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8 Cutest Game-Related Home Deco Items For Die-hard Nintendo Switch Lovers

27 July 2023 | BY

Calling all gaming fans! It’s time to level up your bedrooms with these 8 decor items inspired by your favourite game characters.

Nintendo switch game deco - cover image

Nintendo Switch fever proves that even as we grow older, our hearts stay young. Whether you’re one to burn bridges over intense games of Overcooked 2 or are just someone who enjoys casting a line on Animal Crossing; here are 8 adorable home and decor items from the Nintendo universe to make home feel a lot more fun.

1. Nintendo Switch plant stand

Nintendo switch game deco - mario plant-inspired switch holderImage credit: Shopee

For any passionate gamer, settling for an ordinary case to store their Nintendo Switch is out of the question, especially without a specialised holder. If you’re still on the lookout for the perfect holder that matches your gaming interests, we’ve got the perfect recommendation for you.

Feast your eyes on this piranha plant-inspired Nintendo Switch holder, available on Shopee for just $87.85. What makes this amazing find even more exciting is the presence of slots in the base capable of holding up to 10 game cards. 

2. Super Mario-inspired lamps

Super Mario LED light

Nintendo switch game deco - super mario question block lightImage credit: 小红书

This Super Mario-inspired lamp is a cool addition to any gamer’s space. Just like in the game, simply push the bottom of the lamp to watch it illuminate.

Whether you choose to mount it atop your doorways or affix it to the side of your bed frame, this lamp serves as a one-of-a-kind night light that will transport you straight into the adventure-packed world of Mario.

While it would certainly be a dream come true if this Question Block lamp ($16.79) could conjure up coins or power-ups with every punch, we’ll have to keep fantasising about that wish.

Mario Question Mark Block Lamp

Nintendo switch game deco - super mario LED lampImage credit: @benstechview

If you’re looking for a larger light source, no need to abandon your dreams of a Nintendo-themed room and go looking for a mundane Scandi lamp. We’ve discovered a captivating alternative to the previously showcased Question Block lamp ($46.40), featuring vibrant red brick sides that create a unique illuminated design.

Nintendo switch game deco - super mario brick lampImage credit: @benstechview

The lamp’s outer frame is intricately crafted from laser-cut wood, enhancing its texture with exquisite detail. All in all this is an ideal addition to enhance your room’s ambience while offering a perfect balance of illumination without overwhelming brightness.

 3. Divoom Ditoo Plus Speaker

Nintendo switch game deco - Divoom Ditoo Plus SpeakerImage credit: @cozygamescorner

This miniature PC-inspired speaker is a must-have item for your gamer bestie or someone with an impressive desk setup. The Divoom Ditoo is ranked in the list of the top wireless Bluetooth speakers on Shopee at $192.24 and comes in a variety of colours. 

Beyond delivering booming tunes from your LoFi Spotify playlists, this highly-raved speaker hosts multiple impressive features.

It allows for personalised front-screen pixel art, app controls for seamless phone notification integration, and even has games for you to play. 

And for the keyboard enthusiasts out there, the keys on this device not only function but also emit a satisfyingly soft sound reminiscent of yellow switches.

4. Minecraft fabric bins

For a starting price of $48.00, these Minecraft fabric trunks may not contain hidden treasures, but they sure do excel at hiding your impulsive purchases. Resembling iconic components from the game, these cubic storage units offer both practicality and aesthetics for a Minecraft-inspired room.

Nintendo switch game deco - Minecraft storage boxImage credit: Target

Crafted from fabric, these 30cmx30cmx30cm storage bins possess the added benefits of foldability and washability and their stackable nature, thanks to the included lids, replicates the building functions in the actual game.

Opt for these trunks over transparent storage bins, and utilise a TnT or creeper head design to conceal your precious belongings to bring an extra touch of gaming flair to your storage solutions.

5. Pac-Man lights

Nintendo switch game deco - pacman lightsImage credit: @art.cambo

Among the many Pac-Man enthusiasts proudly flaunting their impressive collections on social media, we stumbled upon a captivating multi-coloured light on Instagram, and with Shopee’s image search feature, we successfully tracked down this gem.

For $18.00, this lamp plays the nostalgic tune of the Pac-Man opening track and is battery-operated. But there is another function that elevates this pixel lamp to an entertaining centrepiece: it’s music reactive. 

When activating the rhythm voice control mode, the lights will flicker and dance in harmony based on surrounding sounds which adds a fun interactive use to an ordinary lamp.

6. Kirby snack rack

Nintendo switch game deco - Kirby snack tableImage credit: 小红书

As a dedicated gamer, you’d understand the importance of having snacks on standby during intense gaming sessions and venturing to the kitchen is simply out of the question. 

Prepare to be amazed by the irresistible charm of the Kirby Snack Rack, which has secured its place as one of the most coveted items in this article. Though its price tag may be a tad hefty at $208.92, it’s hard to resist the allure of this adorably cute creation.


unbox my new kirby stand with me 🥹💕

♬ Smiles & Sunsets – ultmt. & Hz.

This decorative snack rack, featuring everyone’s favourite pink puffball, Kirby, provides a convenient storage solution for your gaming essentials and delectable treats right beside your gaming setup.

The stand’s support is crafted from transparent resin, creating the illusion that Kirby is playfully suspended in mid-air within your very own bedroom. 

7. Animal Crossing froggy chair

Nintendo switch game deco - Animal crossing froggy chairImage credit: Etsy

Like countless other Animal Crossing players, we fell head over heels for the charming froggy chair when it made its debut in the game. The desire to have a real-life froggy chair in our bedrooms was strong, but sadly, life-sized versions of it aren’t available on the market.

Luckily, we stumbled upon a delightful alternative – a miniature 3D-printed version of the froggy chair ($28.51).

Nintendo switch game deco - ANimal crossing-inspired key holderImage credit: Etsy

Measuring 10cmx10cmx13cm, this mini froggy chair serves as both a decorative piece and a convenient accessory holder. 

While we eagerly await an official furniture collection from Animal Crossing, this adorable replica is a fantastic way to kickstart our collection and bring a touch of whimsicality to our living spaces.

8. Ceramic planters

Nintendo switch game deco - pokemon-inspired plant potsImage credit: Etsy

We hope that amongst the extensive collection of gaming merchandise all you avid fans have collected over the years, there are at least some botanical buddies to balance out the clutter. But your potted companions need not sit in dull terracotta pots. 

Nintendo switch game deco - game-inspired plant potsImage credit: Etsy, Etsy, Etsy

We’ve discovered a delightful selection of ceramic pots that depict various gaming icons and characters, allowing you to infuse your bedroom with subtle yet captivating gaming-themed elements.

From $15.00, take your pick from Pokemon, Animal Crossing and even Super Mario and enhance the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

Nintendo Switch game-related deco items for your home

Whether you’re creating a dedicated gaming corner or simply want to showcase your love for all things Nintendo, these cutest game-related deco items are sure to bring a smile to your face. 

Transform your surroundings into a haven for Nintendo enthusiasts, where gaming and deco blend seamlessly to create a truly magical experience.

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Cover image adapted from: Thingiverse, @kaileune, Pop Sugar

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