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This 4-Room Modern Peranakan Home Renovation Only Cost $40K, Looks Classy Yet Old-School

25 August 2023 | BY

The home is a love letter to the historical Peranakan shophouses and serves as a touch of appreciation for the culture and its heritage.

Whilst most Singaporean homes nowadays are prominently styled after European or East Asian themes such as Japandi, minimalism, and wabi-sabi, a few homeowners are going against the grain by opting for louder and more maximalist approaches.

One example is this 4-room resale flat in Geylang Serai designed by The Local INN.terior, who transformed the home into a Peranakan shophouse with a vintage touch. Here’s a peek into the home transformation that cost the homeowners only $40,000.

Vintage-styled living area with Peranakan-inspired furniture choices

A prime example of how the home has been transformed into a Peranakan-styled shophouse lies in the living area of the house, which incorporates the Baba Nyonya vibe through furniture, ventilation blocks, and other aesthetic elements.

In the mostly white living room, black ventilation blocks seen in old shophouses serve as a focal point and also lend a retro feel to the space.

peranakan home living area

Image credit: The Local INN.terior

This is coupled with other furnishings such as Peranakan floor tiles, a retro armchair, a sturdy wooden dining table, rattan dining chairs, and a wood-and-rattan console gives the living area a fresh but vintage feel.

Furthermore, many plants scattered all around the living area help enliven the home, refreshing the hues used throughout the space.

What truly ties everything together are the half-painted accent walls that bring to mind institutions in bygone years. 

The home also features clever and calculated touches to incorporate technology of the modern era, such as sleek power strips that are unobtrusive and more useful than you’d think.

peranakan home antique furniture

Image credit: The Local INN.terior

They have also seamlessly blended devices old and new by having analogue and digital appliances sit side by side. This is exemplified through the placement of the Art Deco-ish hi-tech stereo, which sits right next to a shelf consisting of black and white photos and a vintage camera.

Meanwhile, the personality of the homeowners and their love for their dog is reflected through the hilarious dog-related portraits they have adorning the hallway to the rooms, giving a further breath of fresh air and life to the home.

peranakan home hallway with pictures of dog

Image credit: The Local INN.terior

Clean open kitchen with hints of Peranakan heritage

peranakan kitchen with stained glass

Image credit: The Local INN.terior

Like the living area, the kitchen has the same vintage touch with its prominent wooden cabinets, terrazzo backsplash, and Peranakan floor tiles.

The upper kitchen cabinets feature Peranakan-inspired stained glass often seen in old shophouse windows and doors, adding a healthy dose of nostalgia to the home.

A more eclectic master bedroom

peranakan home traditional bedroom

Image credit: The Local INN.terior

Unlike the rest of the house, the bedroom leans towards a more eclectic look. Behind the bed, peach walls pair perfectly with the bed’s matching covers and the attention-grabbing burgundy Turkish carpet.

But, staying true to their love for rattan – as seen in the living room – the bedroom has a rattan chair and bedside tables, creating cohesion in the overall concept of the home.

Sink bowl designed to look like Peranakan bowls

peranakan sink bowl in master bathroom

Image credit: The Local INN.terior

In the master bathroom, a sink designed to resemble traditional Peranakan bowls takes centrestage, supported by forest green Kit-Kat tiles. A wooden mirror display that incorporates classic Peranakan patterns and an understated wooden cabinet allows the sink to stand out even more.

Classy 4-room modern Peranakan home

peranakan home hallway view

Image credit: The Local INN.terior

Located in Geylang Serai, one of Singapore’s oldest Malay settlements and a spot known for its restored shophouses and traditional eateries, the house serves as a touch of appreciation for the Peranakan culture and its history.

With the popularity of more minimalist homes, it’s nice to see that some homeowners have embraced maximalism, like the Peranakan style, for their homes.

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Cover image from: Knock Knock Studios

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