in JB stores.
Image credit: Nitori

Savings: Up to $49.54 on select chairs.
Chairs might not be the first thing you think of buying in JB because of the size, but if you’ve shortlisted a couple of Nitori’s dining chairs or vanity stools – their JB prices will have you wanting to lug them home.
Nitori JB 3The STOOL RELAX WIDE N-SHIELD (left) gives you $15.86 in savings, whilst the DINING CHAIR N SHIELD CAMEL gives you significant savings of almost $50!
Image credit: Nitori

2. Stainless steel kitchen rack & accessories – Up to $11.39 in savings

Nitori JB 4The above-sink extension rack here is $11.39 cheaper than in SG, and its accessories are around $0.79 cheaper than if purchased locally.
Image credit: Nitori

Savings: Up to $11.39 on the above-sink extension rack
It isn’t until you have to take charge of cooking and all the cleaning that comes with it that you understand the importance of having a good drying rack. With all that contact with water, your best bet for sink accessories is something that is made of stainless steel like these Nitori drying racks.

3. Hotel-quality pillows – Up to $8.85 in savings

Nitori JB 5Nitori’s N-HOTEL3 D premium pillows retail for $79.90 in Singapore but are priced at $71.05 in JB.
Image credit: Nitori

Savings: $8.85
Quality pillows don’t come cheap – especially if they’re all natural feathered ones. These ones at Nitori are touted to be hotel standard, washable, antibacterial and anti-odour. The best part is that its interior compartment is made up of 2 inserts, you can easily adjust the height of the pillow to one that is perfect for you.

4. Adjustable storage coffee table – Up to $56.87 in savings

Nitori Malaysia The LIFTY 100 MBR coffee table in 2 colourways.

Savings: $56.87
Although most of us have home offices to work in, the living room sofa can be an excellent alternative to provide a more comfortable seating arrangement. But we can all agree that it’s not exactly the most ergonomic way… unless you have one of these height adjustable coffee tables.

Nitori’s Lifty coffee table is priced at 399 in Singapore stores, but only RM1,199 in JB so that gives you savings of about $56.87!

5. Alnus wagon – Up to $49.54 in savings

Nitori Malaysia

Savings: $49.54

Speaking of functional furniture pieces, Nitori also has a wagon that can double up as an extension for your wooden dining table. Crafted from natural wood, this wagon boasts antibacterial and antiviral properties, ensuring effortless cleaning and a long lifespan.

Portable and adaptable, it suits diverse dining settings like casual brunches or formal dinners with three storage levels and a convenient handle. Purchasing it in JB saves you $48, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious buyers seeking functional flexibility.

6. Sotti standing mirror – Up to $28.85 in savings

Nitori Malaysia

Savings: $28.85

Mirrors are perfect for doubling the visual space of any room when placed strategically in areas such as hallways. This one from Nitori has a back stand, so you won’t have to worry about precariously leaning it against the wall.


7. Cruz washing machine rack – Up to $15.64 in savings

Nitori JB 9Image credit: Nitori

Savings: $15.64

This Nitori washing machine rack is a boon for organisation enthusiasts. It conveniently holds all your laundry essentials like detergent and fabric softeners within easy reach of your washing machine. Additionally, it features hanging space for smaller laundry items, reducing clutter around your home.

Nitori Malaysia

8. Acacia wooden dishware – Up to $6.10 in savings

Nitori JB 10Image credit: Nitori

We’ve seen Muji’s range of acacia tableware and we’re in love, naturally. Thankfully, Nitori is here to deliver with its range of acacia bowls, plates and chopping boards. The savings range from $1 all the way up to $6.10 per piece when you shop in JB.

Nitori Malaysia

Best things to buy from Nitori in JB

Nitori Malaysia

While Nitori furniture is readily available in Singapore, consider maximising your savings by purchasing them from one of their JB outlets. Nitori Malaysia is currently hosting a year-end sale until the end of December, offering up to 40% off on selected items. This enticing offer adds extra incentive to plan your visit to JB stat!

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